Monday, June 4, 2012

Fan Fiction: Sanada Akihiko x Kirijo Mitsuru

I am merely just sharing one of the fanfic
which I somehow found while
browsing some doujinshi on Persona 3 FES
Credits to the writer

+Main Resource+


Evenings for the past several weeks had been sporadically punctuated with unexplained cold snaps and momentary blackouts. A couple of times, light bulbs had exploded. I had been out on walks for these instances, but I heard the others talk. We lived in a ten-year-old brownstone dorm, not nearly old enough for strange behavior, and I had not noticed any hauntings.

Everyone would return soon. Until then, I was on my own, spending most of the day snoozing by the TV. Mmm yes. It sure would have been nice if someone put a pet door in the place. I'd have to ask Aigis to ask alpha matriarch Mitsuru about that.

As I mused, footsteps came up the front walkway. I knew them, but just to make sure—

One of the common room windows was open for ventilation. Sniff. It was a lovely, shimmery day, no hint of sleet or snow. Cold weather made smelling harder, but I could manage. A couple of black crows cawed in the front lawn, oily wings flapping. Sunlight bounced off warmed grass, carrying the sharp scents of other dogs, a stray cat darting into the alleyway to the north, rubber bicycle tire particles, gasoline fumes, oh, and hmm…two people, two sets of smells, two voices.

Mitsuru-matriarch and alpha patriarch Akihiko, back from school. Most excellent.

Mitsuru said, "So about those new pastries at the bakery—"

It was rare that the two of them were the first ones home. My curled tail wagged furiously, just as happy to see them as the rest of me. The door clacked open, and a refreshing gust of cold air tickled through my fur.

Akihiko chuckled. "Yes, they must be trying to refresh their selection. Hey, Koro-chan. We're back."

Woof! Mitsuru-matriarch was closer. I approached her to investigate.

Mitsuru had distinct fragrances that changed at different points on her body. I snuggled against her calves. The back of her knees, for instance, differed from her wrists. She generally smelled of crisp cedar mixed with aloe, charcoal, and hard leather polish.

She reached down to pet me, murmuring a greeting. Something fell free, sparkling at her throat. Ah, the silver snowflake. Her sleeves were touched with ballpoint and highlighter ink, foamy hand soap and chalk. Yukari often came home with chalky pine resin powder on her clothes; this was different, drier, like limestone.

She spoke to Akihiko. "We're back at the dorms. Now will you tell me why you were laughing back there?"

I discreetly pointed my snout at Mitsuru's crotch. Humans are a bit touchy about that area, for some reason. Polite as always, if a bit distracted today, she stood still for her daily check. I inhaled deeply of rainfall and an intriguing humid musk.

Akihiko craned his neck around the room. He rumbled his merriment. "Coast is clear. Consider their name."

I turned to greet Akihiko also, so he wouldn't feel left out. Akihiko usually possessed a good clean sweat. I leaned hard against his legs. He was pungent and salty and gritty like ocean tides and beach sand. Akihiko also carried hints of other people on him. He must have stopped by the boxing club today, if only for a moment. He reached down to scratch my back. I wiggled in delight.

Mitsuru crossed her arms under her breasts. "What about it?"

"Honeymoon donuts."

"Well, they're round like the moon. Maybe they're made with honey?"

Unlike Mitsuru, whose scents were more distinctly localized, Akihiko's smells tended to blend together into a complex whole. Most humans don't really notice these sorts of things. His dark school pants seemed ionized with spring water, his groin faintly peppery. Traces of yellow bar soap, old sweat-soaked canvas, clanging iron and slick concrete clung to him like invisible decorations.

"Take a closer look," Akihiko said. He undid the twist tie of a clear plastic bag and slid it down around a pillowy round object.

Sugar! Fresh oil! Chewable starches! The hole was a little piece of dough perforated along its edges. I smacked my lips and made tearful round eyes, hoping someone would notice.

"See? The center hasn't been"–-Akihiko thrust his finger through the center in a fluid motion—"poked out yet." A donut hole fell out. Akihiko flashed a Junpei-esque grin and popped the piece in his mouth. I watched his actions attentively.

Mitsuru dropped her schoolbag on the floor—no food in there—and stepped closer, grasping his hand as if mesmerized. She gazed at him with a half-smile on her face; he returned the smile, and I imagined my best case scenario: that someone would be clumsy enough to drop the open bag where I could snap up a sample.

Mitsuru parted her lips and licked Akihiko's fingers tentatively, like a little blind kitten, making an inarticulate hungry sound in her throat. Of course top dog gets first dibs, I thought. Oh please oh please oh please I'll take a crumb, I will. Her appealing rainfall scent had intensified. I snurfed with interest. She delicately cleaned Akihiko's hand of sugary bits, staring at him the entire time. I stared as hard as I could, too.

Akihiko had turned a radiant hue of warm pink. He seemed frozen, staring at Mitsuru-matriarch.

