Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Hobby : Colouring One of My Drawings With Photoshop :D

So I just realized that
I'll colour one of my drawings
whenever I have any free time.
I feels like a hobby now I guess (@_@)
I'll always use Photoshop CS3
to colour my drawings and
Picasa 3 and PhotoScape
to edit my pictures and drawings.
These tree softwares are enough for me
to do my editing and such :3
although sometimes I feel like
I need more than these three (-_-)

Here is a tutorial
on how to colour your drawings
in Anime style :D

Tutorial III: how to colour drawings in anime style with Photoshop

Here is a tutorial on how
to create shadow & light effects
in Anime style :D

Tutorial IV: how to use shadow and light effects in anime style with Photoshop

It's the same website
where I learn how to colour my drawings
Although I only use
some of the techniques there
because sometimes I don't
find it suitable to be used on
when I am colouring a drawing.
I guess I have my own style eh?

I'm working on another coloured drawing
I started around 5pm and now it's almost 9pm
...and guess what...
I'm only done with the skin and eyes
This may take a long time to finish
So be sure to check up on my blog later!

I'm going to continue
with the unfinished coloured drawing

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I'm beginning to want
to wear dresses
and it feels
but satisfying :D

I'm always known to
be one of those tomboys
who hangs out with guys
instead of girls
and who has a boy complex.
Hitting guys, arm wrestling,
guy 'talk' and such.
But now,
I don't do those things anymore.
It seems that
I'm more interested in arts
if you know what I mean.
I guess that's what it means by
'people change'

But I know one thing
that hasn't changed
I still don't really like
wearing makeup.
Having it once in a while
like during a dinner party
is fine but NOT EVERY DAY
If you've read last years post
I mentioned about make up
and why it is bad.
Go ahead and read it :3

So now the feeling of wanting
to wear a dress is
starting to grow and grow
and coming much more often
to me
I would be like
"I want to wear a dress to college"
my mum was like
"Up to you"
Translation : "Just wear it if you want"

My sister bought me
two dresses
one purple and one white
So now I have black, purple, white dresses

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

August & September Drawings!

New drawings!
They are finally here!
Thank you Angelica (Subil) :D
for scanning my drawings for me
There are more drawings actually
but I choose the best ones
I think the best of the best drawing is
the one that I drew on the 23rd of September
I used a lot of reference on guys in mangas
and tadaaa! A success! :D

I hope everyone here likes it!
Please do leave a comment :)



7th of August, 2010

13th of August, 2010

7th of September, 2010

8th of August, 2010

23rd of September, 2010


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Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Fan Fiction - Hikari Rashi

I was requested by
~† BlazingFury †~
to edit her fan fiction story.
It took me 4 hours to edit it
It feels like a job XD
should I demand for a pay Blaze?
hahahahahhaa naahh
I was just messing around
Anyway, so here's Chapter 1


Chapter 1:

It is a brand new year at Seika High School. As the wind goes through Misaki’s hair, she walks into the school carrying a handbag on her right arm. While gazing into the sky, the sun shines through the clouds making a silver line visible. She covers her mouth while yawning.

Maybe it was because I work all day and night throughout the summer holiday’ she thought.

"Yosh! Let’s try our best again this year!" she says enthusiastically, a few moments later

"Misa-chaaan!" Misaki turns around and Sakura appears with a big smile while waving her hand way above her head towards Misaki. Beside her is Shizuko who follows slowly behind Sakura. Shizuko’s glasses reflected the sunlight for a second, twitching Misaki’s eyes for a bit.

"Good morning Misaki" said Shizuko as she gets near towards Sakura and Misaki.

“Good morning Sakura…and you too Shizuko” said Misaki with a warm smile as she greets her best friends. For the summer holiday, Sakura went and paid a visit at her cousin’s house in Kyoto while Shizuko went to visit her grandmother at the other side of the country.

"Misa-chaaan!" she squealed as she runs toward Misaki and hugs her.

"How was Kyoto?" Misaki asked,

"It was great!" she replied while making a cute face, enough to make a thousand guys fall for her. Then she begins to tell Misaki what happened in Kyoto.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” she took a small white box about the size of a modern camera out of her skirt pocket. She held it out to Misaki with a bright smile.

