Monday, February 28, 2011

2nd of March, 2011 - More Anime :D

+My Latest Artwork+

I know I didn't blog yesterday
The reason is because
I take the time to sleep the whole day.
I had Critical & Creative Thinking class
yesterday at 9am-12pm
Had an open book quiz
lucky me because I wasn't feeling really well
was coughing throughout the class period
and so after class
when I arrived home
after I've taken my shower
and ate something
I went to sleep from
3pm-8pm XD
Then after that
I continued my sleep from
9pm/10pm to 7am
weeeeeee (@w@)

So maybe some of you
may have noticed the new
added anime on the right panel.
Well yeah, I have been
introduced to a lot of anime lately
I'll just add the ones that I like the most.


This anime tells a story of how
a high school boy became a
famous manga artist
(if I wasn't mistaken)
It is based on a true story
Here, viewers will get to see
the process of how mangas are created
what pen and pencils to use
what technique is suitable
how to do shadowing and such
but at the same time
the story has its own storyline.
This anime shows what the
anime business is all about.
It is really suitable for those
for loves to draw anime.

+Black Lagoon+
Honestly, I don't really know much
about this anime XD
But from what I can see,
this anime is about a company
called Black Lagoon.
This company is specially made
for black markets.
There are a lot of actions involved
like killing and guns.
I just love the guns part XD

Again, I don't know what this anime is about.
I know there's a lot of people
watching this anime currently.
All I can see it's about a city
where a lot of
supernatural incidents happen
What I like the most
about this anime is how
everything is related.


Aside from that,
I have a project to finish.
This time, the lecturer
told us to make something
from any recycling material.
The architecture students had to
do the same thing but with different concept.
We, the interior design student,
had to make something from the theme
"My Throne"

My Throne or Throne
here can represent something that
symbolizes power and dignity
A very common one is a throne
for a king or bishop to sit on.
Although it may sound easy,
but it is a little bit tricky
because we have to make something
by using recycling materials.

Wish me luck!
I'll be sure to share in this blog
about my project on "My Throne"

Thank You For Reading!

28th of February, 2011 - The End? Anime?

+12th HAPCHO Gathering Photo-shot+

Holy Moly (@w@)
It's been more than a month since
I last updated my blog...
Gomen ne D:

I was so busy that I didn't
realize it has already been so long~
I think I have to brush up my English (=w=)

I have a lot of things to share DX
This is not really my first attempt
to update my blog since my last post,
there were a lot of's just that
When I was already writing halfway
I had somewhere to go or
something to do (@w@)

So today I'll be sharing about anime! :D


+Kore wa Zombie desu ka?+
This is an anime about a guy who
was once human but now he's a zombie
because of a mysterious while haired girl
prevented his death.
This anime really twist the whole
concept of zombie.
In here, because human are only able
to use 2% of their brain power,
since he's a zombie he can use
100% and above of his brain power.
The funny thing is he can't die XD
Along in the story, he meets
other girls and eventually
this anime is somewhat a harem type
(@w@) nyou...

+Infinite Stratos+
This anime is about how technology
has progress in the human world.
It is somewhat originated or inspired
from the anime Gundam.
However, in this anime,
the techs/bots are used for sport
and it can only be used by girls.
Nevertheless, there's one particular
guy, he is the only guy who could
use this type of tech.
According to this anime,
he is also very skillful.

+Panty & Stocking+
(suitable for 18 years old & above)
This anime is about two angels,
Panty and Stocking,
who is sent down from heaven
to eliminate all the evils in the world.
What do they use to abolish
darkness once and for all?
Panty will use her panty to
transform it into a gun
and Stocking will use her stocking
to transform it into a sword.
It's a really funny anime
and there are a lot of dirty jokes in it.
This anime is something like
Power Puff Girls style.
It's really interesting :D


I guess that's all for now XD
If you wanna know what I did today,

Today I went to college,
attended a 9am-12pm class
and also a 2pm-6pm class.
I did my very first draft :D
although I was suppose to do it a week ago
we were given a task to measure
one of the rooms in our college.
I'm only done with the layout (@w@)
Next I would have to do the perspective
and also the ceiling plan.
Actually this was suppose to
be after the midterms, but oh well XD

Thank You For Reading!