Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25th of January, 2011 - Getting The Freaking Timetable

Since yesterday,
a lot of Cosmopoint students were
cramming Wisma Times and I had no
choice but to queue up.
It was kinda frustrated
because there was still a lot of students
on the second day
and the operator's computer
with the new registration system
was functioning really really slow..
Was in college for a very long time
and now that I'm back
I can finally spend some time

I met with the new lecturer today
Mr. Raymond if I'm not mistaken
He reminds me of my former manager

But hopefully everything will go well
aside from that, I don't really
know what to blog
I hope this will do...

Thank You For The Visit!

Friday, January 21, 2011

3 More Days (=w=)

...this is how I practically kill time...

It's the 21st of January, 2011 today
and it's 4.27am right now.
It is also a Friday today.
In 3 more days,
a.k.a. on Monday
I'll have to get my new schedule
for my 3rd semester.

Right now I guess
I'm just killing time by
reading mangas, draw more, play
more games, sleep more, etc.

Recently, my gastric got worsen.
I went to the hospital yesterday
and the doctor said
"banyak angin oh dalam perut"
then she wrote something and said
"ambil ini ubat, kalau tiada perubahan
datang pegi sini lagi"
I was like (=w=) is that it???
I think I had the urge to vomit
like mad and the pain of
a thousand needles in my tummy
and all she told me is to take medicine?
I was like "oh well.."

So I went home, rested...
never took the medicine
and now it's still on the dining table.

I have been going out a lot
ever since my holiday starts.
Well, not really everyday.
It's just that I'm going out
more often now.
Since most people will say
"Enjoy while you can"
so I guess I'll ENJOY while I can! XD

Sorry for today
because I don't really have new
information to share.
Maybe they'll be more
when my semester has started :D

Until Then!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

16th to 18th of January, 2011

Oh my my
it has really been a long time now
since I last update my blog ne?
So I'll just post this to keep it alive (n_n)

+16th of January, 2011+
One of my good friend, Aaron Xavier,
turned 19 last Friday, and all the gang members
went out to celebrate his birthday last Sunday
We really had fun :D

Here are some photos:

The Birthday boy
He cut his hair~
His hair used to be really long.

My sweetheart :3

The most epic photo
we've ever taken XD

I played pool for the first time
Until now my feet hurts XD hahahaha!

As for the movie,
we watched Season of The Witch
It is a story about 2 holy knights
whom have fought for God
and then left the church because
the war they were in involved killing
women and children.
The 2 holy knights then arrived
in a kingdom where the Black Plague occurred.
It was said that a witch that was
roaming around the city had caused the plague.
Thus the highest priest ordered
the 2 knights to send the witch
to the monks where her faith will be decided.
"Under 1 condition" said one of the knight,
stated that the witch will be given
a fair judgment.
After making an agreement,
the knights, along with their allies,
send the witch to the monks.
On their way, they had to go through
wolves and dangerous bridge.
When they were finally at
their destination, they found out
that the witch wasn't a witch.
It was the devil himself.

It is a really horrifying, fantasy movie.
Overall it's really good.

+17th of January, 2011+
I went to college today
to check the schedule for my classes.
Apparently, I was informed that
it will only be at present on the 24th.
Which means I have another week off! :D
I can sleep as much as I want! XD

+18th of January, 2011+
I just finished watching Kuroshitsuji
It was a sad and tragic ending
but I heard there's a season 2
where it's another story of a different
master and butler.
Can't wait to watch it!

Besides that,
I'm in love with Meirin!!
Just look at her eyes!
So beautiful! But in the anime,
her eyes are fearful.

Kyaaa!!! I didn't know she was
well-capable in handling guns.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11th of January, 2011 - Clerith

Let me introduce everyone
to my newest coloured drawing

This time, my coloured drawing
Clerith is different from what
I usually do. The guy's hair
is deep sexy green
which I'll normally hate
but unfortunately I decided
to go with the colour
to create a contrast between
green and red.
Why green? because it's
complimentary to the colour red :3

The guy's eyes are sparkling yellow.
I wanted to make it gold in colour
but I didn't want it to make too gold
because then it wouldn't fit the whole picture.
The yellow eyes makes the skin
look more fairer
The combination of the eyebrow
just makes the whole expression sexy~
oh yeah~

I wanted to go with butler for this theme
but then when I tried out the colour
it doesn't really suit Clerith.
So I decided to go with
'Rich High School Student'

Here are the progression of Clerith:
This is the original drawing.

and then I start to colour the skin.
After that I actually left this picture
hanging since I was really busy
with college work and projects
so I didn't have the time
to complete Clerith.

