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31st of October, 2010 [Part 2] - Inspiration

Literally, here I am
sitting at my cute round table
with the laptop on in front of me
while I think hard to get some inspiration
for my Gestalt Theory Assignment.

25th of October, 2010 - Gestalt Theory

I mentioned about Gestalt Theory
in my blog before and yeah
Before this I was actually done
with the ideas and what was
left to do was to finish
up the last piece on
an A2 cartridge paper.

my Gestalt Theory thumbnails on
Figure & Ground were rejected.
Clearly it's because I didn't
understand completely about
the theory.

But now I do :D
After doing some research
and looking into examples
I think this source is the best
place if you want to
understand about
Figure and Ground

Just click the link to find out
Figure Ground Perception
in Psychology

So one problem had solved
Now to think of another
4 new inspirations
to add into my sketches.
Before writing this blog
I already had 3 thumbnails
and was looking for one more
just ONE more inspiration
to complete the sketch.

It's really funny how
I suddenly wanted to blog
and write about it in my post
because suddenly
the inspiration that
I was looking for
came to me instantly
Yay :D Cheers!

It's going to be
the 1st of November tomorrow.
The month that I was born.
I don't really know the reason
why I like November so much
and also February.
I guess I just do :3

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

31st of October, 2010 - Chocolate Temptation [Manga]

Mature content.
This manga is only suitable
for 18 years old and above.
I am not responsible if something
happens to you who's younger.

Chocolate Temptation

Happy Halloween Everyone! :D
I know I should be sharing something
about Halloween but I have nothing up yet
so I'll just share this manga that I just read :3

It's a really good manga :D
because it makes me go
"Kyaaa! Kyaaa!" here and there.

It started off with a girl name Ayaka
siting on a piano in the music room
while staring at the tennis court.
She just got dumped with her boyfriend
,who is a tennis player, because Ayaka
is a really shy girl and doesn't stand out much.
Crying while siting on the piano and then
laid down on the piano, Niwase,
a guy from Ayaka's class also very popular,
saw Ayaka in the music room
while she's lying down on top
of the piano.

Niwase went near to Ayaka
and surprised her.
The story goes on when
Ayaka told Niwase that she
just got dumped by her boyfriend.
Right then, Niwase give her a kiss
and flip a chocolate into her mouth.
According to Niwase,
that type of chocolate is able
to make someone happy by
just eating (well at least it works for him)

Then Niwase said "Actually,
I've been planning to steal you
away from him"

Ayaka replied
"Don't you have a girlfriend already???"

Without doubt, Niwase said
"If you agree to go out with me,
I'll dump my girlfriend"

So from then the story
goes on between Niwase and Ayaka
until they get together eventually.
Again, it's a really good manga XD
So if you're 18 and above,
I recommend you to read this.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today's English - Types of Adjectives

If you've been reading my blog
since early this month,
you'll notice that I've shared
something about Adjectives
from the Part of Speech

Today's English - Adjectives
Today's English - Part of Speech & English Tenses

So today I'll be talking about
the types of Adjectives.
It's just to freshen up my memory
regarding Adjectives.

There are few types of Adjectives:

1. Descriptive Adjective
- adds detail or description to the noun
Example: The man is tall
Example: The doctor said it was a difficult surgery

2. Limiting Adjective
- to specify the noun
Example: That is the captain's table
Example: The two bags were sold out

3. Predicate Adjective (special type)
- follows a linking verb and
modifies (directly refers to) the subject
Example: People are interested in this game
Example: She is very careful

4. Verbals as Adjectives
There are two types:
1) Participles (end with EN, ED or ING)
2)Infinitives (TO+VERB)
Example: He is sure playing it tough
Example: It is an interesting movie to watch

5. Degrees of Adjectives
- used to indicate levels,
degrees of intensity or comparison
Funny = base
Funnier = comparative
Funniest = superlative

:Click To Go To Source:

Although my information is based
on the source above,
I simplified it to make it
easier to understand.

I hope I've been of help :D

Thank You For Reading!

Bones (TV Series)

Before watching this series
I thought it would be a serious
and BORING show since clearly
by looking at the title, it definitely
got to do something about bones
and also science.

