Thursday, September 23, 2010

Josei Manga?

Why does it feel like
there's a discover very often?
I guess that's what
makes life interesting.

I just finished reading
Paradise Kiss
that I mentioned earlier on
and I went to check the forums
to give my feedback.
And someone mentioned that
this manga isn't a shoujo manga
but it's a josei manga
because throughout the manga
it was really serious
and the ending didn't really
turn out what the readers expected
I give it a 10/10

"Josei (meaning 'woman')
is the term used to refer to manga,
usually romance,
for women in there late teens and upwards.
It tends to be more realistic,
mature and explicit than the idealized shojo genre.
The male counterpart is called Seinen

"Literally translates as "comics for women"
or specifically, for female readers between the ages of 18 - 30,
although women in their 40's and 50's also read josei titles.
Josei manga stories usually
feature more mature, complex stories and themes
and tend have more sexually explicit content
than shojo manga.
Stories about office life, marriages, infidelity, babies, families
and of course, romance are popular

When I know this I was like
"wow....I'm reading a mature manga"
Oh well,
I'm turning 18 soon anyway

Come Again Next Time!

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