Sunday, November 13, 2011

13rd of November, 2011 - COLOURS

It's the month of November
and today I feel like writing a post x:
Haven't been watching much
anime lately since I'm too caught up
with college and assignments

What interest me lately
whether or not it applies
to an interior of a room
or an outfit of a person
I just like to add in some
colours in it
Royal blue, Oceanic blue,
bright sparkling pink,
light bold yellow,
(they are my favourites)
and all the bold colours
which just bring life to everything.

Using royal blue to a room
and to an outfit, both brings do you
It's like if I wear something royal blue
my clothing just voice out
'Attention! Independent woman coming through!'
or if a person wear some sparkling pink
it would say 'See how brave and sexy I am today'
Whereas for an interior of a room
using royal blue could bring out
the seriousness of a person or maybe
it just gives inspiration
(depending on an individual)
and if it's a sparkling pink room
(just nice the colour in used)
it just opens up your eyes
to see the whole room haha~
Although I do still prefer
balanced in colour~
with a little of dark green here
and a light beige over there
then maybe the door frame would be
a coffee haha~

That's All For Today!
Enjoy The Wonders Of The COLOURS !