Tuesday, December 29, 2009


What is diarrhea?
Diarrhea is
an increase in the frequency of bowel movements
or a decrease in the form of stool
(greater looseness of stool).
Although changes in frequency of bowel movements
and looseness of stools can vary independently of each other,
changes often occur in both.

Diarrhea needs to be distinguished from four other conditions.
Although these conditions may accompany diarrhea,
they often have different causes and different treatments than diarrhea.
These other conditions are:
incontinence of stool,
which is the inability to control (delay) bowel movements
until an appropriate time,
for example, until one can get to the toilet

rectal urgency,
which is a sudden urge to have a bowel movement
that is so strong that if a toilet is not immediately available
there will be incontinence

incomplete evacuation,
which is a sensation
that another bowel movement is necessary
soon after a bowel movement,
yet there is difficulty passing further stool the second time

bowel movements immediately after eating a meal

Diarrhea is caused by
increased water in the stool.
During normal digestion,
food is kept liquid
by the secretion of large amounts of water by the stomach,
upper small intestine, pancreas, and gallbladder.
Food that is not digested
reaches the lower small intestine and colon in liquid form.
Increased amounts of water in stool
can occur if the stomach and/or small intestine secretes too much fluid,
the distal small intestine and colon do not absorb enough water,
or the undigested,
liquid food passes too quickly
through the small intestine and colon
for enough water to be removed.
Of course,
more than one of these abnormal processes
may occur at the same time.

For example,
some viruses, bacteria and parasites
cause increased secretion of fluid,
either by invading and inflaming
the lining of the small intestine
(inflammation stimulates the lining to secrete fluid)
or by producing toxins (chemicals)
that also stimulate the lining to secrete fluid
but without causing inflammation.
Inflammation of the small intestine
and/or colon from bacteria or from ileitis/colitis
can increase the rapidity with which food passes through the intestines,
reducing the time that is available for absorbing water.

Conditions of the colon such as
collagenous colitis
can block the ability of the colon to absorb water.

Most episodes of diarrhea are mild and of short duration
and do not need to be brought to the attention of a doctor.
The doctor should be consulted when there is:

-High fever (temperature greater than 101 F)

-Moderate or severe abdominal pain or tenderness

-Bloody diarrhea that suggests severe intestinal inflammation

-Diarrhea in persons with serious underlying illness
for whom dehydration may have more serious consequences,
for example, persons with diabetes, heart disease, and AIDS

-Severe diarrhea that shows no improvement after 48 hours.

-Moderate or severe dehydration

-Prolonged vomiting that prevents intake of fluids orally

-Acute diarrhea in pregnant women
because of concern for the health of the fetus

-Diarrhea that occurs during or immediately
after completing a course of antibiotics
because the diarrhea may represent antibiotic-associated infection
with C. difficile that requires treatment

-Diarrhea after returning from developing countries
or from camping in the mountains
because there may be infection
with Giardia (for which there is treatment)

-Diarrhea that develops in patients
with chronic intestinal diseases
such as colitis, or Crohn's disease
because the diarrhea may represent worsening of the underlying disease
or a complication of the disease, both requiring treatment

-Acute diarrhea in an infant or young child
in order to ensure the appropriate use of oral liquids
(type, amount, and rate),
to prevent or treat dehydration,
and to prevent complications of inappropriate use of liquids
such as seizures and abnormal blood electrolytes

-Chronic diarrhea

Why am I telling you all this?
It is because I have diarrhea right now
and I'm bored.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make-up is a BIG NO In My Life

No matter how many times I use cosmetics
No matter how many times people say I look gorgeous with makeup
No matter how many times I look at cosmetic products
I secretly just hate wearing it

Having makeup sticking onto my face
is okay once in a while,
but I could never want to wear it everyday!
You'll only see me with makeup
when I'm going to a dinner party or any other party,
which I don't really go to those stuff often,
I love my makeup to be simple
with just a basic powder, lip balm and eyeliner.

Imagine toxic pile up in your bloodstream
and the next thing you know you're having skin problems.
That's exactly what will happen if one uses makeup
in their daily routine.
When makeup is applied to the skin
the skin act as a sponge
which absorbs the makeup
into the bloodstream
and it is kept there forever.
Which is why people often have skin problems
such as blemish, blackheads and all sort of problems.
If it's you're unlucky
you can even get cancer from it.

cosmetics are used to protect the skin.
For example,
everyone should apply lotion onto their skin
to protect the skin from sun-rays
because sun-rays causes skin aging and eventually skin cancer.
the world as we know today
uses cosmetics for beauty purposes.

So no matter what you say, I still hate using cosmetics.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Season 1 & 2)

I guess you can say that
I'm an anime freak huh?

So this anime comes in seasons
like season 1 and season 2.
this anime has a season 3!
Isn't it cool?!

This anime is about
a third grader girl (Nanoha)
finds herself involving into a world with magic.
Unfortunately, she had to face a lot of rivals
and eventually became her friend in the end.
Mainly this anime is about friendship and loyalty.