If you look closely,
I made a slight change on
the mouth area and also
a little bit on the eyes.

Next I colour the hair, eyes,
vest and the tie.
Made lots of clicks here and there
to get it right.

So instead of colouring the whole thing,
I crop the picture to waist length XD
I know I'm evil

Then next I find a suitable background
for Clerith, when I finally found it,
I did a few edits.

Then finally the touch-ups
and it's done! :D


Didn't really go anywhere today
and didn't really feel like doing anything.
I was getting really bored
and so I decided to finish up Clerith :D
It took me about 3 hours to complete him.
Hope you like him :3

That's All For Now!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

10th of January, 2011 - Anime! Manga!

Finally it's time to add some animes
and mangas into my favourites!
I know that some of these animes
that I'm going to mention will sound familiar XD
Alright! So let's see...

=Manga Link=

I'm sure this anime is popular
among the guys since it's a
shounen anime and also manga.
The anime is about a boy
(main character) Ciel Phantomhive
who is also the only Phantomhive bloodline
who survived from a tragic scene.
Both of his parents were murdered
from a fire that destroys their whole mansion.
Ciel, on the other hand, survived
from the fire by signing a contract
with the demon, Sebastian,
who is now Ciel's butler who follows
and protects Ciel from the enemy.
At the same time, Sebastian will
be Ciel's loyal servant and will
do anything what Ciel's want to.
To pay for his service, Ciel's soul
will be Sebastian's when Ciel dies.
The anime reveals their journey
through investigations and adventures.

I really love the anime
and also love how they drew the characters.
I love the gothic fashion as well
and everything else like the story line
and such.

+Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu+
=Manga Link=

'Today, Our Love Begins'
My friend Christine was the one
who introduce this manga to me.
It's a a school life shoujo manga
suitable for most girls :3
This manga is about a girl
(main character) Tsubaki Hibino
a very old-fashioned girl
who could style other people's hair
very well, but then she doesn't like
to style her own hair
because she said that it doesn't suit her
so she braids her hair instead
like those geeky girls.
A very hard-working type.
But one day, she meets a guy
sharing the same name as her
Tsubaki Kyouta
A very rude and cruel person
whom at first had long hair.
Until one moment, Hibino
accidentally cut off Kyouta's hair
with a scissors and Kyouta
demand to pay him back with her body.
Hibino, on the other, got it all wrong
and thought that 'using her body' means
'using her skills'. So she made Kyouta's
hair even shorter and style it too.
The story goes on with
both of the parties' journey

It's a really nice shoujo story :)
recommended to all

=Manga Link=

Again, another popular anime
among the guys.
It is a seinen anime/manga
at the same time it is historical,
horror/gory and mature.
Seriously NOT suitable for kids.

I haven't watch the whole thing yet
but what I know is that
it is a story about vampires and wars.
Where humans are turned into vampires
to form a powerful military army
to destroy the world/country.
I can't wait to watch it though!


I know I may be a weird
person sometimes to be liking
such things XD hahahaha
and plus I can't keep up with
the other series animes
since new animes and mangas
are always coming towards me
and starting next week I might be
busy once more (@w@)

That's All For Now!
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

7th of January, 2011 - Bungalow Evaluation Day

+Me, Mr. Raed & Kuzaimi+

It was the bungalow
evaluation day today.
It is also a Friday.

So today our bungalow projects
were being evaluated.

I can't say much
because I don't even know
how much my marks are
So I'll just show some pictures.

Group 12
Budget: RM90

Group ?? (Charmaine)
Budget: +/- RM40

Group 11 (if I'm not mistaken)
Budget: RM60/RM80

Group 6
Budget: RM40-RM60

Group ?? (Nicole)
Budget: RM70/RM80

Group ?? (Lhan)
Budget: RM80/RM90

Group ?? (Voo)
Budget: +RM50

Group Picture:

I'm sort of lazy to blog for now
since it's my holidays and
I rarely have any holidays.
Gomen-nasai DX
I shall crawl to my bed now,
tuck into my blanket
and sleep XD

Thank You For The Visit!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bungalow Final Project + Freedom

WOHOOO!! Now I can do all the
things that I want to do!
Like sleep, read mangas, watch animes,
play games, go out with friends, etc.