Although I know some basic
of physics, biology and also chemistry
from secondary school since I'm
from a pure science stream class know...I thought it will be boring.

But after watching one episode of it
Just ONE episode people
to make me fall in love with this show.
Clearly I'm just sooo loving it.

According to Wikipedia [Link]
The show is based on forensic anthropology
and forensic archaeology,
with each episode focusing on an FBI case file
concerning the mystery behind human remains
brought by FBI Special Agent
Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)
to the forensic anthropologist
Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel).
The rest of the cast includes
Michaela Conlin,
T. J. Thyne,
Eric Millegan,
Tamara Taylor
and John Francis Daley.

This show is created by Hart Hanson

Now I know why my sweetheart loves this show

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29th of October, 2010 - Holding The Pencil [Sketching & Drawing]

ADA 101
Design Communication 1

It's a Friday today and supposedly
I have 2 classes today.
However, since Sir Raed is a
flying lecturer until he finds a new one,
so our classes with him will keep on changing.

Today in Design Communication class
we were on Chapter 6-Sketching & Drawing.
So I'll be only sharing a little bit of what
we learned today, which is 'holding the pencil'

There are 4 ways to hold a pencil
when it comes to sketching & drawing.

1. Basic Tripod Grip
This is the basic grip that we normally
used since we were in kindergarden
usually for writing like when
you're doing your essay.

It is where you use your
thumb, forefinger and middle finger
to form a tripod or triangle for the grip.
Your ring finger and pinky finger supports
you to write or sketch.
Normally used when you want to make
fine details on you sketches.

2. Extended Tripod Grip
This is almost the same as the
basic tripod grip, only that
your grip moves further up
and this grip is usually loose.
Normally used when you want to
make a long line or curve.

3. Overhand Grip

Most artists will prefer to use this grip
because it is suitable to produce flowing
and sweeping lines and also
when you want to do sketching,
hatching, cross-hatching, and value work

Another reason is because this grip
does not need a propped arm
and it is only limited to you arm span.

4. Underhand Grip
This grip is normally used for
casual and broad sketching
and it is a very loose
and relaxing grip.

It is basically like a tipped-over
tripod grip but you can move the thumb
higher or let the pencil sit in a 'V'
at the thumb and palm with
the ring and middle finger
lightly controlling the tip.


Our lesson was quite short and quick
since there was only a little information given.
The rest of the time that we had we used it to
do our final touches to the assignment
that we were supposed to pass up
since Sir Kennedy said it wasn't enough
so might as well do a little bit of changes
to get extra marks :D hahahahaha

The lecturer also showed us
a few examples on how to
properly use the poster colour
and what a punch line is XD
and also a few more stuff

weeeeeeeee (@_@)

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Friday, October 29, 2010

28th of October, 2010 - Something Random

Is it me or is there something fishy
going on here because
it seems that I can't
upload my photos!

Oh's just for decor anyway

so today...again...
my daily routine continues
wake up
do assignment
do assignment
do assignment
midnight snack
do assignment until I feel tired

but for now I'm not sleeping
because I still need to do my assignments
So hopefully I'll have something
intellectual by then!
(rather these nonsense that I kept on posting)

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

27th of October, 2010 - Catching Up Deadlines

I have nothing to share with everyone today
since I'm trying to catch up with the
deadlines of my assignments.
Believe it or not I have to finish 5 assignments
by Friday and thank goodness I'm finished with one
and almost done with one and half done with another one.

However, I do appreciate your support
although I am not oh so much of a blogger.
You can check out my blog post list
if you just scroll down and look on the right
side of my blog. I've posted a lot so go ahead
and read whatever that catches your eyes.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

26th of October, 2010 - PMS week?

On my A4 sketchbook

25th of October, 2010
+The Mistress & The Butler I+

15th of October, 2010
+Sly Cool Guy+

26th of October, 2010
+The Mistress & The Butler II+

I'm kinda lazy
to scan the drawings
since it's nothing much
and there's a lot of flaws to the drawings,
also since it's my PMS week for this month
so people...BEWARE...

