Sunday, September 12, 2010

10th of September 2010 - Facing The Giants

On Friday night,
I went to church because I was invited
by my friend, Rebecca Joanne Chin.
She told me that
Royal Ambassadors Youth (RAY)
is going to have RAY night
and they are watching
'Facing The Giants'

Before I watched the video
I thought that
it was going to be boring
and I would actually sleep
during the movie.
Apparently not.
It's the nicest movie I've ever watched
that inspired me inside and out.
I was quite surprised that this movie
has been released for 4 years now.

This movie is about
a high school football coach,
Grant Taylor.
After several poor seasons,
the Shiloh Eagles
are considering replacing him as head coach.
This is not the only problem Taylor is facing;
his car is breaking down,
the players' fathers are trying to get him fired,
and he discovers that
he is the reason that his wife Brooke
cannot become pregnant.
His life was greatly going down hill.

He prays to God for help.
And one day,
when he was in his office working
a guy came in and said
a few readings from the bible.
He claims that God had
told him to give this message to Taylor.
Grant Taylor was confused
but he wanted more answers.
Then the guy told him a story,

"There were two farmers
who are facing a serious drought.
Both of them prayed to God for rain
but only one of them prepare the field for the rain.
And the rain came.
Which of them
do you think has more faith to God?
Which one are you?"

After hearing that story,
Grant creates a new coaching philosophy
and decides to praise God after each game,
no matter what the result.

"We praise God if we win,
we praise God if we lose"

At the same time he guides and urges
each one of his players
to give the maximum effort,
and motivates them to believe
they can win under God´s guidance.

Grant wanted Brock to crawl 50 yards on the field
without his knees touching the ground
while carrying a 160 pound teammate
and blindfolded.
Grant urges him to move on
and told him to not stop even when he's tired
and to give it his best.
When he opened the blindfold
he was already at the end of the field
In the end,
he made it all across the field
without him knowing it.

Here we can see that
Grant represents God
and Brock represents His people.
God is talking to us,
encouraging us to never give up
whenever we face hardship
and to give it our best in everything.
This is what God is doing to us
everyday but we never realized
because evil blocks us from hearing Him.

From that point on,
Grant loses only one game
but eventually goes on
because the football team that won over them
cheated during the competition.
In the end,
they win the state championship
and showed the people
how great God is.
Besides that,
his prayers for children
are also answered when
he and his wife have two children of their own.

Grant's wife, Brooke went to the Hospital
because she shows signs of pregnancy.
However, the results came out negative.
"I will always love you God" said Brooke while crying.
One of the nurses came to her when she was just about to leave
and told her that it was a mistake
and that the results were positive.
It was a miracle.

It's really a nice movie
I really enjoyed watching.
I hope everyone will enjoy
this movie as much as I did.

Thank You For Reading!

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