Akihiko-patriarch didn't seem to be aware of it, but his body was humming too. It was like a TV with the volume turned way down. Sometimes Junpei and Ken would fall asleep in front of the TV like that, especially after an all-night horror movie marathon. I snorted. If the alphas weren't going to eat the damn donut, I had a mind to bump them and remind them I was conveniently available—

"Oh, I get it." Mitsuru looked around quickly as she held his arm. She put her cheek next to Akihiko's, her lips barely touching his. He was breathing shallowly. "Not your shower," she said. Her voice was heated, sultry.

"No," he agreed. Akihiko slid his free hand underneath Mitsuru's winter school jacket. "I had to use yours for three days while it defrosted. Not that it was a bad thing—"

"Then where?"

"What about the rooftop? I'm glad that weather-making of yours mostly overwhelms my powers." His hand slipped down to grasp her wool-clad rear.

"Hmph. I'm glad we're the highest building around here. You won't be cold?" She had become a fetching tint of red as well.

"I expect I'll be somewhere warm enough." Akihiko rumbled deep in his chest, putting emphasis on the 'r's in "where" and "warm." But he didn't let go of the donut bag. I sighed.

"All right. I'll get a tarp, you get the blankets."

"Yes, Miss Kirijo."

Mitsuru-matriarch smelled increasingly sexy as she spoke to Akihiko-patriarch. She was a dizzying combination of delicious fresh abalone, a bitch in luscious heat, a spring downpour over mown grass and the promise of refreshing ice in a summer drink.

Akihiko's fragrance hinted of damp underbrush in deep forest and spicy peppercorns and lichen on rough tree bark and ozone during lightning storms—

I remembered fondly a French poodle and Norwegian Elkhound mix of my acquaintance. She had lived down the street from the shrine a year ago. Adelaide had been striking, not beautiful in the classic sense, but she carried herself well. She had been raised in Paris and her fragrance near-equaled Mitsuru-matriarch.

My tail, which often has a mind of its own, started thumping faster. It's perfectly natural that I licked myself in honor of her memory. Ah, youth.

One day, mi amour had invited me to play behind the trees, while our humans sat nearby talking to each other. She told me that she knew I had been admiring her from afar and—well, one thing led to another—let me just say she found me attractive as well. I regret that her humans moved to another city soon thereafter. C'est la vie, c'est la guerre, she had said with a Gallic shrug.

Enough of reverie. The matriarch and patriarch had gone ahead. Alas, I had been forgotten. I sauntered partway up the stairs to follow out of curiosity when the front doorknob rattled open.

Fuuka Yamagishi came through the door with a fir-green knapsack and two viridian tote bags full of groceries. A black laptop bag was strapped across her torso. The luggage made her look like a lumpy turtle. Her scent was mainly of cool moss, with an overlay of Conté crayon. I greeted her happily; she was starting to get the hang of cooking kibble, with Ken Amada's help. Only every other batch was ruined now.

Ken trailed behind her into the room. All I could see of him were two legs, and a third tote bag of groceries that he held in front of him. He smelled of pencil graphite and basketball rubber. I idly inspected the groceries he carried. A tub of miso, a bunch of leafy mizuna, a bag of mikan tangerines, metal tins—not anything that I could eat straightaway.

"Hi Koro-chan! We stopped by the store to get some of that canned food for you that you like so much," Fuuka said. Ah! Her lilting voice was music to my ears. I licked her face and Ken's, making sure they knew I appreciated their generosity. The lights above flickered, died, came back.

"Oh dear." Fuuka put her grocery bags down on the kitchen table. "Let's get some flashlights just in case, Ken-chan. Want to come along, Koro-chan?"

Ken split off to stop by his room on the second floor. I followed her to the third floor, where she switched on a small rubberized flashlight and allowed me to clamp my jaws around it. If the lights went out, I would be fine without, but I am always happy to be of assistance to humans who do not see as well in the dark as I.

My ears twitched. Two floors above, very faintly, I heard startlingly happy sounds. They were arousing in their joy, both male and female voices. Love does make everything better. Oh my.

I thought again of my Adelaide, and my ears drooped a little. I was truly happy for matriarch and patriarch, but feeling a little sorry for myself.

"Koro-chan, are you okay?" Fuuka petted me, getting just the right itchy spot under my collar. Her consideration cheered me, and I nuzzled her gratefully. We met Ken along the way, a gust of frosty air following us as we clumped down the stairs.

We left our flashlights nearby. Ken cracked open the metal tin of my food and gave it to me in a heavy blue bowl. Fuuka boiled water and launched an all-out whirlwind attack on the groceries. Ken pushed a high wooden chair to the laminate counter and sat next to her. I nosed into the aroma of juicy chicken, bone meal and nutty brown rice. The homey clatter of chopping and stir-frying enveloped us.

By then, Aigis and Junpei Iori had returned home. They stopped in the kitchen to visit. Junpei tried to sneak up on me, yelling "Boo!" from an arm's length away. I barked a hello at him. He cackled, poured some hot water for his instant ramen and headed upstairs. "Got a lot of studying to do tonight!" he declared, earning several unconvinced eyes in his direction. "After I take a meal break and all!"

"Maybe he met a nerdy girl in cram school," offered Ken.

