Sunday, July 31, 2011

31st of July, 2011 - Tomorrow's Impromptu Speech

I think most of the
students in my college
are nervous about tomorrow's
impromptu speech

I'm writing this blog just
to make a revision a little bit
to be prepared tomorrow

Impromptu speaking
is a speech and debate consolation event
that involves an eight minute speech,
with up to three of these eight minutes
available for use as preparation time
(known as prep time, or simply prep).

However, our impromptu speech
is only a two minute speech
and we're given 2 minutes only
to prepare for our presentation
which is really tricky
because we would have
to squeeze our brain juices out
in order to know
what to say.

Topics that might come out
forces of nature,

Of course there are like
20 or 30 more topics
which we do not know

I guess that's it for today
I can't really post much
because I still have a lot
of things to do

Thank You For Visiting!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

29th of July, 2011 - Being a 2nd Year Student & Captain America

The clock is ticking
and time won't stop nor wait
before I know it I'M ALREADY IN MY 2ND YEAR!

It's weird that today
I just feel like changing my blog layout again
and it feels that I cannot
run away from the colour pink in my life
although blue is suppose to be
one of my lucky colour as well
but I never thought pink
would give a greater impact

So today was AutoCAD class
we started an hour late
because the cleaners had to clean
the computer laboratory before
any students can use it
since there's been a complain
about students littering
inside the lab

In class it was so-so
Sue said my eyes swells
Maybe it was because of last night's
midnight oil which I had to burn
in order to finish my
English assignments
but being a college student
it's really pretty normal
to have your eyes swells
because of your assignments
since you would be rushing
before the deadline comes butting in.


After class I went out
to watch Captain America
Miss Tina, Sue, Marshall and I were
talking about it during class.
Miss Tina have watched it last night
and she said it was the best.

After the movie
my partner and I were
talking about Captain America
and other Marvel characters.
If I remember it correctly,
Captain America is the first superhero
ever created during World War I
At that moment, America was facing a war
between Hitler and his armies.
Americans, of course like any humans,
are terrified with the war.
So Marvel decided to create a superhero
according to their fiction and imagination
to lighten up the spirits of Americans.
Later then comes along
The Hulk, Ironman, Thor, etc
It was the golden age of comics

However, issues start coming up,
comics were most certainly popular
the only problem is it wasn't censored
Blood here and there along with violence
and sexual practices were in the comics
and one particular man
who was concern that comics
were the main reason why most people
end up in prison.
Especially kids and young men.
When they interviewed the prisoner
on what they were doing most of
the time before they got imprisoned
they answered "reading comics"
So then comic artist
were told to know their limits
And that's where director and managers
who checked the comics before
they were published came in
It was to make sure
everything was safe and secure to read.

And many would question
why Captain America
was asleep for 70 years
after he fought with the Hydra
If I'm correct,
it is because the comic artist
of Captain America had
no idea on what the hero should do anymore
since Captain America was meant
to be during the World War I & II
The hero just suddenly fades away.
After a while, they decided to
revive Captain America again
to join the Avengers
maybe because he was
the very first superhero they
had ever made.

Let's just say
Captain America is a legend.


After that it hit me in the head
about other Marvel movies
such as Ironman 1 & 2, Ghost Rider,
The Hulk, such and such.
The problem was

After they showed a sneak peak
about The Avengers in 2012
It just got me excited and pumped up!
I just have the need to watch
all of Marvel movies

That's It For Now!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

14th of July, 2011 - Questions After Questions These Days

It's been weeks and days
well not actually weeks
since I've last posted anything

So here's the thing
I've been thinking and thinking and thinking
done lots and lots and lots of thinking
been doing more and more and more thinking
of why I don't like blogging anymore
It's not that I don't blog
it's just that there's no mood for blogging
I kept on mentioning this
over and over and over again
no mood for blogging
no mood for blogging
no mood for blogging
I know right?
It's annoying

So at first I thought
my aunt flow was coming.
I waited and waited and waited
no results

Then I thought it was time
to rest for a while from blogging
but until when?

Then I thought 'Oh! Maybe I need
to get out more and have some fun!'
So I did and the results,
it made me think more and more and more

So I thought more and more and more
much more deeper than deeper
well I tried thinking as deep as I can
and it led me to one conclusion


Study shows that blue colours
can make a person feel down or sleepy
especially darker blues
which is really true actually
if you know what I mean

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th of July, 2011 - Conjunction + Prepostion?

I heard it's July already

Lately I haven't been posting much
because I've been sleeping for 12 hours a day
It's like after college.....sleep...
and wake up the next
and the whole thing just keeps on going and going

Today I'll be sharing about what
I learned in English class last week and this week :D
I know it's a bit late
but better late than never :D


Last Week
-English Class-

We learned about
Conjunction and Preposition

is a word that connects other words or groups of words.

For Example:
In the sentence
"Peter and Vivian are married"
the conjunction and connects two nouns
and in the sentence
"He will listen or sleep"
the conjunction or connects two verbs.
In the sentence
"It is late but we will make it"
the conjunction but connects two groups of words.

There are basically 3 of Conjunction

Coordinating conjunctions

are conjunctions which connect two equal parts of a sentence.
The most common ones are
and, or, but, and so
which are used in the following ways:

They stopped and stared.
and is used to join or add words together in the sentence

He will be downstairs or out playing basketball.
or is used to show choice or possibilities as in the sentence

She is petite but very talented.
but is used to show opposite or conflicting ideas as in the sentence

I was freezing so I closed the window.
so is used to show result as in the sentence

Subordinating conjunctions
connect two parts of a sentence that are not equal.
In other words it combines
an independent phrase with an nonindependent phrase.

For Example:
After I'm done cooking, we will have a feast.
(nonindependent) ____________(independent)

Samples of Subordinating Conjunctions:

Correlative conjunctions
are pairs of conjunctions that work together.

In the sentence
"Both siren and mermaid are myths"
both . . .and are correlative conjunctions.

The most common correlative conjunctions are:

both . . .and
either . . . or
neither . . . nor
not only . . . but also


is a word which shows relationships
among other words in the sentence.
The relationships include direction, place,
time, cause, manner and amount.

In the sentence

"She went to the ball"
to is a preposition which shows direction.

"He came by taxi"
by is a preposition which shows manner.

"They will be here at twelve o'clock"
at is a preposition which shows time

"It is under the pillow"
under is a preposition which shows place.

A preposition always goes with a noun or pronoun
which is called the object of the preposition.
The preposition is almost always before the noun or pronoun
and that is why it is called a preposition.
The preposition and the object of the preposition
together are called a prepositional phrase.


About this week's class will be in the next post :D
For now I need to rest for a while
Until Next Time!