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22nd of March, 2010 - Miyavi

So yesterday I found out a really really
cool Japanese male singer [finally]
that could really impressed me
in every way.

Before this it was a group band named
Kalafina which I fell in love with
then there's Rurutia,
Hamasaki Ayumi, Utada Hikaru,
Anna Tsuchiya, Asian Kung-fu generation,
Perfume. . . . okay so I just knew I'm
a Japanese song fanatic


石原 貴雅, Ishihara Takamasa,
born in September 14, 1981
which means this year he's 31 years old
another fact that impressed me
He is better known as his stage name

A visual kei Japanese musician
if you don't know what is visual kei,
it is a type of movement in Japan
among Japanese Rock Musicians
and is characterized by the use of elaborate
costumes, eccentric, looks and hairstyles.
The Visual Kei look usually involves striking make-up.
and previously he was in a band call Dué le Quartz.
He is noted to have a normal childhood
of being a good student and loves to
play soccer.
However, after a soccer injury which
unable him to play in the team,
he bought his first guitar (although initially
he wanted to buy a bass-guitar)
and from then he writes music
then later joined Dué le Quartz
known to be Miyabi, as a guitarist.
But then the band
was disbanded in 2002 which
made Miyavi to continue
his music career in solo.

When I first listened to one of his songs
which is 'Itooshii Hito' while I was
looking for Eyeshield 21 doujinshi
in youtube, I fell in love with Miyavi's
voice straight away and made
a research about him.
He has a really beautiful and pretty face
I guess you can say he's
one of those bishounen guys?

I'm not surprised if some people
think him as a woman at first glance
but he's really pretty!
Aside from his beautiful face
and his amazing voice
he also has a baby girl!
He's a father O:
I didn't really want to research
more deep into that of how
it come about but I'm
more like. . . impressed.

p.s. his voice is just full of emotion
and I heard during his live performance
he didn't remember his lyrics
but everyone was crying because
the emotion is there.

Miyavi - Itooshii Hito [Beloved One]

Itoshii hito
Nakanai de, waratte misete.
Namida ga mitakute suki tte ittanjanai nda yo?

Itoshii hito
Daijoubu, sabishiku nanka nai desho?
Datte anata ga sabishii toki, boku mo sabishii nda yo?

Itoshii hito
Tojita me wa mada akecha dame dakanne.
Sono mama... sono mama...
tte necha dame da yo (haha)

Itoshii hito
Anata no tame nara shineru ja nakute
anata no tame ni ikiru koto ni shita yo.
Mochiron anata mo goissho ni,
boku no saki mo, sono saki mo.

Motto anata, aishiteyarina yo,
boku wa sono amatta bun de i- kara.

Itoshii hito
Tatoe umarekawatta to shite mo
boku wa kono boku de iru kara,
Anata mo sono anata de ite ne.
Soshite mata kono onaji koto iu nda, zutto, zuutto.

Itoshii hito
Yukkuri kono me aketegoran yo,
itsumo to onaji deshou?

Sore de ii nda yo.
Sore de ii nda yo.


English Translation

My beloved
Don't cry, show me a smile.
I didn't say I liked seeing tears, did I?

My beloved
It's all right, you're not lonely, now.
Just when you're lonely, I'm lonely too?

My beloved
Don't open your closed eyes just yet, ok.
Just like that... just like that...
but don't go to sleep (laugh)

My beloved
It's not "I could die for you" but rather
I've decided "I'll live for you"
Of course together with you too,
now, forever, and ever

Don't love yourself any more,
'cause I'll have what's left over.

My beloved
Even if we were to be born again,
because I would be this me,
And you will be that you.
And I will say this again, always, always.

My beloved
Slowly open those eyes,
it's the same as always isn't it?

That is good.
That is good.

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