"Did Mitsuru-senpai get him to go to cram school? That's amazing." Fuuka scooped something from a pan and tasted it. The gas stove clicked off. "Ken-chan, I think this is okay. What do you think?" I snuffled; it smelled like beef broccoli with carrots, and unburned this time.

Ken seemed to like it enough, as he accepted a bowl with rice. He settled at the kitchen table with a magazine, courageous child.

Aigis leaned towards me, the supple, subtle fragrance of her machine oil wafting in my direction. "I have already finished my homework. Would you like to go for a walk?" she inquired.

It was just the thing to cap off a brilliant meal. I lolled my tongue and nodded. She retrieved my leash from a drawer under the counter. As she attached it to my collar, she cocked her head slightly. "Did you hear that, Koro-chan?"

I'm afraid I was too lost in the delight of a potential excursion to notice. Aigis petted me with understanding. In the meantime, Fuuka took her bowl and switched on the evening news broadcast. The weather report would be on right after the commercials. Once again, the lights flickered. I fancied a snowflake had been blown indoors.

We exited into the sharp, clear evening. A steady breeze swirled around us in the front portico. "Which way?" Aigis pointed in three different directions. I picked the direction of the shrine.

We were down the stairs and on the sidewalk when she and I, with our superior senses, heard a feminine scream of the most erotic nature. My mechanical friend had only enough time to utter, "Mitsu—?" before we were buried in an avalanche of fluffy powdered snow. Whuff.

We dug ourselves out of the pile, what fun! An immense thunderclap followed, a blinding flash bringing the entire neighborhood into sharp relief—chasing us back into the building, where I felt the irresistible need to rid myself all that chilly snow. I do regret shaking it off into the foyer, but it seemed necessary at the time.

Fuuka was looking at the windows behind us in astonishment. "The weather report said we'd have clear skies and sun for the rest of the week," she said. "Those weathermen are so rarely right. We'll have to dig ourselves out of here or wait for that snow to melt."

She refocused her wide, dark eyes on us. "Aigis? You might want to go stand in your shower and brush off the snow on your head."

That was when the power went out. We heard a manly shriek. Junpei came pounding down the stairs. "I nearly beat the final boss in Last Legend XXII on his seventh transformation!" he cried.

The power returned to life. "Aw hell," Junpei said. He stumped back up the stairs.

"I thought he was studying," Fuuka mumbled. Ken had come into the common room. He simply shrugged. Aigis' posture was perfectly straight. Not a crystal of snow dust had dislodged from her head or shoulders. Her cerulean eyes looked wordlessly up at the ceiling.

That was how Aigis and I began to suspect the truth behind the dorm's recently strange events. I have asked her not to speak of this to anyone. For whatever reason, I feel that Mitsuru-matriarch and Akihiko-patriarch wish to keep it their own personal secret.

Thus, June is here~

My semester break is going to end pretty soon
and in just a few more days
I'll be starting my 7th semester
(if I survived the previous one)

The semester break wasn't really long
heck it was about a week
So in that week, I spent my time
on watching anime and trying to finish up
the freaking Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

I've finished The Journey with a bad ending
instead of fighting the Nyx because
I knew I probably wouldn't make it in time
by the end of the semester break since in order
to fight the Nyx, I'd have to be a level 90 or 99.
At that moment I was around level 60
and was finished having fun with Surt.
I wanted Thor really badly but the arcana level
for it haven't reached maximum and
I never really thought I'd have to make it so.

So when Ryoji a.k.a. Pharos came on
New Year's Eve, I just thought
'Bleh. . .I'll fight the Nyx later when I have the time'

It was because I was so curious about The Answer
So I had to search for videos of the ending
making sure I didn't miss out anything
when starting a game in The Answer.
So in the second part, the story revolves
around Aigis and The Abyss of Time.

Minato (main character in the first part)
died to kill Nyx and to save everyone.
Aigis had emotions by that time
and it made her fallen into depression.
Somehow Minato keeps on appearing
as the team goes on fighting shadows
in The Abyss of Time to discover the truth
behind the connection to the place and to the dorm,
also to find out why the day keeps on
repeating itself and why memories
of the past keep on revealing itself.

I reckon I'm still halfway of The Answer
and I really want to finish it up *sighs*


Sometimes I'd get bored from sitting down
the single chair and sticking my eyes
onto the TV monitor screen (surprisingly)
So I'd always counter it by watching Naruto.
I've watched it when it was first released
and when it got popular.

I really love the part when the team first get
to go on a trip outside of Konoha.
They had to fight Zabuza and Haku.
I think that part will be the only
favourite ones in Naruto out of all.

+Haku & Zabuza+

One of my favourite couple
although both of them are guys
but Haku seriously have this feminine side.
Aside from having that soft and angelic look,
he submit himself entirely on Zabuza.
Zabuza, on the other hand, is a powerful guy
whom people call a demon.
Even though Zabuza's heart is cruel
and would do anything to obtain power,
despite his fierce look, he has a soft spot
that is only meant for Haku.

