Thursday, December 30, 2010

31st of December, 2010 - Exam on New Year's Eve??

+The Pwetty Trio+

It's New Year's Eve!
It will be 2011 starting tomorrow!

That means I'm going
to be 19 next year :D

That means I'm going
to be in the first batch of
Interior Design seniors
in my college

That means the
Interior Design juniors
are going to be in next year!

That means more people!

That means more friends to meet!

That means I'll be
10 times more busier
than now!
I hope not (>w>)
because if I'm 10 times busier,
how the hell am I gonna
be active in blogspot?

Oh yesh I can be a workaholic
unconsciously until I get sick
and would get scold by
the ones who love me.
but at the same time
you and I have to keep
our activities balance.

There's time for work,
and there's time to play.

and so...I'll stop
typing about this topic
and move on to the next one
which is the examination!

We had exam today!
I think I did pretty well
since there's a lot of sketching involved
and it just makes the whole
question papers filled with sketches
of buildings and parts of building.

Remember my last post?
that was suppose to be
for my revision and studying
since researching is involved
and I had to stop halfway
since it takes a lot of time
to just research and study
on particular term.

If you realize
I don't include pictures
for today because
I AM SO @!$?#%^ SLEEPY!!!

Before I go to sleep
and maybe...just maybe...
will be awake just in time for the countdown.

Let's see what I've achieved this year:

1. Got a part-time job and lasted for a month
2. Learned more about dogs
3. Made lots of new friends!
4. Got 4.0 pointer for my 1st Semester
5. Got a driver's license
6. Became officially legal
7. etc...
I don't really remember everything okay DX

So....that's a lot of what
the 'me' on the 31st of Dec, 2009
expected because
if you checked my earlier blogs
in 2009 and early 2010
you'll see that I wrote my
New Year Resolution
which is to become stronger.
I don't really know if I had XD

That's All For Now!
just in case I didn't wake up

30th of December, 2010 - Class??

A really nice
'roundabout'-hallway photo
in my college (Cosmopoint I.C.T.)

Yesh, we had class today.
It's a Thursday today by the way
and tomorrow is Friday!
damn how time passes by so quickly

I had two classes today:

Principles of Architecture & Design
We didn't have any lectures
during this period
because the lecturer
only wanted to see our
progress on our
bungalow model

So this is my group's
incomplete bungalow model
As you can see
we rebuild another one
If you've read my previous post
you'll know why XD hahaha

This is our second attempt to
build the bungalow model
This one looks more neat
then the previous model
in my opinion that is.

The left side is the garage
by the way...

We couldn't complete the back of the house
because our double-tape ran out XD
and I can't bring it home
because it's not completed yet

This was how the classroom
looked like
There are more students actually
but they haven't arrived yet
at that moment.

Voo (left) explaining his team members,
Joey (up) and Ledister (down)
about their bungalow planning

History & Theory of Architecture
We learned about Christian,
Byzantine & Islamic Architecture
during this class.
There were a lot of terms
to remember.

Christian Architecture
basically focuses more
on the early churches
and of course the history
behind it.

Christian churches were created
by a process of rejected various precedents
such as the Greek Temple
Roman public building (architecture)
and the Synagogue (Jewish house for prayer)

Early Christian Basilicas
Basilica is a large and an important church
that has been given special ceremonial rites
by the Pope.
However, another meaning for it
is that it is describe as a
Roman public building,
which is before the Roman Empire
officially became Christian.
It is developed from Roman
secular basilica

St. Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy

Apse : contain altar place
Entrance : opposite short wall
Wall : finished with mosaics

Later church introduce Cathedral:
church contains the seat or cathedra
of a bishop and priests,
often larger or more elaborate
than ordinary churches.

A large area used for
ceremonies & celebrations.

Honestly, I literally want to talk more
but I'm just so so tired and so so sleepy
that I can't really focus on editing this post anymore.
Maybe I'll edit it some other day eh?