Of course,
PMS week is not the best week
to be doing assignments and homeworks
because it's the time when we have our mood swings
and also bad temper and bad stomach ache.
It's really hard to keep in pace during this moment.
But then again, we girls still have to do it
no matter what the case is.
But of course guys don't have PMS
so it's hard for them to understand (>w>)

So to ink my drawings I use
the regular black 0.5 ball pen

and as for the sketching
I use a 0.7 mechanical pencil says 0.7 :D

Actually on this day,
I'm half way through my
Gestalt Theory Assignment
which is really disappointing
because I'm only half way through it.
and I would love to publish my ideas here
in my blog but I guess I'll do it after I pass up
my leave it as a surprise.

Nothing much for today
I guess I'll leave it be this way
My stats are going down
but I don't really care much

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Monday, October 25, 2010

25th of October, 2010 - Gestalt Theory

ADD 105
Visual Communication in Design

I know I know I'm suppose to be
doing my assignment.
However, one of my assignment
is about Gestalt Theory.
So I thought I might do
a little bit of warming up
before I start my assignment.

Gestalt Theory/Principles
is divided into 5 groups:
1. Proximity
2. Similarity
3. Closure
4. Continuity
5. Figure & Ground

The Rule of Proximity:
Applies to how elements of
a piece are grouped based on their
proximity or closeness.

The Rule of Similarity:
Applies to items that are
similar in some respect.

The Rule of Closure:
Items grouped together
to complete an entity
or are seen as a whole.
Usually used to create
a company logo.

The Rule of Continuity (Simplicity):
This is the use of organizing
things into simple designs by
the way their symmetry,
regularity, and texture.
Remember when we were young
and you got in trouble with
the teacher and she made you
write sentences?
and you had to write
the same sentences over
and over until your hand felt
like their falling apart?
It's the same thing :D
only that it's less pain
and more fun.

The Rule of Figure/Ground:
This rule lets the mind fill in
the blanks more or less.
It can also be the concept of
looking at a picture that
has two optical illusions.

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Stats Are Going Downhill? Oh well...(shrugs)...

Based on the stats,
it looks like my page loads
are getting lesser by the day.
*shrugs* guess people are bored
with my blog XD hahahahahaha

Yesh I always check the number of people
who viewed and visited my blog
every time after I'm done blogging.

But at least it's better than the last month.

and surprisingly most of my audience
are from US (OwO) Well at least
I'm glad that other people
aside from Malaysia
are visiting my blog.

Time to do my assignment!

Thank You Very Much!
Hope To See You Again!

You Again [Movie]

24th of October, 2010

I went to Suria Sabah with my sweetheart
and we watched 'You Again'
at 11.45am - 1.30pm
then we went to buy some
stuff at the 100 yen shop
and then head home XD

So this movie tells people
how the world works
when you're a girl.
The movie starts with a girl
name Marni who is always
being bullied in Ridgefield high
by one of the mean girls.
Marni's older brother, Will,
is always known to be perfect
and he is very protective of Marni.
After they graduated, Marni
changed her appearance
and worked in a company
and was giving an inspirational speech
to the junior officers in her company.
Later she found out that she was
promoted to be the vice president
of a well-known company in New York.
However, she had to fly back to
her hometown in Ridgewood
for her older brother's wedding.

Getting curious to whom
the bride is, Marni later found out
that her to-be-sister in law is actually
Joanna or rather her Ridgefield high nickname is JJ.
The girl who always bullies Marni
and also who branded her as a loser.
As a sister, Marni didn't want Will
to end up with a girl like JJ but apparently
unconsciously Marni ruined the party
a day before their wedding by showing
videos of her during high school
and by inviting a past fiancee of Joanna
to the party. In other words,
it was a disaster.

Joanna repented and begs for forgiveness
from Marni and told her that
she really loves Will. Marni accepted the
apology and also realized the mistake
that she has made during the party.
Both of them laughed on how silly they were.
Marni took the courage to tell Will
about what really happened,
and told him that Joanna really changed
and that she really loves him.

