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27th of March, 2012 - Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Chapter 69

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The translation just came out today
and I was lucky enough check the website today.

The story of this chapter is somewhat
well. . . somehow you can divide it into
3 section: school, house, maid latter cafe

1st School
The school scene is just a short one
where it shows that Misaki is being less
scary to the students. They said she starts
to smile ever since she's with Usui.

2nd House
The house scene is quite funny
where Misaki received a message from Usui
"Young lady, what's the colour of the underwear
you're wearing tonight?"
and of course Misaki would shout
to him at the phone
The rest I'm sure you'd already know

3rd Maid Latte Cafe
At this scene, there was a newcomer
an old dude who wanted to become a chef
at Maid Latte Cafe. Usui then tested one
of his dishes and said he could have
been a chef at a greater restaurant.
Then blah blah blah
he reveals himself in the end of the chapter.


Overall, it seems the author
is starting to struggle with the plot.
Well it happens a lot to manga and anime
that has a really really long story.
The story was 'okay'

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