The story between start off with Haku
when he was still a kid, he was by the bridge
during a snowy day and was lonesome.
That was when Zabuza appeared
as he was passing by (probably after killing people)
and saw a child all by itself.
Haku was one of those who possessed
the special Bloodline Limit Ability
(almost similar to Sasuke having a sharingan)
and Zabuza noticed it when he first
see Haku's eyes. It was then
Zabuza deicded to take Haku with him
as a subordinate.
Really touching story and this blog post
would go too long if I were to explain the full story.

Currently my most favourite pairing is
~Kakashi and Sakura~
watching the video really melts my heart

Ever since the episode where Naruto and Sasuke
were fighting on the rooftop of the hospital,
Naruto was using Rasengan and
Sasuka was using Chidori
then when both of them were going
for each other with the intention of killing,
Sakura was there crying and wanted
to stop them by interfering.
However, Kakashi came in light speed
and stopped the boys.
After having a talk with Jiraiya,
Sakura was still crying and Kakashi
went to her and said
"Cheer up, everything is going to be alright"
(when it wasn't)
The moment when Kakashi felt that
sympathy and need to calm Sakura
along with that kind of smile.
Oh you know what I mean!


That's It For Now!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

+Park Min Young+

I was just browsing through Korean actresses
and suddenly I found this beautiful photo
A contemporary makeup featuring
a natural look.

Before I encountered this photo
I was searching for information regarding
an architectural style - Brutalism
I think I might be falling in love with it
after gazing through some photos

The Bauhaus architect Le Corbusier
used the French phrase
béton brut, or raw concrete,
to describe the construction of his
rough, concrete buildings.
Brutalism grew out of the Bauhaus Movement
and the béton brut buildings by
Le Corbusier and his followers.

Heavy and angular,
Brutalist buildings can be constructed
quickly and economically.

Common features are:

1. Precast concrete slabs
2. Rough, unfinished surfaces
3. Exposed steel beams
4. Massive, sculptural shapes


In my opinion, Brutalism is
all about being true to the material.
Exposing raw concrete instead of
colouring it with paint or using other finishes.
It's like when everyone's home is
standardized with a certain colour of paint.
And so an architect said
"Why should we colour the concrete?"
other questions are like
"Why can't we leave it bare
revealing it's purest nature?"
Thus, brutalist architects arose
and the style still lives until today

But we have yet to see such style here in town
urgh. . I'd wish I can see one around here


That's it for the day
and with that I'd like to end it with
a recent song that I've found out
It's one of my favourite

Wolf's Rain - Strangers

We've found a kind of paradise
in a flowers bloom
We've seen the end of a mystic land
so close it meets the parting sun.
We've shared the thoughts that two could share,
we feel the truth, magic that we send...
Searching for something new
Isle of Gold in flowers bloom

We've heard a kind of paradise
beyond the desert's dunes
We've walked the earth in solitude,
so cold we need the warmth of sun.
We've lived the life that we could live,
we see the truth magic that begins...
Searching for something new
Isle of Gold in flowers bloom

We've found a kind of paradise,
below a sky so new.
We've weaved a web of mystery so wide,
we need the light of day.
We've worn the cloak of secret lives,
we've seen the truth, magic that we send...
Searching for something new
Isle of Gold in flowers bloom

So when will it end?
So when, when will we meet, my friend?

Mhmm reminds me of me

1st of May, 2012 - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Chapter 70

+Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chapter 70 link+

It's finally here!
But this time the story is focusing
more onto Misaki's and Suzuna's father
Ayuzawa Sakuya

In the previous chapter
Sakkun volunteered to be
Maid Latte's chef but then he confessed
that he was Misaki's long lost father.

Misaki was told by her mother, Minako
that her father left them with a high amount
of debt shouldering their family
because his father loves to gamble
and is as irresponsible sloth
However in Chapter 70
Minako tells the real story why Sakuya leaves

In this chapter, there isn't much
'Kyaa Kyaa' moments between Usui and Misaki
but only the normal perverted alien question.

Misaki. . aren't you going to ask me something?

*looks at Usui with surprise*

But it's fine if you don't want to ask. . .
Then. . . I'll ask instead

*becomes worried*

What's Misaki's underwear colour today?


That's It For Now!
See You When I See You

1st of May, 2012 - Cars

. . .Psst. . .
If you're interested in Japanese contemporary art
and you're planning to be in Japan soon,
an amazing show by Yasuyuki Nishio
one of Japan's top contemporary sculptors
opens this weekend in Tokyo.
The exhibition is inspired by last year's earthquake
and will feature several new large-scale works.

I'd really love to go and see the exhibition
but I don't have the cash yet *sighs*


It was around afternoon I was at the
parking area in Karamunsing
and I saw this car

Peugeot RCZ
which was released in May 2010
and only a few people know it's existence
It's the cheapest sports car in town
and The RCZ received the Top Gear 2010
Coupe of the Year award,
the Auto Express Special Design Award 2010
and has won red dot awards.

It is a concept car holding a
concept of the Double Bubble.

Although It's only suitable
for 1 driver and 1 passenger
It's still one of my favourite car


Next is this commercial

Volvo S60 T6 R-Design | Little Red

Basically what I'd like to share
is the Volvo cars
It's material is one of the strongest
in the whole world
and it's the safetiest car ever built.