In the end, it was a happy ending.
Both of them got married
in a hospital. Why?
Watch the movie yourself XD
What I'm telling you is only
15% of the movie
So go go go and watch :D

It is a good movie
when you're looking for humour

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

23rd of October, 2010 - 4 Basic Elements Assignment + First Class of History & Theory of Architecture I

It's a Saturday today
and so we had our first class of
History & Theory of Architecture I
(ADA 123)

But first! Let me talk about
our assignment for our previous class,
which was Principle of Architecture & Design,
that we had to submit today.
In other words,
we were given only one day
for this assignment.

The assignment was about
combining all the 4 Basic Elements
and create a drawing.
I couldn't do the assignment when I got home
because I was exhausted and my mind
couldn't focus.
So I slept at around 8pm
and woke up at 2am.
It was enough sleep for me
since it's 6 hours and plus
I seriously had to work on
my assignment by then.

We were told to do it
on an A3 paper
and so this is what I had in mind

Here's a closer view:

For your information
I designed the interior myself.
Here's my sketch:
As you can see there are
decorations on the wall
and the floors are made from wood.
There's a stereo or music player
near the stairs.
But when I think again,
why the hell would I wanna put stairs
when it's just one step down???

This design is meant to be
something like Starbucks
mix with Secret Recipe.
It's supposed to be a comfy place
like Chili's or TGI Fridays

But I guess I'm not
professional enough
to actually design a room.
weeeeeeeeee (@_@)

So my (focal) point
is the kitchen door
and I only had
to stress on the 4 basic elements.
If I had more time
I would have done something
much better than this.

This photo is just to differentiate
the sketch and the actual work.

So we were given straight away
our artworks after Sir Raed marks
them because he didn't want to
bring them to KL with him XD
It's pretty understandable
if you ask me

I got a smiley face
for my artwork :D

Thank you Sir Raed :3


Okay so moving to our next topic
which is the History & Theory of Architecture
where we learned about buildings that was built
thousands of years ago.

Here are some information
based solely on my notes
that I've written in my notebook,
along with my memory
and understanding of this chapter.
(don't be surprised if I'm wrong)

:Chapter 1:
Ancient Mesopotamia

This is the Sumerian building
most of their finest buildings
are related to religion.
This was the time when people
people worships the sun and moon
and all sorts of natural elements.
So this building refers to
the concept "higher buildings
will lead you closer to God"
In other words
they want to feel closer to God.
They used huge and wide platforms
to make the building higher.

This is the Akkadian building
where they realized
there is a need to build
walls around the city.
If you can see the building
on the left, it looks much higher
than the previous Sumerian building.
I guess they seriously
want to feel closer to God eh?
hahahahaha XD

This is the Neo-Sumerian building
which anyone can clearly see that
they've did some upgrades
which is making the building higher
and higher and higher.
If you haven't seen the scale,
I tell you's a gigantic building

This here is the Assyrian building
which is the birth of the courtyard building.
Courtyards are suitable for hot environment
such as Malaysia, Egypt and the Middle East.
Courtyard somehow makes the whole cool
because the wind circulates into the courtyard
pushing the hot air upwards
and letting the cool air stays underneath.
Surprisingly there aren't any
courtyards in Malaysia XD

This is the Babylonian building.
This was the first time where colours
were applied to create a building.
The people during this era got the colours
from a type of a (very) weird fish.
This fish can only be found deep down underwater
and it contains dark blue ink
when it is cut into half.
The people during this era also
uses animal figures as the building's pattern.

This is a Hittities building or rather the entrance.
This is where Symmetry and Asymmetry
are born, which is 3410 years ago.
Although both of the lion sculpture
are asymmetry, but the arrangements
of the rocks are symmetry.
Why aren't the lions symmetry?
It's because people from 3410 years ago
don't have rulers and measuring tape
like we do now XD hahahaha
but it's true, to them it's
really hard to do a symmetrical sculpture
because they don't have the right equipments yet.

This is an example of a Neo-Babylonian building.
It is one of the 7 wonders of the world.
It is the 'Hanging Garden'.
This concept is where every floor
has a garden and covered with
wonderful floras.
As you can see the people there,
it means it's a really huge building.