"This one for you, Misaki!" she said,

"Huh? Urm…thank you" said Misaki while taking the white box carefully just in case it is something fragile. Sakura jumps up and down in anticipation waiting for Misaki to open it. Misaki opens the box slowly and suddenly she sees a small necklace made out of small silver beads with a small green gem at the base and the hooks were made out of gold. She blushes as she stares at the necklace which glows and sparkles beautifully.

“This…this…this is really beautiful Sakura! It must be expensive! Where did you buy it?” said Misaki.

"Sakura won a raffle for friendship necklaces in Kyoto" said Shizuko since Sakura is too excited to tell Misaki about it.

"Look look! I gave one to Shizuko too!" said Sakura while pointing at Shizuko’s necklace. She is wearing the same necklace but with a blue gem instead of a green one. Misaki looks at Sakura's neck and spots the same necklace as well but the gem is reddish pink.

"Thank you Sakura!" Misaki said, smiling excitedly while putting on her friendship necklace

"Now all three of us will be best friends forever!" Sakura said while holding hands with Misaki and Shizuko. They all start to laugh as they walk to class, sharing all the things they did over the summer holidays.

After a few minutes later, Usui Takumi, who is well known to be the perfect guy in school, arrives at school carrying his bad over his shoulder with one hand. Girls who are around him blushes as he passes by; they would admire his look and his ability. However, the guys are envious towards him for being the top guy in school, making the other guys look pathetic and dumb. Usui casually walks down the path without paying any attention towards his surrounding when he notices Misaki smiling and laughing with Sakura and Shizuko.

“Misaki-chan…” said Usui softly with a hot grin as he talks to himself and blushes. Girls who were observing him blushes and scream out of joy. However, suddenly one of the guys is belly dancing in front of the school gate. Everyone gather towards the school gate and laugh as they take photos and videos.

“Come come and see my gigantic belly” said the guy while dancing.

“You’re really asking for death, aren’t you?” Misaki appears among the crowd and she was cracking her knuckles with anger and annoyance. Usui observes the scene from far as Misaki knocks down the guy. He laughs slightly.

"I wonder what Seika will bring this year..." he said while gazing into the sky.

Before the first period, everyone is busy searching for their class. Misaki is searching for her class as well as she walks through the hallway.

"Hmm..." said Misaki as she groans.

Usui notices Misaki from behind and quietly get closer to her, he put his lips right next to Misaki’s ears and whispers "Good morning…Misaki-chan…"

While knowing it was Usui and hearing his breathe, Misaki’s face turns red and her heart beats faster suddenly “U…U…Usui! You idiot! D-Don’t just appear out of nowhere!”

“Haaah…is this how you greet me on the first day of school?” said Usui while making a stupid face.

“G-Go-Good morning!” said Misaki loudly while unable to control her emotions.

Usui blushes as Misaki gives out a cute face to Usui without realizing. Usui burst out laughing slightly while covering his face. “What’s so funny?!” said Misaki who is blushing even more.

“No….it’s nothing…” said Usui as he calms down.

"Anyway, what class are you in, prez? I'm in..."

"Class 3-2" both of them were surprised as they look each other in the eye while blushing. They were speechless and it felt like a sudden burst of energy hit Misaki which made her feel relief but at the same time it made her nervous. Just before she could break the silence, the door to a room opens and Sakura pops out.

"Eh? Misa-chan? Usui-kun? Are both of you in class 3-2?" she asked,

"uhhh...yes! A-Are you to?" said Misaki while still regaining her consciousness. Usui went into the class and goes at the back of the class next to the window to sit down.

"Yess! So is Shizuko! Look!" Sakura said as she points at Shizuko who is looking outside of the window, merely paying attention towards what’s happening. Sakura guides Misaki to her seat which is next to Sakura. As Misaki arrives at her seat, Shizuko turns around and notices Misaki in the classroom.

“Oh! Misaki, you’re in this class too?” asked Shizuko.

“I guess that’s what it looks like” said Misaki.

"Now we can all be best friends forever!" Sakura said happily. All three of them laugh and talk about what might happen this year.

"urm..3-1...ah! 3-2! Here it is!" said Hinata as he was munching on his bread sticks while entering into the classroom. He notices Misaki at the corner with Sakura and Shizuko.

"Misa-chaan!" shouted Hinata as he was overjoyed seeing Misaki again after the summer holiday. Tears were flowing out as he gets closer to Misaki.