Volvo cars can also be describe as
a luxurious car with it's design
and interior space.
One of the coming cars from volvo
are concept cars like S60 concept car.

Again, not many people are fancy
with this type of car because
they say that it's an old folks car who are rich.
Surely youths are more to sporty cars
like Nissan Fairlady and the Lamborghini.
but when it comes to accidents,
Volvo drivers will be laughing all day.

and of course the s60 is one of my favourite cars

That's It For Now!

1st of May, 2012 - Movies

Yes good morning to this lovely month
which is the month of May
also in the Roman Catholic calender
it is known as the month of Mother Mary
It is Labour day today
so I'm going to take this time to update
my blog for a little while

My finals are coming up soon
and everyone is busy finishing up
what's left of their work
I'm on my 2nd year of college
but I still feel like I haven't learn enough yet

Nevertheless, today I'll just focus on
what I've recently encounter
mhmm mhmm~


First on the list is none other
than the Avengers
A group of superheros trying to save
the world from the hands of the evil ones.

I'd say it's a smart movie
because before they directly make this movie
they split the stories focusing on each one
of the heros but too bad they didn't show
a movie about the Black Widow and Hawkeye
Overall rating for this movie is 97%
which of course it's one of the best movies
of the year and I'm sure everyone is
waiting for the next one.

However I wasn't satisfied with the Hulk
I mean the professor's character.
It's so sad that they had to find
a replacement for the previous actor.

Here's a little something XD

Next on the list is the Cabin in the woods
a horror movie with a twist in it.
I'm not really in fond with horror movies
or blood splattering and ghosts appearing
out of nowhere hunting a person down
and you're sitting there watching them
suffering until they are dead =w=
I was like covering my face the whole time
while watching this movie
but it was for the sake of Thor XD
to bad Chris Hemsworth's character
had to die in the middle of the movie
because of the barrier that he hit
while riding his motorcycle

I like the whole concept of the movie
it has a rating of 93%
Lots of movies tells about what happened
during the end of the world like
the avangers and transformers.
But this movie is something like
the terminator where it tells you
what triggers or what happens
before the battle.

It's just so horrifyingly cool

Move on to the movie Lock Out
a science fiction movie
and it's the same director who made Taken
I really love the movie Taken
but it's sad that Lock Out only has a
34% of overall rating.

Most people complain of how the guy
jumped from MS one,
a prison orbiting in outer space
and landed on Earth without a sweat.
It's not logical they say.

I like the characters but the story,
mmm not so. .

Last it Battleship
A group of new coming actors that
might be replacing Liam Nelson and Van Damme
but will never could I think *laughs*
Tha movie scores a 37% of rating
and yes lots of people complained about this one.

My first opinion. . . really. .
is that Rihanna isn't suitable for
the character that she was given.
A military lady. . okay. .
but in the movie it looked like she
was the only lady in that ship.
A reverse-harem movie?
Aside from that it's just such a pity
for the aliens because the aliens
didn't even try to kill the humans
I mean all they did was crush ships,
bridges, buildings and other
man-made stuff.
Clearly in the movie it shows that
a kid was standing in front of the alien
but the alien didn't kill the kid, instead just
went pass through it.
HOWEVER, the humans go on
and attack and kill all the aliens.
Why? Well maybe that's just the human way
I was like. . . really? Seriously?

The only exciting thing about this movie
is their strategies and the old
steam-powered battleship.
Oh! and also Liam Nelson kyaaa~!


Next will be about cars
Until then~

Monday, April 2, 2012

2nd of April, 2012 - おはようございます


It's a cute dance~
I just wanted to share it XD
The girls are from Evangelion
However, I haven't watch the anime yet.
But they're cute~

Saturday, March 31, 2012

31st of March, 2012 - Studio Gibli: Ocean Waves & Porco Rosso

Somehow I feel like I've been
watching too many anime this midterm break.
But it can't be helped since I have no
other time (besides the weekend) to
watch the animes that's been stored
in the files for way too long.

So a few hours ago I finished watching
a Studio Gibli movie: Ocean Waves
or I Can Hear The Sea
It's not really a popular one
but it's one of the collections.

The story is basically about
a love triangle (says wiki)
It does look like it
but it didn't feel like it
since the two best friends
didn't really fight over the girl
instead they kept on
talking to each other about her.


1st Guy: Taku
A top student in Jr High
but his grades drop at High school
He met Yutaka at a meeting room
in the art class concerning
about the cancellation
of their Jr High trip.

2nd Guy: Yutaka
A student council student.
Wears glasses.
Rikako first transferred into his class
and he showed her around school.
He's in love with her
but got rejected.
Oh and I love his character's voice

Girl: Rikako
A transferred student from Tokyo.
I hate her personality
I don't really know why guys
would fall for her,
maybe that's why all the female students
hate her and isolated her.
She's a bitch who uses others
but ends up liking Taku.