So let me just briefly
talk about what we learn
first...Christian Basilicas
second.....Byzantine Basilicas
third......Islamic Architecture (Mosque)
and that's it XD

Christian Basilicas were
influenced by the Roman basilicas

The Byzantine Basilicas
mainly influenced by the
Christian Basilicas while adding
a dome on top of the Basilica

The Mosque is an influenced
from the Byzantine Basilicas
where there's a dome on top of the building.
Early mosque a.k.a. Shrine
like the dome of rock
has 16 piers and columns
in a circular shape
and outside the circular shape
is an octagon shape with
24 piers and columns.

The octagon shape is influenced
from the Christian baptistery
baptism tank
which is in a shape of an octagon
to resemble the resurrection
of Jesus Christ on the 8th day
after his death on the cross.

Sorry for not applying
pictures to make the information
more understandable.
and yesh I'm writing this
without referring to any notes
as I am writing it spontaneously
What I have written is based
on what I remember for the chapter.
I would really love to
talk more about the
Christian Architecture
because I've found a lot of
informative materials and
I can just tell you in person
if I can....
there's so many to talk about
like the Martyrium, the Martyr,
and about the Martyrdom.
Also the differences between
a basilica, cathedral, chapel,
mausoleum and a martyrium

But because of the end
of the year 2010 is approaching
so I can't really delay this post.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

29th of December, 2010 - Success & Fail Bungalow Model

+This the how the table looks like+

It's a Wednesday today
and of course there's no class
but we still have work to do
which is to build a bungalow model.

This is my second attempt to have
had construct a building model
because I don't really do these kind of things

So this time, we had the things that
we need which is super glue,
cutter, steel ruler, pencil, eraser,
the A3 bungalow plan
and the cardboards.

The cardboards that we bought
were's kinda hard
to explain actually XD
because it's hard...
and it can be bend easily :D
but then I don't really know
the name of the cardboard

Kuzaimi was there as well
and he helped me with the cuttings.
p.s. I measured the stuff.

So this is the
front house....

and then the right side of the house..

then the left side of the house...

and then the back side of the house XD

As you can see
it's was really nice
to look at after all the sides
of the house were finished....
but the sad thing about it is....
there's a lot (or a few) of FLAWS!!!
the back side of the house
is bended wrongly and there's
some parts of the bending were dirty
and some of the windows
were cut in a mess
and the door was
a complete disaster...

I didn't really like it...
but Kuzaimi said we can fixed it
and he reminds me of what Mr Raed said
"if you build a model, you look at it, and see
flaws on it, just throw it"

and he added "if you want to cry,
just cry like a few minutes,
then start all over"

Then he said again
"don't try to fix it,
because if you fix it
it will always turn out worse"

so yeah....
it's kinda sad when you see lots of flaws
and at the same time
you don't want to throw it..
but you just have to XD

So I'm going to start all over again
until it's perfect!

This is the video when we were making
the bungalow model:

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Staying!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas to everyone who
is visiting my blog!

I know it's kinda a bit late
because I've been pretty busy
before Christmas.

So first of all,
lemme talk about the rejected assignment XD

this was the rejected assignment
I did a little bit of shading
using pointillism.
It took me 2-3 hours
just to shade it.

then after that I drove to college
met up with my college friends
and passed up my assignments.
After that I went to
my sweetheart's house
to celebrate Christmas Eve
with his family :D
it was really fun :3
especially the food (@w@)
Oh ma gawd the food was yummy~

Then the next day,
I went home
and slept XD hahahhaha

That's All For Now!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

21st of December, 2010 - RAY Christmas Party at Pepper Jacks :D

My best photo for the day
taken by Alethia Subil

It's a Tuesday today
and I was out the WHOLE DAY
At first I was in college
around 9am to prepare
for my English presentation.
And at 11am our presentation starts.

We talked about Villa
and the presentation was divided
into two; Architecture & Interior Design
Sue & Marshall were in the Architecture
and Voo, Kuzaimi & I were in the Interior Design.
I talked about Deck & Bathroom
Voo told me that my presentation
was the longest which lasted about 20 minutes.
It was suppose to be 5 minutes per person
and 30 minutes per presentation..
but my group's presentation
lasted for 1 hour XD ahahahhaha
I guess we were enjoying
ourselves too much?
I don't know about the rest
but I was enjoying the moment
when I was presenting my part XD

So after the presentation
I drove to Angel's house.
and slept until +5pm
hahahhahahaha XD
so when I wake up,
I straight away
went to change my clothes
and put on some makeup
and helped angel to
put on some makeup as well.