“Oh! Shintani!” said Misaki as she turns around. Before Hinata could hug her, he senses Usui’s presents and notices him at the back of the class sharply staring at Hinata as a love rival. Both of them hold hatred and jealousy towards each other.

“You two…cut it out!” shouted Misaki and both of look away in sadness. Misaki felt as if she did something wrong ‘it can’t be helped’ she thought. As Hinata goes to the sit behind Misaki, he regains happiness and greets Misaki in joy.

The bell rings and it was time for the first period to start. The teacher arrives a few minutes after the bell rings. He puts down his books on his desk and the noise becomes softer and softer.

"Good morning class, it’s a pleasure meeting everyone. Before I introduce myself, I would like to introduce a new student and she will be joining this class”

Everybody started to chat about this new girl, but one conversation seemed louder than the rest.

"Yes! It's a new girl! Looks like our school has attracted more girls!" said Misaki.

"I hope she's hot" said a guy in front of Misaki

"Oh I hope she's like that girl from ***** from episode ******" said another guy next to the guy in front of Misaki.

"You mean ****?"

"Yeah! If she is then she’s so mine!"

"Not if I react first!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh YEA-"

Misaki's anger snapped.


"Y-Y-Yes…K-Kaichou" both of them shivers out of fear after being shouted at by Misaki. Tears were flowing uncontrollably. Silence hit the classroom after that.

"Ahem...Let’s welcome Miss Hikari Rashi!" said the teacher while looking towards the door. As soon as the girl steps in, everyone was mesmerized by her beauty. She has long silky black hair up to her waist with dark brown eyes. She has the body of an athlete; slim and well-built. She almost look like Misaki because they have exactly the same height and size. Their faces are quite similar too. The class begins to get noisy again and everyone is comparing Hikari and Misaki. Misaki, on the other hand, is surprised on how much both of them have in common when it comes to looks.

"My name is Hikari Rashi. Nice to meet you all" she said in annoyance. Clearly she was forced to join this school for some reason. “pfft…you got to be joking” said Hikari to herself after observing most of the guys in class.

"Alright class, please stand up" ordered the teacher.

"I wonder why we're getting up" said some of the students. It was a bit noisy with the chairs moving back and forth as the students get up.

"Each one of you has to pick a paper in this box" said the teacher as he shows the box. “Starting with this row first” while pointing on the front left.

"Ah…this is a seating arrangement technique" said Misaki.

"Nooo! But I want to sit next to Shizuko and Misa-chaan!" wailed Sakura.

Shizuko sighed "Well, rules are rules"

The three of them pick a paper one by one. Sakura was the first to unfold hers. She looks at her paper and Shizuko’s name appears.

"Yaay! I get to sit next to Shizuko!" Sakura said happily.

Misa unfolded hers. But before she could look at it Sakura grabbed it from her.

"OOhhh~~~ You get to sit next to Hinata-kun" said Sakura in a lovey-dovey way,

"Wa-what's with y-you? I-I told you..we're just friends!" said Misaki.

"Ohh really~~?" asked Sakura curiously.

"Please go to your new seats! Now!" said the teacher loudly. Everyone rushes to their new seats as quickly as they can.

"Usui…Takumi? Who is Usui Takumi?" said Hikari while she’s standing in front of a couple of guys.

"He's over there" said one of them while pointing towards Usui Takumi who is always at the back of the classroom looking outside of the window.

"Pfft…I bet he's just like all of you filthy,disgusting anima-" she stopped talking as she looks and admires Usui’s appearance as she blushes. ‘I…I have never seen someone like him before…’ she thought while taking a seat next to him. Usui turns around to face Hikari when he hears the sound of the chair moving backwards. Her heart beats faster and faster and it is as if the whole classroom could hear it.

"H-hey" said Hikari as she managed utter a word,

"...Hey" said Usui while turning his attention to Misaki.

“How many times do I have to say this Shintani...DON’T EAT WHILE THE CLASS HAS STARTED! I’m confiscating your bread sticks” said Misaki as she quickly grab Hinata’s plastic bag of bread sticks.

"NOOO! MY BREAD STICKS! WAAAH~~!" cried Hinata,

"Be QUIET Shintani!" Misa hissed

Out of love he obeyed Misa's command.

Then she notices Hikari along with her excessive blush after talking to Usui. A spark of jealousy seems to appear in Misaki. ‘Looks like the new girl has fallen for Usui’ she thought.