I basically hate the girl for
using Taku as an excuse to meet
her father in Tokyo.
I hate her for rejecting such
a nice guy like Yutaka.
I hate her for causing
such a rumour about Taku and her.
I hate such kids.
I hate kids blah (=w=)

Throughout the movie I was like
"Taku!! Why are you being so nice to her
when you know she's just using you!

but I guess you're a good person

but still you're too good yet so dumb!

And no matter how much I try
I can't seem to see how the title
would relate to the story.
Yes the story never really set
a plot by the ocean or beach,
so there must be some kind
of a concept to it right?
But what?!
I think I'm going insane.

I heard it's been made by a younger
staff in studio gibli so maybe
that's the reason why? blehh. .


So here's another one of
Studio Gibli's movie
Porco Rosso
which I watched before
Ocean Waves

It's a good movie but I'm unsatisfied
when they didn't explain how
he ended up being a pig.
He was a human at first
and he goes by the name Marco,
he was cursed and so he
turned into a pig.
He continued his life being a pilot
working as a bounty hunter
catching air pirates.
Porco Rosso is his name
that he's famous for and he'd
be in the headlines in newspapers.

During his fight with an American pilot
which the pirates hired,
his airplane got beaten up pretty
badly and he had to fly to Milan
to get it repair. But he encountered
the American again and his airplane
came crashing down an uninhabited island.
He somehow managed to go to Milan
and he contacted his old friend
who is an engineer which designed
his airplane. His friend's granddaughter
offered to re-designed Marco's airplane
and it was successful.
However, when they had to launched,
they were attacked by spies.
But Marco and the girl made
it to his hideout
where the pirates were waiting for him
to appear for revenge.

It's quite an interesting story
and the pirates really have a good side.
It reminded me of a phrase
"When pigs fly"
which means "never"

But this pig has a charm of his own
being so cool yet so pig-ish

That's All For Now!
~Off to watch more~

31st of March, 2012 - Mobile Suit Gundam [1 Year War]

. . .Mmhmm. . .
I just finished watching the first
Mobile Suit Gundam
RX-78 Amuro Ray
Others call it the 1 year war
since the anime is from UC 0079 to UC 0080
UC = Universal Century

The 1 year war is a year where
the Principality of Zeon
which was ruled by the Zabi family
after the death of Casval's & Artesia's father,
wants to rule over mankind
and decides to attack the
Earth Federation risking people's lives.
The story begins with the newly
built Federation warship
which is 'White Base'
or the Trojan Horse.
After White Base set onto Side 7,
a colony in outer space,
they were attack by Zeon soldiers.
A lot of the Federation's commanders
and top soldiers died during the attack,
that's where the young people
came in to help in anywhere they could.

They were Amuro, Bright, Mirai, Fraw, Sayla,
Ryu, Kai, Hayato and others.
All of them were kids but they all
managed to win battles one by one.
However, it is such a sad thing that Ryu,
who was a core fighter pilot, to have left
them by sacrificing himself
during the battle.

As the story moves along,
they start talking about NEWTYPES
A type of human which was going to revolutionized
the nation with it's amazing human ability.
Great reflexes, amazing agility,
speed, power and able to use telepathy.
More powerful than a veteran pilot.
I guess something like a superhuman?

Amuro Ray was one of the Newtypes
after realizing that the Gundam was
starting to unable keep with Amuro
and ends up overheating.
However, the solution was
to cover the Gundam's frame
with a magnetic coat,
it's like adding oil to the joints.

As Amuro was fighting,
he meet Lalah, another Newtype
which somehow understands how Amuro feels
and 'they were destined to meet'
but at the wrong time.
His love for Lalah is really confusing
because at first he was close
to Fraw Bow, then after that
he admires a military lady
Miss Matilda, then now Lalah?
. . blehh. .

Anyhow, so the story goes on
revealing that Char, Sayla
and Mirai are Newtypes as well.
Amuro were able to telepathy the crews
of White Base to safety by using
Lalah's power (I guess that's how it goes)

Then tadaa~
The End of the 1 year war
Next I'm going to watch
Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta
~~Haman Karn~~

p.s. Char was also in love with Lalah ftw

Aside from that
I crave for something sweet
like those delicious pancakes and waffles
. . . Oh ma gosh . . .

That's All For Now

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27th of March, 2012 - Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Chapter 69

+Manga Link+

The translation just came out today
and I was lucky enough check the website today.

The story of this chapter is somewhat
well. . . somehow you can divide it into
3 section: school, house, maid latter cafe

1st School
The school scene is just a short one
where it shows that Misaki is being less
scary to the students. They said she starts
to smile ever since she's with Usui.

2nd House
The house scene is quite funny
where Misaki received a message from Usui
"Young lady, what's the colour of the underwear
you're wearing tonight?"
and of course Misaki would shout
to him at the phone
The rest I'm sure you'd already know

3rd Maid Latte Cafe
At this scene, there was a newcomer
an old dude who wanted to become a chef
at Maid Latte Cafe. Usui then tested one
of his dishes and said he could have
been a chef at a greater restaurant.
Then blah blah blah
he reveals himself in the end of the chapter.


Overall, it seems the author
is starting to struggle with the plot.
Well it happens a lot to manga and anime
that has a really really long story.
The story was 'okay'

That's All For Now!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

24th March, 2012 - Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

A very well known fashion designer in Britain
and he's my next favourite fashion designer.

