Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22nd of September 2010 - First Day Of Class?

Today's subject is Visual Communication in Design
and also it's my first class for this 2nd semester
Actually I was supposed to have class yesterday
but since I was told that my class was change to this Friday
so I went home laughing out loud
First, it's because that the college couldn't find
any teachers to teach for that class
Second, it's because others will go to the college
and would be told that there's no class
and they would say "WHAT THE F###?!"
I know I'm nuts at times

so today our class was supposed to start at 2pm
but eventually we started late
because our lecturer didn't know
that he had class today XD hahaha
and he looked so busy going around the college
he told us that he was in charge in the
electrical management thingie
because he said the college couldn't
resist for too many air conditioner to be on
or there will be a 'boom' among the circuit
and the power will go down down down~
and somehow...
it did :D
in the middle of the class
suddenly there was no electricity
so we had to proceed with the class
without electricity
hohoho how nice

So today's lesson was
getting to know each other
bla bla bla
after that
the lecturer mentioned about
industrial design.
We were quite surprise
because we don't even know what it is.
So then he told us
that industrial design
is everything that you see in a typical room
I was like "what?"
hahahahahaha to be exact...

An industrial design
is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article.
The design may consist of three-dimensional features,
such as the shape or surface of an article,
or of two-dimensional features,
such as patterns, lines or color

Industrial designs
are applied to a wide variety of products
of industry and handicraft:
from technical and medical instruments to watches,
jewelry, and other luxury items;
from housewares and electrical appliances to vehicles
and architectural structures;
from textile designs to leisure goods.

To be protected under most national laws,
an industrial design must be new and/or original.
Novelty or originality is determined with respect
to the existing design corpus.
An industrial design is primarily of an aesthetic nature,
and does not protect any technical features of the article
to which it is applied.


The college that I'm going to
feels like it's a deserted college.
There's no cafeteria/food court,
no library, no computer lab
what's worse
no bus

Thank You For Reading!

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