It's the 6th of January (2011) today
and it's a Thursday
Surely almost everyone
is schooling and working
right now and I'm like the odd one

First, let me talk about the
Bungalow project that my group
have been working on.

This Bungalow
project is for our
Principles of Architecture & Design class
and it carries 50% marks
which is kinda....suicidal...
because all of the students in class
didn't want the final exams
instead they want the bungalow project
as their final....I told them it's suicide..
but majority picked it (=w=)
oh well...

So here are some pictures:
+More pictures in my facebook+
This is the first try
Epic Failure
If you've read my previous post
I mentioned about this try
where we tried the bending method
(all sides are bended then glued)
but it turned about badly

This is the 2nd try
2nd Epic Failure
This time we tried to stick the walls
one by one.
It was a success but then
we had troubles regarding the doors
and windows and decorations. was a fail...

3rd attempt
This time, the measurements
are all doubled the actual length
because the previous one was too small
and it's really hard to work on a small house.
We added snow to it :3
since we didn't have enough material to
do the green grass and green trees
and at that moment I had a whole
lot of why don't we make it snow?

This is the back view
Look! there's a snowman :D hahahahaha

We did this in just 4 days:
1st day - 1st storey

2nd day - 2nd storey

3rd day - roof, patio & porch

4th day - snow

The 4th day was yesterday
and yesterday was the submission date
for this particular bungalow.
It was a good thing we finished it on time XD


Now there's no more assignments
left to be done and no more
exams to attend.
That means it's HOLIDAY for me!!

So yesterday after submitting
the bungalow project to the admin.
My sweetheart and I
went to watch Gulliver's Travel
in 1borneo :D

It's a story about a guy named Gulliver
travel to the Bermuda Triangle
and found himself surrounded by
little people who lived in a town called Liliput.
Staring Jack Black.
It's a really cool movie :D
and funny as well XD hahahahaha
I was really entertained

Aside from that
nothing extraordinary things
happened besides going home to sleep.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd of January, 2010 - The Time of The Month + Study

Yesh it's finally the time of the month
It's surprising actually to be having it
right after 1.1.11 XD hahahhaa
no wonder I was sick

It's a Sunday today
and I was suppose to go to church
but I couldn't because my body
was too weak to do so since
I'm still currently sick.
Plus I have to study
for tomorrow's English exams.

So this is what's on
tomorrow's paper.
[based on Miss Freda's blog]
Section A:
- Reading Comprehension
- Multiple Choice Questions

Section B:
1) Adjectives & Adverbs - Part of Speech
2) Present Continuous /Progressive Tense
3) Conditional Sentences with Verbs

Section C:
~ If I am the Chief Minister of my state, I will…
~ We were lost in the middle of the rainforest. Our guide...
~ Going green.

I don't really have to
explain about Section A
since it's all based on the text content

However, on Section B
Adjectives & Adverbs
Adjectives modifies nouns
while Adverbs (normally) modifies
verbs, adjectives and other adverbs

Examples for Adjectives:
Vivian is a generous person - Single
Vivian is a person of great generosity - Pharse
Vivian is a person who is generous - Clause

Examples for Adverbs:
Vivian is a very generous person
Brenda sings beautifully
Brenda sings really beautifully

Present Continuous Tense
Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Verb-ing

I am eating
She is sleeping
You are working

For More Information
Click Here

Conditional Sentences with Verbs
I solely studied on Miss Freda's post
on this topic and it's basically
all the 'If's a.k.a. strong predictions
Link Reference

Conditional Clause: Present Perfect
Result Clause: will
=If countries do not conserve their resources,
they will regret it later.

Conditional Clause: Present Continuous
Result Clause: will
=If Andreas is telephoning me right now,
he will get a busy signal.

Conditional Clause:
It can be in
Present & Past Tense

Result Clause can vary:
will, can, should, could, may, might,
must, would, 'go to see', etc.