During PE class, she is proven to be good in athletics, she had almost beat Seika's all-time record for the fastest runner but she was only 5 seconds too late to beat Misaki's 30 second lap around the school record. Hikari seemed bothered about it but then she tries to ignore. As time passes by, Hikari remains silent for the rest of the lesson. She was relieved to get away from Usui's side because it felt like a century for her to be having her heart beating so fast for such a long period.

It is lunch break and almost everyone of the class goes out. However, two guys are busy stuffing mud and grass into Hikari’s locker as a prank for her first day of school.

"Hurry up! Somebody might see us!" said one of them.

"Ok!...I think that's it!" said the other.

"Quick! Let's hide over there! I can't wait to see her reaction! Haha!"

“Haha me too I-“ suddenly he bumped into someone and quickly said his apology. “Please forgive m-“ before he could finish, he realizes it was Hikari breaking her knuckles.

“Oh you are not forgiven just yet…” said Hikari with a devilish and annoying look.

After a few minutes later, students gathered around to see what was going on. Hikari had punched the two guys in the face and in the stomach. Their faces were badly injured and bruised and Hikari was stuffing mud in their mouth. When she was done, she continuously kicks both of them and shouted “THIS IS WHAT YOU’LL GET FOR MESSING WITH HIKARI!” suddenly friends of the guys appear.

“How dare you do this to our friend” said one of them.

“Friend? I think they are just a bunch of garbage in this school” said Hikari.

“You’re really asking for it!” said another in anger and hatred.

“Bring it on…” said Hikari while preparing to fight. Suddenly, someone grabs her arms and locks them down. Hikari is unable to move her arms and she panics. One of the guys tries to punch her but he missed and it hit her left arm. She felt a sharp pain and quickly tries to escape. But she fails because she lost half of her strength after beating the two guys earlier. Just when the next hit was coming, Usui appears.

“What are you guys doing…” said Usui.

“U-U…Usui!” said one of them while in shock.

“It’s Usui, we better make a run for it” said another who is really scared of Usui. Usui stares at the guys until they disappear.

Hikari is right next to Usui and she can’t help but think about how she feels and how her body reacts when Usui is around her. ‘Who is he..?’ she thought as she encourage herself to look at Usui. Their eyes meet and she could feel her heart beat even faster and louder. Suddenly, her right arm starts to hurt greatly."OUH!" she screamed.

"No need to thank me" said Usui.

Hikari blushes and answered in a nervous way "Wha? I don't need to thank you! I could have saved my own ass without you! Why would I-" before she knew it, he was already gone. She was looking at an empty hallway by then. “U..Usui…” said Hikari with a blush as she staggers to the infirmary room.

-End of Chapter 1-


Written by ~XxBlazingFuryxX
Edited by Furansessu

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Today's English - Adjectives

So here I am
writing a post about adjectives.
Before I start, I would like to say
thank you for staying loyal with my blog :D
Or is it just me who thinks it that way (x__x)
By viewing the stats I could see
there's about 40-50 viewers everyday
and sometimes it could reach up to
100 viewers a day
At least it better than nothing eh?
Not bad...not bad indeed :3

So we're back to square one!
Or maybe not
Learning about grammar
No matter what
as long as it is an English Class
We will always learn about grammar.

So today I'll discuss about Adjectives
Adjectives is used to modify a noun or a pronoun.

For example: Farah is an intelligent girl.

'Farah' is a noun and 'intelligent' is an adjective
The word 'intelligent' describes Farah's personality.
However, adjective can be
a single word, a phrase, or a clause.
This is very important to remember.
'Farah is an intelligent girl'
is an example of a single word adjective
where 'intelligent' is only a single word.
What about a phrase of adjective?
Always remember that a phrase
is a group of words.
A phrase of adjectives is a group of adjectives.
Simple eh?

For example: Farah is a girl of great intelligence
(I hope I get it right)

When I read it again
it is as if I'm a guy who is in love with Farah (=_=)
Oh's just an example.
So 'Farah' is still a noun and 'of great intelligence' is the adjective
Here, 'of great intelligence' is a phrase of adjectives.
To make it simpler, it is a technique
to make your adjective longer
and to write it in a more....poetic way
I guess :P

So what about a clause of adjective?
A clause of adjective is
Subject + Verb + Adjective

For example: Farah is a girl who is intelligent

'who is intelligent' is a clause of adjective
who = subject
is = verb
intelligent = adjective

Adjectives answer these questions:
What kind?
Which one(s)?
How many (or how much)?

