Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bitter Virgin

The series Bitter Virgin has been categorized as 'mature',
therefore may contain intense
violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language
that may not be appropriate
for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection.


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Before I knew about this manga
I saw people's feedback
and they said it's a really touching story.
Throughout my time reading this manga
I feel like crying
and I remember there was once
where I cried a little
(because the music at that time was very suiting)

This manga is about
a girl, Aikawa Hinako,
a guy, Suwa Daisuke.
In the first chapter
Daisuke was known as a womanizer
and would consider Hinako a pass.
He loves to fool around and even
spread rumors that the church was haunted
by a spirit of a blood smeared bride who was jilted
that will chase anyone around with a cake knife.
But since Hinako was a transfered student,
she didn't know about the rumors
and went into the church and made a confession
at the confessional altar.
However, at that moment
it was Daisuke who was in the confessional altar
(since he normally goes to the church whenever he needs some silence)
and in order for Hinako to not find out that it was him
he had to play the role as a priest.
He thought that a classmate's confession
would be something laughable

but when Hinako said

"When I was in junior high
I was sexually abused by my step father.
I got pregnant,
and then had an abortion.
Despite that...
my mother refused to help me,
and my step father's
violence continued.
I got pregnant again...
and one year ago today
I gave birth to a boy,
and put him up for adoption"

Daisuke was speechless.
Knowing Hinako's deepest secret
was really difficult for him to handle.
Since then,
the urge for him to help Hinako rises.
He wanted to help her and protect her
so her wound won't reopen.
But since Hinako hates men a lot
it was hard for Daisuke to reach her.
All he could do was to support her from far
and kept silent.
Or did he?

Thank You For Reading!
I hope you will like this manga!

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