Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paradise Kiss - Something About George Koizumi

Paradise Kiss (Manga)

First of all
I know that my classes has started (college)
but since it's the first week of college
and there's really nothing going on
so I take my time to read
Paradise Kiss
since I've only watch the anime
and I know certain things
in the original manga
are not shown in the anime.
yeap that's true

Okay I've been observing
to what George is really about
since I only watch the anime
because I admire the drawing skills
and at that moment I was still immature
and I didn't really get what the story means.

Koizumi George
a guy who is an idealist and a perfectionist
but needs to be realistic to fulfill his dreams.
That's what Nagase Arashi said when they were
talking about George who seems to not care
about the world.
He has this sadist look of his
and surely we all know that
girls just love a sadist character in an anime.
But actually he's a masochist
look at the picture below

click to enlarge

The girl that he loves is
Hayasaka Yukari
but her model name is Caroline.
Earlier in the chapters
Yukari is a masochist
she will drain herself in sadness
whenever she fails to get what she wants
which is to be 1st in everything that she does.
Apparently, the harder she tried
the worse she became.
Thus, she is making herself looking pathetic
by putting all the blame on her and others.
I don't really like her actually.

But when she gets involve
with George they clash.
M + M = not compatible
George wants her to be more
a sadist character
and eventually he made her
into a sadist
but not a completely one.
Yukari doesn't realized this
because she doesn't really know the real world
since all her life before this
she has been studying like mad
and wanted to get into a
first rate school.

I guess George will only be interesting
when Yukari shows her sadist side
towards George because then
he would show his smiling face
and would be more interested in Yukari.

Yazawa Ai
is the author of Paradise Kiss
Don't forget to support her!

Thank You For Reading!

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