You can see other example here:
A Phrase of Adjective
A Clause of Adjective


My mum was an English tuition teacher once
and I would always attend her class
because she force me to
because she said my English was very poor.
That was like when I was around
8-10 years old?
I remember doing some puzzles
and learning grammar,
tenses, and more.
But at that time
I wasn't really paying attention XD
I score a 'B' for English in UPSR
But then as I got into secondary school
I tried to maintain an 'A' :D Yay!
And somehow I became
the President of the English Club in 2009
and I was active in English activities since
2007 - 2009
wow (O_O)

Enough about me XD
I hope my help with be of use to you
and break a leg to those who's sitting for exams!

Oh! Please do leave a feedback :D

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26th of September 2010

So it was a Sunday
As a typical Roman Catholic follower
My best friends and I meet up at the church compound
and then we proceed with our activity to go to the 'Graffiti'
It the same place where I went before and
I mentioned about it earlier in my blog
'A Place To Express Your Art'
It's the same place where
Kevin and I draw
with just a marker pen

Anyway I took a few shots
and my model for the day was
Angelica Subil :D

Best Photo Of The Day!
Photographed by Me!

This is Me!
Photographed by Angelica :D

After taking some pictures
we went to Suria Sabah to watch
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
The story is about a young proprietary trader
name Jacob Moore
who works for Keller Zabel and
who lost a mentor, Louis.
Behind the tragedy of the suicidal scene
Louis was actually being back stabbed
(something like that)
by Bretton who spread rumors about Louis,
false rumors which in the end
media make it true and 'pop'
the bubble burst.
Jacob here wants to get revenge
for what Bretton has done.
He seeks for Gordon's help
who is also his father-in-law to be
and Winnie's father.
In exchange,
Jacob will help Gekko reconcile with his daughter.
Gordon Gekko is well known to be an infamous fraud
where he managed to trick his clients
for the sake of money.
So Jacob and Gordon work together
without letting Winnie know.
But in the end,
after knowing that Winnie
had money worth of USD1m over,
Gekko takes all the money and ran away
to London to regain his business and fairs.
Winnie broke up with Jacob after Jacob
told her what really happened.
Few months later,
Jacob went to Gekko's office
and wanted to make a last trade.
Jacob wants Gekko to give back
the USD1million to Winnie,
in return Gekko will have a grandchild.
At first Gekko disagrees to make the trade
which makes him a sad man.
But after that,
he met with Jacob and Winnie
in front of Winnie's house
and gave her a cheque
worth of USD1m.
It was a shock but
they were given a second chance.
At the end of the movie,
Jacob and Winnie got married
and they have a baby boy name Louie
(named after his mentor, Louis)
and Gekko who was earlier a criminal
turn to be a good person.
For the sake of the child I guess.
It is a really nice movie :3

After watching the movie,
we went to the arcades
and played The House Of The Dead 4
and Dance Dance Revolution.
I love House of the Dead 4
but I suck at DDR

Thank You For Reading!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole

25th of September 2010

I went to Centre Point today
to meet a friend of mine,
Rona Clarenie,
from my former high school.
So we went to watch
Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole
Basically this movie is about Owls.
It's a very predictable fantasy movie where
there's the Guardians and the Pure Ones
The Guardians are the good owls while
the Pure Ones are the bad owls.
The bad owls plans to defeat the good owls
and then bla bla bla
the good owls wins in the end.

Eventhough the storyline is predictable
the graphics are amazing.
I don't know how many people realized it
but the way they do the graphics are just wow.
Throughout the movie
all I did was thinking
'how did they do that?'
'what software did they use?'
'I wanna do something like that too'
and I was also focusing on the angles and such.

Nothing much today
-The End-

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Friday, September 24, 2010

24th of September, 2010 - English + Drawing ???

