Sunday, September 12, 2010

99% Love (Manga)

This manga is perfect
for girls who are 11-16 years old
especially those who
fantasizes about their first kiss.

The Link:
+99% Love+

This manga is about
a girl name Minami Ria (16)
who has a boyfriend for almost half a year.
His name is Sakatani Jirou (16).
Jirou is a dancer along with his other friends
and Ria is the manager of the dancing club.
They've been together for nearly half a year
but still she feels like something was missing.
Although Jirou is kind, funny, and fun to be with,
but it seems that there was a 1% missing in his love.
The truth is they haven't kiss yet.
Ria's friend complains this to her
and brags that she have done 'a lot of things'
to her boyfriend within a week.
Her friend's secret was the power of seduction.
But Ria was never good at that
and thought that it was really wrong to do it to Jirou.
So in the end when Ria spend a whole night at Jirou's house,
she walks home with nothing accomplished.
On their half year anniversary
they were supposed to be having a date together.
But Jirou went to a concert and showed up 3 hours late
and Ria was almost being raped by a man.
Although Jirou saved her from that man,
she was really hurt
and couldn't stand the pain any longer.
Jirou realizes what he have done
and he felt that he was the worst.
Showing up in front of Ria's house,
Jirou calls Ria
and insist her to meet him outside of her house.
But Ria declined.
So then Jirou explains about what just happened recently
and wants her to show up
at his dance performance the next day.
The following day,
during the Jirou's dance performance,
Ria shouts at him
"Jirou-kun! What happened to your usual energy!?"
and then Jirou stops dancing
and got closer to her
"Ria, I'll declare it here.
I won't make you cry or uncertain anymore,
I become dead if you leave me;
because you are the one always
giving me the power.
I need you.
In the end,
they both kiss.

Although the dialogs
has a few grammar errors
at least people still can understand it XD

Thank You Reading!

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