Born in 17 March 1969 and
a sad end in 11 February 2010
Some of his works can be seen in
the Hunger Games movie and I'd say
it's really striking.

Upon researching about him,
I didn't really get anything
except a lot of beautiful pictures
of his designs

Somehow I just wish I could
wear some of his works.
Although I don't really know much
about him and his career but I'd prefer
staring at his design and just think of
what it is all about.


This is Dayjavue photography
and has nothing to do with
Alexander McQueen actually XD
I just wanted to share the photo
because it's lovely

That's All For Now!

24th of March, 2012 - The Hunger Games [Movie]

Yesterday I went to watch
The Hunger Games Movie
At first I never know about it
but I heard that it has a 90% rating
out of 100%, which means
I thought it must be a pretty good movie.

I watched it to find out
and surprisingly IT IS a good movie

The story starts with the main character
Katniss Everdeen (I think she's beautiful)
who went hunting out of the borders of
District 12 with a guy name
Gale Hawthorne
who apparently is her best friend
They've met for years and
eventually they became
hunting partners.

From the look of it, they seem to
have start loving each other but it
wasn't really obvious.
Until when the Reaping,
which is the lottery for the
Hunger Games, each district
has to have a representative
of a male and female between the
age of 12 and 18.
Effie Trinket was the one who
was in charge for the Reaping

(I just love their fashion!!)

It was a battle to the death,
kind of an entertainment for
the rich since all the districts are poor.
Katniss' sister, Primrose Everdeen
was chosen to be
the representative for the female
in their district, but upon hearing
her sister's name, she volunteered
herself for the hunger games.
The male representative was
Peeta Mellark, a bakery son
who once saw Katniss in the rain
by the tree starving
and he threw a bread for her.

During their journey to the Capitol
where the Hunger Games was held,
they met their tutor, Haymitch Abernathy
who was drunk at that time.
He didn't really care about
Katniss and Peeta at first
maybe because he have watched
many deaths through his tutoring.
He was the 50th Hunger Games winner
and he really is skillful.

Then after arriving at Capitol,
a huge audience and fans were
striving with enthusiasm when they
saw the representative.
There they met Cinna
who was in charge for Katniss' and Peeta's
outfit and style during the open ceremony

He made Katniss as the 'Girl on Fire'
after making an impression in
the open ceremony.
After that, Katniss' reputation
instantly became popular
and she were expected to be
the winner for the 74th Hunger Games,
well that's what I think.

As the movie goes on, Peeta
announced at the TV Show
that he had a crush on Katniss
for a long time.
After Peeta went back stage,
he was attacked by Katniss
during her rage upon hearing it.
However, along the hunger games
they both fell in love
and the author would show
how Gale would be jealous of Peeta
for kissing Katniss in the cave.

It was a really romantic, action, thrill
movie that I have ever seen and
it is one of the best so far.

I really would wish that
either Haymitch or Cinna
was the one kissing or spending
the night with Katniss because
it really seemed that they are into her.
And plus Haymitch and Cinna
are way cooler and mature than
that emo-ish Peeta.
Aside from that I really adore Katniss
and her hunting skills.
Her rating among the judges
was the highest among the contestant
which was an 11 out of 12.


After the movie ended,
there was that beautiful song.
So I'll conclude here with it.

Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, I'll never let you go
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window darling
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

22nd of March, 2010 - SeeFood & Lorax [MOVIE]

So that day I watched this movie
and it's probably the shittiest movie
that I've ever seen.
I don't even know why it's being made
into a movie

Then after watching it,
I saw that small column
"Malaysian movie"
and I said "Oh"

The graphics and animation
may be cool and in high quality
but . . .my goodness. . .
the plot and story
does it even have any moral values?

I mean okay so the sharks
went on land to save the baby egg sharks
that were captured by the humans
and along the way the met the chickens
which helped them.
If they couldn't understand crab language,
what makes them understand chicken language?
And what does the water pollution
have to do anything with the Eel?
The sharks are too. . . emo-ish
which makes me go "EEEEEE"


Let me share a saying of what
Tom Cruise said when it comes
to making movies.
He said that if the movie effect is
great and has that "wow"
but if the storyline is shitty,
the movie would be overall
become shitty.

At first I thought
the movie was something more or less
like Lorax

Lorax is about a town that
their trees are made out of plastic
and they don't care what
happened to the trees and what
effect does plastics do to Earth.
Then the story continues of how
a boy cut down all the fine trees
to make this really fine fabric
which later made him a
The first tree that he chopped down
made the Lorax appeared before him.
Lorax tells the guy that he speaks
for the trees and that
a great misfortune awaits if
he continues chopping down
all the trees.
When the very last tree is brought down,
the guy then realized his mistake
but then at that moment
it was already too late.
Then the Lorax left
him with one word on a large stone

I love the Lorax movie overall
especially the storyline and songs.
It's kinda catchy.

That's All For Now!
Thanks For Sticking Around!

