Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make-up is a BIG NO In My Life

No matter how many times I use cosmetics
No matter how many times people say I look gorgeous with makeup
No matter how many times I look at cosmetic products
I secretly just hate wearing it

Having makeup sticking onto my face
is okay once in a while,
but I could never want to wear it everyday!
You'll only see me with makeup
when I'm going to a dinner party or any other party,
which I don't really go to those stuff often,
I love my makeup to be simple
with just a basic powder, lip balm and eyeliner.

Imagine toxic pile up in your bloodstream
and the next thing you know you're having skin problems.
That's exactly what will happen if one uses makeup
in their daily routine.
When makeup is applied to the skin
the skin act as a sponge
which absorbs the makeup
into the bloodstream
and it is kept there forever.
Which is why people often have skin problems
such as blemish, blackheads and all sort of problems.
If it's you're unlucky
you can even get cancer from it.

cosmetics are used to protect the skin.
For example,
everyone should apply lotion onto their skin
to protect the skin from sun-rays
because sun-rays causes skin aging and eventually skin cancer.
the world as we know today
uses cosmetics for beauty purposes.

So no matter what you say, I still hate using cosmetics.

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