Thursday, March 22, 2012

22nd of March, 2010 - SeeFood & Lorax [MOVIE]

So that day I watched this movie
and it's probably the shittiest movie
that I've ever seen.
I don't even know why it's being made
into a movie

Then after watching it,
I saw that small column
"Malaysian movie"
and I said "Oh"

The graphics and animation
may be cool and in high quality
but . . .my goodness. . .
the plot and story
does it even have any moral values?

I mean okay so the sharks
went on land to save the baby egg sharks
that were captured by the humans
and along the way the met the chickens
which helped them.
If they couldn't understand crab language,
what makes them understand chicken language?
And what does the water pollution
have to do anything with the Eel?
The sharks are too. . . emo-ish
which makes me go "EEEEEE"


Let me share a saying of what
Tom Cruise said when it comes
to making movies.
He said that if the movie effect is
great and has that "wow"
but if the storyline is shitty,
the movie would be overall
become shitty.

At first I thought
the movie was something more or less
like Lorax

Lorax is about a town that
their trees are made out of plastic
and they don't care what
happened to the trees and what
effect does plastics do to Earth.
Then the story continues of how
a boy cut down all the fine trees
to make this really fine fabric
which later made him a
The first tree that he chopped down
made the Lorax appeared before him.
Lorax tells the guy that he speaks
for the trees and that
a great misfortune awaits if
he continues chopping down
all the trees.
When the very last tree is brought down,
the guy then realized his mistake
but then at that moment
it was already too late.
Then the Lorax left
him with one word on a large stone

I love the Lorax movie overall
especially the storyline and songs.
It's kinda catchy.

That's All For Now!
Thanks For Sticking Around!

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