I went there with
Angelica and Alethia :D

I drove to lintas
and made it just in time!

We sat next to Leisa & Kenneth
the people whom we know best
I guess? XD hahahahha
we chat and took pictures
and laughed our heads off.

then we were given this
cute cupcake
made by Joy and the other girls.

and this is my food
Fish & Chicken with Salad :3
...yum yum...

but then I only managed to
finish the fish and salad only DX
damn why do I have a small tummy?

So after the dinner
we played some games
sing some Christmas songs
and when everything was over
we took A LOT of pictures.

The pictures here are
about only 5%
the other 95% are all in facebook
hahahahaaha XD

So Merry Christmas everyone! :D
Thank You For The Visit!

I gotta finish my damn assignments

Monday, December 20, 2010

20th of December, 2010 - Drawings?

I'm sure you still remember
my lovely Angelique :3

Day by day
I'm at home
drawing almost all the time
and when I don't draw
it feels really weird XD

ADA 101
Design Communication 1

All of my assignments are
related to drawing and colouring
when it comes to this subject.

This is my latest submission
but it was rejected
because the lecturer said
it needs more perspective (@w@)
A bowl of fruit :D
we were ordered to do a still life artwork
using mix media.
Apparently, I don't have much
practice on still life XD
which results the picture above
One of my friend said
"It looks FLAT"
I was like "aaahhh....."

I really need to do something about it


Then we have our final project!
Where we have to
at least sketch 12 famous interiors.
Then after that we have to pick one
that favours us and write and essay
about why we like it.

This is one of my sketches:
This is my 2nd attempt
on drawing a room/an interior.

The room was designed by
Elsie de Wolfe
one of the pioneers of interior design
and she is the first female interior designer
to have create "The House in Good Taste"
One of my favourite interior designer :3

If you see closely,
there are some minor flaws on the sketch.
Which is kind of embarrassing
but then I'm still a student (@w@)
and THIS IS my 2nd attempt after all.


Other than that,
I've got nothing else to talk about
since I'm still very busy with college.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For The Visit!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

15th of December, 2010 - Cosplaying

from the anime/manga Loveless

I think I've discuss about this before
but what the heck I'll just proceed XD

I know I'm a newbie in cosplaying
and in fact I think you can call me
as one of the cosplayers
...I guess...

It's really hard to find the
right look for me
because it's always like
"too much" or "too little"
so before I talk any further
let me explain a little bit
about cosplaying
for those who doesn't know
what cosplaying is.

Cosplay or "costume play"
is a type of performance art in which participants
do costumes and accessories to represent
a specific character or idea.
Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan.
Favorite sources include manga, anime, tokusatsu,
comic books, graphic novels, video games,
hentai and fantasy movies.
Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms
and it is not unusual to see genders switched,
with women playing male roles and vice versa.

So there were a few characters
that I had in mind to cosplay
(but never did before of insufficient money)
Edea the Witch
or Sorceresses Edea
from Final Fantasy 8.
She would be perfect for me
to cosplay because I have
those looks of her
and I don't need a wig XD

But what I don't have...
is those boobs!!
why the hell does she show off her boobs!
if she didn't I would have cosplayed her DX

Next character:
Ishihara Yuuko from xxxHolic
also appeared in Tsubasa Chronicles
Loving those look as well
and it suites me because
I have that kind of hairstyle XD
but then again
her BOOBS!!!!
damn a girl needs a D cup
to perfectly cosplay this witch! DX

Maybe I'll just cosplay her long kimono?
which doesn't really focus her boobs
but still her boobs are obvious (=w=)

Next character:
Bayonetta the sexy witch
what I think I have is her spectacles XD
and her looks and her style
and again same case
HER BOOBS!!! damnit!
but then again
I hate to lure perverts
so it's a no no

Next character:
Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo
one hell of a girl from I would
seriously love to cosplay!
(but never did)
But she is a kid!!
and my face and my body
is a grown up body!!!!!