If you guys are wondering
Nanoha is the girl with orange-brownish hair,
Fate is the girl with blonde hair, and
Hayate is the girl with brown hair.

What I love most about this anime is
their clothes and weapons.
Especially Fate's one!
I love Hayate's outfit :3
But then I also love Nanoha's skills :D
I don't know which to pick (@_@)

I finished the anime for A DAY!
per season that is

Now I'm finding the right moment to
watch the next season
which is
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers
I can't wait to watch it!
hehe :3


My sweetheart loves this anime very much
until he wants me to watch.
I guess that's where I got infected to the addiction of watching anime :P

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It was Christmas yesterday,
my sister, brother and I
went to 1 Borneo on that day.
The decorations were cool and it really brought out the joy.

Other than the decorations
the building was full of people in it
(more than usual).
Maybe because there were lots of sales
and also events!

But apart from all of that
my favorite was the
Blueberry Cheesecake :3

I took it before it enters into my tummy (>_<)

As you all know
I'm a big fan of blueberry cheesecake
since my sweetheart introduced it to me.
Before this one came,
I was a big fan of chocolate cheesecake
because I really love chocolate back then.
it is because of my darling's passion
for blueberry cheesecakes that got me into it!
I can still remember those moments.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 23rd Number

First of all
I would like to wish my friend
Rick Einstein Kual
It's his birthday today.

The number 23
represents something in my life.
It feels like it's a very special number.
Mainly because I'm born on 23rd of November.
Somehow I've met those who was born on the 23rd too.
Such as my best friend Angelica,
she's born on the 23rd of September,
and my ex-classmate Haziq,
he's born on the 23rd of October.

I know it may sound weird
but I love the number.
I can't wait to met the rest who's born on the 23rd!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jikan yo Tomare (Stop Time)

Jikan yo Tomare
which also means Stop Time
is one of my favourite
ending theme song
in Itazura Na Kiss.

I love this song because
it also represents my feelings
towards him.
Whenever I hear this song
after one of the episode is finished
I just feel like listening to it.
Every time I listened,
I always thought about how I feel towards him
and how much I miss him.
I also thought the days when I was with him.
It makes me want to cry.

Lyrics (english) :

The time I spend with you is surprising
I’ve finally realized, that our date is already over
I don’t want to go, I don’t want to ever return
Stop time so we’ll be together forever

If it’s a fairytale
I’ll go to tomorrow where your presence is…
every time, everyday, everything…
Even without words
You are my special place
If my only wish could become true
Dear God, please stop our time…

I’ll tightly hold the hand you gave me
Your casual kindness is happiness
I’m hiding my words in embarrassment
The moments when our eyes met
The time I’m with you
Until I see the last train leave
It’s not enough, but
I’ll hang onto your hand

Stop the time, just like this
It won’t come true
It’s my selfishness
I want to tell you about my impatience
There’s only twenty-four hours in a day
It’s not enough, after a hundred hours
That should be much more
I’ll find endlessness good

When will we meet again?
No matter how many times I say it, I keep thinking about it
A half of me is anxious and the other half is hoping
This feeling won’t change, maybe, surely
What do you think of me?

every time, everyday, everything…
I’m homesick for warmth
Not becoming words, the voice of the heart
Because I’ll show it to you honestly from now on
God, please stop time when it moves
It’s fine even if it’s in selfishness
I’ll say that I won’t return it
If you’re the one I wish for
I’ll attach a flower on my heart with no hesitation

every time, everyday, everything…
Even though it doesn’t become words
You are my special place
If my only wish would come true
Dear God alone, please stop our time

every time, everyday, everything
Even if we’re apart, I’ll tie the both of us together again
You are my special person
every time, everyday, everything
Believe, even if time can’t be stopped
If it’s fate, we’ll come across each other, won’t we?

If it’s fate, we’ll come across each other, won’t we?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Itazura Na Kiss

I watched an anime recently
called Itazura Na Kiss.
It's really an amazing anime!
Especially to those who love romance in their anime!
Like ME :3

This anime is about a high school girl (Kotoko)
who had fell in love with the smartest guy in school (Naoki)
who's a cold-hearted guy to everyone.
She got rejected by him
even before he read her love letter.

Suddenly, her house got crushed down
by a level 2 earthquake
and her father and her had an offer to stay at the Irie's house,
which also happened to be Naoki's house!
A lot of things happened after that
and Naoki silently starts to fall in love with Kotoko.
He starts to realize that Kotoko brings joy and excitement
into his life
since his life is all about studying without any goals.

They then got married
and got a job.
The story continues
when Naoki, Kotoko and Kotomi (their daughter)
went to visit Naoki's grandparents.
It's a very good anime recommended to all!

p.s. I finished the anime in one day

Friday, December 18, 2009

After SPM = Boredom

The good news is
SPM is freaking over!!
I don't have to wear any stupid uniforms
or wake up 4am everyday
or get stress the whole day in school
or come home late knowing that I have tuition at night
or even get tan!

The bad news is
there's nothing to do here at home
My mum don't let me work
I can't play online games
I have to watch the same old boring tv shows
In short
I have to face boredom