First subject was
Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar 2
In short, English level 2.
It was Miss Freda's class
and when she came into the class
and starts speaking
I was like "Oh Thank You God"
because finally there's a qualified
English teacher to teach English in the college.
I'm not saying that other English teachers aren't qualified
I'm just saying that it's a relief to
actually hear a proper English lecture
rather than a Manglish lecture (Malay + English)

So we were told
to do some research about
part of speech
simple past tense
simple present tense
future tense
and make our own blog
but since I already have my own blog
so I don't need to worry! Hurray!
I know making a blog will be useful somehow!
but then now it means that
I'll have to blog everyday
(@_@) Oh my...I hope I'll be able to..
My college friends came to me
and said "Can you teach us how to make a blog?"
I was like "....huh?"
the earliest person to ask me was
Max Bewsher
an Architect student
We knew each other since primary school XD
At first I was wondering why he wanted me to help
After attending Miss Freda's class, only when I know why
Maybe I should make a blog tutorial eh?
hahaha we'll see

Next was Sir Kennedy's class
Design Communication 1
To put it in a simpler way,
Drawing/Sketching level 1.
He talked most of the time
and his stories were surprisingly interesting
I guess it's because it comes from his experience.
We were briefly told about the subject
and what we will be doing in the future.
So....he told us to get ready a set of pencils,
butter paper & drawing board.

+Butter Paper/Tracing Paper+

So I guess that's what a butter paper looks like
It looks more like a toilet paper when you
look at my point of view hahahaha
I guess Chefs normally use this
for baking and stuff

When I came back home
I was like really exhausted
and I haven't take any rest until now
since I was busy washing the clothes
(because my dad went to China but he's coming back today)
doing some research for my assignments
and also updating my blog (@_@)
and and and discussing with my best friends
on this coming Sunday event
Yeap....Sunday....oh yeah..

I need to finish up my assignments
and the preparation for Sir Kennedy's class
fast or I'll be doomed

Thank You For The Visit! :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Josei Manga?

Why does it feel like
there's a discover very often?
I guess that's what
makes life interesting.

I just finished reading
Paradise Kiss
that I mentioned earlier on
and I went to check the forums
to give my feedback.
And someone mentioned that
this manga isn't a shoujo manga
but it's a josei manga
because throughout the manga
it was really serious
and the ending didn't really
turn out what the readers expected
I give it a 10/10

"Josei (meaning 'woman')
is the term used to refer to manga,
usually romance,
for women in there late teens and upwards.
It tends to be more realistic,
mature and explicit than the idealized shojo genre.
The male counterpart is called Seinen

"Literally translates as "comics for women"
or specifically, for female readers between the ages of 18 - 30,
although women in their 40's and 50's also read josei titles.
Josei manga stories usually
feature more mature, complex stories and themes
and tend have more sexually explicit content
than shojo manga.
Stories about office life, marriages, infidelity, babies, families
and of course, romance are popular

When I know this I was like
"wow....I'm reading a mature manga"
Oh well,
I'm turning 18 soon anyway

Come Again Next Time!

Paradise Kiss - Something About George Koizumi

Paradise Kiss (Manga)

First of all
I know that my classes has started (college)
but since it's the first week of college
and there's really nothing going on
so I take my time to read
Paradise Kiss
since I've only watch the anime
and I know certain things
in the original manga
are not shown in the anime.
yeap that's true

Okay I've been observing
to what George is really about
since I only watch the anime
because I admire the drawing skills
and at that moment I was still immature
and I didn't really get what the story means.

Koizumi George
a guy who is an idealist and a perfectionist
but needs to be realistic to fulfill his dreams.
That's what Nagase Arashi said when they were
talking about George who seems to not care
about the world.
He has this sadist look of his
and surely we all know that
girls just love a sadist character in an anime.
But actually he's a masochist
look at the picture below

click to enlarge

The girl that he loves is
Hayasaka Yukari
but her model name is Caroline.
Earlier in the chapters
Yukari is a masochist
she will drain herself in sadness
whenever she fails to get what she wants
which is to be 1st in everything that she does.
Apparently, the harder she tried
the worse she became.
Thus, she is making herself looking pathetic
by putting all the blame on her and others.
I don't really like her actually.

But when she gets involve
with George they clash.
M + M = not compatible
George wants her to be more
a sadist character
and eventually he made her
into a sadist
but not a completely one.
Yukari doesn't realized this
because she doesn't really know the real world
since all her life before this
she has been studying like mad
and wanted to get into a
first rate school.

I guess George will only be interesting
when Yukari shows her sadist side
towards George because then
he would show his smiling face
and would be more interested in Yukari.

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