22nd of March, 2010 - The World Only God Knows

bleh. . . I'm quite lazy to update
my anime column because I have
watched a lot of animes and already
miscounted them.
. .But I'm doing it anyways. .

Before I read Eyeshield 21
I was reading TWOGK
which stands for
The World Only God Knows

The hero to this funny yet cool anime
is 桂木 桂馬 Katsuragi Keima.
Known as a God of galge game
because of his obsession to it
and how he devoted his life to it.
In the manga, he is mostly seen
when he plays with his PFP
especially in class.
He scores a really high score
than among the students
which made the teachers
gave up on not letting him
playing games in class.
However, he is very bad in P.E. class
but sometimes even play his PFP
while running the field.

Then one day when he received
a mysterious email,
he didn't know that by accepting
the challenge of the request
he would use his capturing
skills in getting the Weiss
or escaped spirits from girls.
The story goes on and eventually
it becomes a harem type anime.
Although I'm not usually a harem fan
but TWOGK really caught my
attention. The manga is still
ongoing and. . . I love it :3


One of the reasons why I love the manga/anime
is because of Katsuragi Keima!
Sometimes the author would
show Keima side which could make
any girls fall in love
(and it's not when he has to be pretentious)

One of the part that I love in the series
is when either Keima or Elsie
would come into the bathroom
and goes into the bathtub while not
realizing of Elsie's or Keima's presence
And how Keima would blush
about it and . . oh I don't know!

That's All For Now!

22nd of March, 2010 - Miyavi

So yesterday I found out a really really
cool Japanese male singer [finally]
that could really impressed me
in every way.

Before this it was a group band named
Kalafina which I fell in love with
then there's Rurutia,
Hamasaki Ayumi, Utada Hikaru,
Anna Tsuchiya, Asian Kung-fu generation,
Perfume. . . . okay so I just knew I'm
a Japanese song fanatic


石原 貴雅, Ishihara Takamasa,
born in September 14, 1981
which means this year he's 31 years old
another fact that impressed me
He is better known as his stage name

A visual kei Japanese musician
if you don't know what is visual kei,
it is a type of movement in Japan
among Japanese Rock Musicians
and is characterized by the use of elaborate
costumes, eccentric, looks and hairstyles.
The Visual Kei look usually involves striking make-up.
and previously he was in a band call Dué le Quartz.
He is noted to have a normal childhood
of being a good student and loves to
play soccer.
However, after a soccer injury which
unable him to play in the team,
he bought his first guitar (although initially
he wanted to buy a bass-guitar)
and from then he writes music
then later joined Dué le Quartz
known to be Miyabi, as a guitarist.
But then the band
was disbanded in 2002 which
made Miyavi to continue
his music career in solo.

When I first listened to one of his songs
which is 'Itooshii Hito' while I was
looking for Eyeshield 21 doujinshi
in youtube, I fell in love with Miyavi's
voice straight away and made
a research about him.
He has a really beautiful and pretty face
I guess you can say he's
one of those bishounen guys?

I'm not surprised if some people
think him as a woman at first glance
but he's really pretty!
Aside from his beautiful face
and his amazing voice
he also has a baby girl!
He's a father O:
I didn't really want to research
more deep into that of how
it come about but I'm
more like. . . impressed.

p.s. his voice is just full of emotion
and I heard during his live performance
he didn't remember his lyrics
but everyone was crying because
the emotion is there.

Miyavi - Itooshii Hito [Beloved One]

Itoshii hito
Nakanai de, waratte misete.
Namida ga mitakute suki tte ittanjanai nda yo?

Itoshii hito
Daijoubu, sabishiku nanka nai desho?
Datte anata ga sabishii toki, boku mo sabishii nda yo?

Itoshii hito
Tojita me wa mada akecha dame dakanne.
Sono mama... sono mama...
tte necha dame da yo (haha)

Itoshii hito
Anata no tame nara shineru ja nakute
anata no tame ni ikiru koto ni shita yo.
Mochiron anata mo goissho ni,
boku no saki mo, sono saki mo.

Motto anata, aishiteyarina yo,
boku wa sono amatta bun de i- kara.

Itoshii hito
Tatoe umarekawatta to shite mo
boku wa kono boku de iru kara,
Anata mo sono anata de ite ne.
Soshite mata kono onaji koto iu nda, zutto, zuutto.

Itoshii hito
Yukkuri kono me aketegoran yo,
itsumo to onaji deshou?

Sore de ii nda yo.
Sore de ii nda yo.


English Translation

My beloved
Don't cry, show me a smile.
I didn't say I liked seeing tears, did I?

My beloved
It's all right, you're not lonely, now.
Just when you're lonely, I'm lonely too?

My beloved
Don't open your closed eyes just yet, ok.
Just like that... just like that...
but don't go to sleep (laugh)

My beloved
It's not "I could die for you" but rather
I've decided "I'll live for you"
Of course together with you too,
now, forever, and ever

Don't love yourself any more,
'cause I'll have what's left over.

My beloved
Even if we were to be born again,
because I would be this me,
And you will be that you.
And I will say this again, always, always.

My beloved
Slowly open those eyes,
it's the same as always isn't it?

That is good.
That is good.