As for Section C
I would pick the last choice
which is 'Going Green' Essay
because it's easy
and it saves you a lot of time
from thinking of what to write
and plus you can get great marks
if you do the essay well (n_n)

Going Green
Miss Freda posted up a lot
of points for this essay
and I know that she actually
just copy and paste it from a website
because I happen to see the same thing
in a particular website XD hahahaha
Just Click Here

My points will be:
1.Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs
If every Americans were to replace
just one of their light bulb to CFL bulb in their house,
we would have saved enough energy to light
3 million homes for a year, save about 600 million
dollars in annual energy cost, and prevent
9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emission per year,
equivalent to those from about
800,000 cars.

This is because CFL:
-can save more than 40 dollars
in electricity costs over its lifetime
-uses about 75% less energy than standard
incandescent bulbs and lasts up to
10 times longer
-produces about 75% less heat,
so it's safer to operate and
can cut energy costs
associated with home cooling

2.Reusable Water Bottle
A lot of people are mentioning about reusable
water bottles recently.
In the last several years,
it becomes extremely common to drink
bottled water but bottled water
comes with it's own share of problems.
After all, a lot of bottles are used to
contain it, and only two out of ten are
ever recycled, the rest end up in landfills
or on the side of the road.

-If everyone in the US switched to
using reusable bottles, it's been
estimated that consumers would save
7 billion dollars a year.
-does not leak carcinogens like
other disposable water bottles does
-easy to clean/can be rinsed out
after each use or soaked in hot, soapy water.
They can also be thoroughly cleaned
by simply using baking soda.
-To keep bacteria from building up
the bottle, store it in the freezer.

3.Turn Off The Lights When Not In Use
Turning off lights in unoccupied rooms is a simple
and effective energy saving strategy.
It can be done manually, requiring no
financial investment or equipment
or it can be managed with sensors
and timers to make sure no one forgets.
The savings can be significant, especially
if you're lighting areas that are
only in use for brief periods each day
such as the storeroom.

-manually turning off lights is free,
requires only a little time and energy
-reduces bill payments (electricity bills)
-reduces lamp replacement cost

4.Pay Bills Online
Paying bills online not only saves
you time, but also helps you save the planet.
With just a few clicks of your mouse,
you can fulfill your monthly
requirements, set up automatic
payments, and help mother earth
by reducing the amount of paper
being used for monthly statements
if you opt to have your bills delivered
to your email inbox, instead of your mailbox

-saves time
-saves trees
-reduces CO2 emission
-reduces the usage of petroleum fuel
saves money
saves energy


So there you are
my elaboration and expectation
for tomorrow's exams.
All of these are my personal notes
and heck yeah why not share it?
Since some of our points
are going to be the same anyway

Aside from all these,
I personally don't feel the New Year
like I always do on every
New Year D:
Maybe it's because
It's not the holidays yet for me
and I still have work to do
and a whole lot of stuff
to do even after the exams
like going out with friends
and read all the mangas
and watch all the animes
that I've missed (>w>)
Hell yeah I'm still me
who loves anime XD hahahaha

But my holiday
will only be a week I heard

I don't really wanna complain
since it's still consider holiday
because I get to taste freedom
for a week XD hahahahahha
1 month would be
probably a bit too long
because if it would have been 1 month
I would have forgotten all my notes
and would have to revise everything again
from start.
and besides, I'm well aware that
the course that I'm taking is a bit short
which is 2 years and a half
Normally, diploma courses
will go up to 3-5 years.
but I guess the other half
is the holidays which they cut
and now we don't have much holiday

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

1st of January, 2011 - New Year's Resolution :3

Hello 2011 :D
Everyone has been talking about
today's beautiful number
which is 1.1.11

So before I talk about
my New Year's Resolution
let me talk a little bit about today.

on the first day of 2011
I fell sick!
Oh yesh...I'm having flu right now
but I still have to study
for my coming exams.
It's really weird though
because I don't usually get sick
unless it's sports
I'm guessing that
my period is coming

Normally I'll only have
one for each year
because I don't really
go according to 'plan' XD

So this year's
resolution is...
to be more productive :D
I know I've been practicing this
since last year
but I'll just keep it going (n_n)

Starting from now
I'll have to give a quality results
for each of my work
that interest me.
In other words,
if that particular work
attracts me, I'll give it my all
in giving the best.
oh yeah~

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!