This here is the Persian building
where columns are born.
However, during this era,
people don't know what to put
on top of the column.
So they would just leave it empty
and instead they write stories around the column.
So you would be going around and around
the column if you want to read the story.
hahahahahahha XD

I would want to visit it
if I get the chance.
In fact, I would want to
visit all the places
that I've just mentioned!
And take a lot of pictures
and post it into my blog!
And write something about it!
Someday, if I have the chance.

It feels like I'm missing one era.
I'm really sorry if I'm giving
the wrong information.
Please do correct me
by sending me an email
or comment this post.
Thank you very much :3

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

22nd of October, 2010 - Green World Work II + 2 New Classes

Cosmopoint International College of Technology,
Wisma Times, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

So first I'll be talking about
our 2 new (but actually was delayed) classes.
There are:

ADA 103
Principle of Architecture & Design
on Fridays at 9am-11am

ADA 123
History & Theory of Architecture I
on Saturdays at 9am-11am

Everyone (in my field)
was making a fuss on this classes
especially the one that's on Saturdays.
I didn't really care about their complains
because I have no problems having classes
on Saturdays since I'm used to it
since my former secondary student life routine
was much more hectic than this.
I guess there's an advantage for me there XD

and Yay!
now we have 5 classes instead of
3 classes with 2 classes delayed XD
Both of the classes are taught by
Sir Raed M. A. Elottol
who is a lecturer from KLMU
and he originated from Palestine.
He told us that he is still
looking for qualified local lecturers
to teach us this subjects.
From his explanation,
it seems that he's pretty strict
with the interview and said it was
tough to find local lecturers that could teach us.'s so sad for us...
but I love the way he teaches us :D
it's really affective and easy to understand
although some of them
we sort of already learned them
in Visual Communication in Design
and we have no idea why we're taking
these two subject that talks about
almost the same thing.
But I guess it's to strengthen
our knowledge on that particular content
so that we're able to use it in the later future

I don't really mind coming to these classes
since it's really interesting
and I do it for my GPA pointer :D

So for our first class of
Principle of Architecture & Design class
we learned about the basic things
in Architecture & Design
Which is the Rules of Architecture
and the 4 Basic Elements

Rules of Architecture
can go up to 1000 rules or more.
But for our class, our lecturer
gave us 5 rules to memorize.

:1st Rule:
Nothing is beautiful
and not beautiful

:2nd Rule:
Points must attract

:3rd Rule:
Entrance must be different

:4th Rule:
Design must reflect function

:5th Rule:
Designers must consider
the visual weight of the object

Sorry but no explanation
for this because I think
I'm violating the rights of sharing this info.
How I wish I'm being paid for this.

So the 4 Basic Elements
What are they?

1. Point
-It marks a position in space
-Small object can be seen as a point
-It needs some dimension
to attract attention

2. Line
-It extends a point
or others/edges in one

3. Plane
-Extension of one or more line

4. Volume
-It is a 3D extension of a 2D plane

Then bla bla bla
laughed here and there
was amazed by the presentation
bla bla bla we exchanged our emails
with Sir Raed and bla bla
end of class XD

Next class was
ADA 101
Design Communication 1
We had a 3 hours break
so I used that time to finish up
my Green World assignment
but it wasn't finish even after
30 minutes of class.
When it was finally done,
I was like "Wohoo!"
with both hands raised high :D

So this is the result:
I was kind of surprised
when I took a photo of this artwork of mine
with my camera, because I just LOVE
the water effects!
(which I made solely with poster colour)

Before I took the photo
to me I thought my artwork
was lame and boring.
Guess I was wrong eh?

Still remember about my last post?
It's the same thing
only that it's done.

(based on my last post)
This was before it's done:

Although I received a lot of
compliments from my classmates
but Sir Kennedy said that
the method that I used
was wrong.

He said it was okay
only that the problem
was the hatching on the
poster colour,
which is sort of not allowed :P
He told me if I want
to make it look darker,
I should have used a darker tone,

"Wear Your Seat Belt" campaign

I guess that's all for now
Oh! FYI the photo of me is just for fun
because I was bored when I was stuck in the jam
hahahahahahahaha XD nice eh?

Thank You For Reading!