Next character:
Kuran Yuuki from Vampire Knight
very easy to cosplay her
and most professional cosplayer
advice me to start with something simple.
I wanted to cosplay her
but never did (=w=)
because I didn't have enough money
to pay to the tailor to make her outfit.
and also the Artemis
that she carries around...
I don't know how to make those (@w@)

I seriously have to save my money
if I want to cosplay for next year's HobbyCon
but then again, it's damn hard!
because now I'm in college
and most of my money are being
spent on my assignments
and I don't have a fix pocket money!
which I don't wanna complain...

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Visiting!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14th of December, 2010 - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Chapter 56!!!

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Chapter 56

I've only checked about it now
and could see that it was published
on the 8th of December XD

But still!!
I was very excited to read it
when I knew about it!

The chapter entitles
'A Maid Christmas!'

The chapter starts at Maid Latte
during Christmas Eve
and the place was very hectic.
Usui takes over the kitchen
because the two workers that
was supposed to be in charge
wanted to have at least
a Christmas Eve break
since they knew it would be
really hectic on Christmas day
at Maid Latte.

At Maid Latte,
a special event was going on.
It is where the masters and the maids
exchange gifts by using numbers.
Misaki got a perfume from Sayu.
However, Misaki's gift ended up in
Shiroyan's hands XD hahahahahha
lucky him but Misaki's gift was
a 'Become Smarter With Music' CD
which was I guess, sort of lame
But Shiroyan didn't care
and was very thankful
with the gift
because it was from Misaki

After work,
as usual, Usui accompanied Misaki
to the train station. There, Misaki
asked Usui out to the
amusement park!
how daring.
How? Read the manga

it's kinda hanging because at the end
of the chapter, the author didn't show
what Misaki would say to Usui
when they were at the amusement park.
it kinda spoils the mood

That's Al For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

Monday, December 13, 2010

13th of December, 2010 - An Art in The Church

Look at ma hair XD it's so brown
when the sunlight hits on it

So it's a Monday
I don't really like Mondays
but sometimes I love Mondays :D

So today I'll be talking a little bit
about art that I just realized
and this art is really magnificent DX

The art can be seen in the
Sacred Heart Cathedral or
Sacred Heart Church
in Kota Kinabalu.

It is the church that I normally go
every Sunday morning
either with my family or with my besties
or with my sweetheart.

I've actually seen this art my whole life
like since primary school
and only now I realize the beauty in it

When you look at it closely
you can see that this art doesn't use
any paint or colours.
Instead, they use coloured tiles.
My best friend Angel told me about it
Believe me, this is really difficult to make
because they have to arrange the tiles
in a manner to create the image of Jesus.
Behind the figure of Jesus is the
famous Mount Kinabalu XD

It's really beautiful
I would just look at it and
admire it every time I go to church.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

12th of December, 2010 - HobbyCon

It's a Sunday today
and today is HobbyCon!!
Actually HobbyCon started yesterday
but I didn't manage to go because
I was doing my assignment.

So here are the photos
during the event:
I went there with my sweetheart
and my best friend :3

HAPCHO group
they were cosplaying the characters
in Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok mix Inuyasha mix ???

Christine Lee :D
she was my chinese translator
during the previous HAPCHO gathering XD

Such a cute combination
don't you think? hahahaha

At first I thought it was a shark XD

One of the cosplayers
they said she is an albino :O

The leader of the HAPCHO group and me :D
He asked me why didn't I cosplay
like gothic and stuff
I said "Nah...maybe next year"

One of the Winner in HobbyCon
It is said that this is the
incomplete costume worth RM3k
The complete costume would worth RM5k

HAPCHO members
that weren't cosplaying during that day XD


I guess that's all I've got for today

Nothing much to say
because I still have a lot of assignments
to do and all of the assignment's deadline
is next week!!!!! (@w@)
I'm going nuts!

Thank You For The Visit!