Saturday, May 28, 2011

28th of May, 2011 - New Layout?!

+Miku & Kaito BRS Version Wallpaper+

Konichiwa Minna-san~!
As you can see I've change my whole blog layout!
It's been a whole of 2 years since
I change to any theme to my blog.
So for the new theme I decided it to be
somewhat black and blue
and the blue is somehow electrical blue colour

My final exams are finally over
as well as my presentations
and it's finally my semester break! Yay! :D
Now I can update my blog :3


So allow me to talk a little bit
about college first
before I talk about anime and manga

Yesterday I had a presentation
on 'Studio Apartment'
Studio Apartment
is an apartment with no walls in it.
The only private place, which has walls,
is the Bathroom

So each one of us in
Interior Design Studio 1 class
had to design our own studio apartment
according to our own likeness

The following photos
are what I designed.
It is my first time doing such a thing.
As in sketching the design layout,
doing the plans, elevations, perspective,
researching about the standard size
of something and such.

(click the images to enlarge)

Floor Plan [No Label]

Ceiling Plan [No Label and Measurements]

Elevation A:A

Elevation B:B

Elevation C:C

Elevation D:D

2-point Perspective (scale 1:20)

Coloured Elevation

Floor Plan (with labels)

My Colour Scheme is Spring
which resembles new life
and eternal hope.

When I design the studio apartment,
I want the person who will be living there
to have that kind of feeling which brings
new life out of him or her and make him or her say
"A new life awaits!"

The design was inspired by
the anime and manga NANA
If you've watch the anime
or read the manga,
you will notice that the focal point of
the whole apartment is the dining area.
And when both of the Nana live
in their new apartment,
a new life awaits them!

As you can see in my design
I make my dining area the focal point too
by following the design of the dining area
in the anime NANA.

So here in the design
my concept is square.
In the beginning of the project
we were told to take measurements
of the the classrooms in our college
(each for one person)
The classrooms are sort of
in shape of a piece of pizza
and it wasn't really easy to design
a studio apartment according to the shape
because we had to consider the space
so that we won't waste any.

The reason why I choose square
was to make the room more stable
and secure for a person to live in it.
Using square rooms also make
everything else easier.
The only down point to it
is that it's really common
and it doesn't give a challenge
to a designer.

Alright! That's it for my college!
Next let's share about anime and manga :D

As you can see I've added anime/manga
to the slot on the right.
There are three new ones :D
and another one which
I'm going to update later!

1. Gantz
The best sci-fi and gory anime
I've ever read and watch!
The story is about after a person's death
that person will be transported
to a room in an unknown apartment
along with other people whom were
known dead and also with a big round black ball.
The black ball is the one whom brought them
to the room and order them
to kill certain aliens.
The story revolves around a guy name Kurono Kei
whom died from getting hit by a train
along with his childhood friend.
From there, their new lives
begin as they hunt for aliens and kill them.
However, if they try
to escape, their heads will blow off!

The first time I knew about it
was when I watched the movie
in the cinema.
I was like "Wooooaaaahhhh"
and most of the bloody parts I was like
hahahaha XD
Then after that I read the manga
until like the latest one
which is Chapter 340
which was translated and uploaded
3 days ago and it's still on-going!
I'm really addicted to it :3

2. Working!!

I finished watching this anime since January
and never had the chance to share it here
because I was too busy with college (=w=)
The story is about life in a cafe
and how each one of the staff
has their own specialty and weakness.
Working among weird people,
it just makes the whole story more interesting!

3. Seikon no Qwaser
The manga is cool because of the information
that is so specific especially on the chemical
that a person use and also the function
of the chemical. Although there's a lot
of uncensored stuff here but it's
somewhat a turn off because of
the whole story.
However, the anime is just more xxx (=w=)
which is really boring...really..

The story is about religion
and how a boy was chosen to be an icon
because he was blessed from drinking
the milk of a blessed virgin.

4. Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
I just finished reading this manga
this afternoon because a friend recommended
it to me and you know what?
Especially for a girl like me! XD
The story is about a girl, Himuro Yukina,
who writes cellphone novels as Yupina.
She is No.1 Ranking for cellphone novels,
but all her novels are about friendship
and adventures. Her fans desperately
ask if she could write a love novel next.
But to Yukina it was impossible
because she doesn't know what love is!
What scares people about her is
that she likes to stare at people
and observe what they are doing.
When her rank drop,
she force herself to find a partner
in order to experience love.
That is where Kitami Shigure appears.
He is the most popular guy in school
and also he is the student council president.
However, one thing about it is that
when Yukina sees Shigure, she finds him
But eventually she picks him as her partner
to fall in love with. How?
That is for you to find out :P

I guess that's it for today
Thank You For Reading!
See You Next Time :D