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How To Self-Study ; Half A Day (Level 3)

This is a method
on how you can study 12-14 hours a day.
When combining everything together

(from level 1 - level 2)
you'll have a full set of tips on how to self-study.
But by level 2,
your body will be tired and exhausted
and can't interpret the knowledge received
to be stored into the brain.
But this does not mean
that you can't receive information.
This is where you'll need help from others.


Tip 1 : Attend Extra Classes/Tuition Classes
No matter how boring you think the class will be
You should always attend extra classes
or go to tuition classes.
This helps the information in your head
to be vivid.
Besides, you get to see your friends
and study together.
By studying together,
you'll help each other out
when facing a problem.
When both of you don't know the answer,
that is where the teacher is in use.
Tuition/Extra classes will normally last
for 2-3 hours.
Use this opportunity to gain more information
from your teachers and friends.

Tip 2 : After The Class, Revise Everything Again
This will normally be done before going to bed
Take another 1-2 hours or revising
everything that you've learn from the class.
Do some exercises from the exercise books.
When it's your bedtime,
straight away close the book and go to sleep.


Yes I was a Level 3
and I was doing all of this
during High School for
6 months before my examination
or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
My results?
Not that bad actually,
I got 3 As out of 10 subjects.
Yes I was in the pure science stream class~
(not an easy stream)
Was really frustrated with my results
because there's few subjects where I got a B+
But oh well

To be a straight A student
You should be doing all of this (until Level 3)
for 2 years at least.
Of course,
this is the healthy way.
There's also the unhealthy way
but really affective.
If you ask me
without any doubts I'll definitely pick
the healthy way :3

If this doesn't work on you
then I guess you'll have to find a different method?
I'm just sharing my experience to everyone~

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps You!

How To Self-Study : Long Hours (Level 2)

Indeed studying 1 or 2 hours
is actually enough for the day.
But is it really enough for you??
If you ask me,
I would say "It's really not enough for me"
So this tip/section
is for those who thinks that
studying for 1 or 2 hours isn't enough
and wants to extend their studying time to
6-8 hours in a day


Tip 1 : Sleep Right
Your sleep is really important in other to study
because your brain needs to fully regain it's strength
in order for it to do multiple tasks for you
including studying.
It is recommended for an average student
to sleep 6-8 hours a day.
Surely sleeping 2-5 hours a day isn't enough.
It will bring danger to your brain
if you lack of sleep
because it can bring to short-term memory lost
and making the brain to not think properly.
So no matter what the case is,
you must get enough rest,

Tip 2 : Eat Right!
Stay away from junk foods
because they can decrease your brain efficiency.
When this happens,
it will be harder for you to
absorb the information while you're studying.
Avoid fatty foods and also heavy foods.
These could also reduce the brain's efficiency.
Consume more healthy food
such as oatmeal and fruits.

Tip 3 : Take Supplementary Pills (Optional)
This is only for those who are used to
taking supplementary pills
such as (this is what I daily take)
AO Pro (Vitamin A)
Chelated Mineral
and Proflavanol (Vitamin C).
I used to take
Fish Oil supplementary pills
when I was in High School
because my mum said
it's good for the brain.
(but since it's expensive so she stop buying it)
But for those
who don't take supplementary pills
don't take when your exams are near
because taking supplementary pills for the first time
can cause drowsiness, slight fever, & headache
for 1 week.
This just means that your body is getting used to
the supplementary pills.
Yes, I do recommend it to everyone but
No, don't take it when you're exams are around the corner.

Tip 4 : If You Love Coffee, Drink It Moderately
If you can, don't drink it at all
because coffee is really addictive
and consuming a lot of it could make
your body tolerant towards the drink
and in most cases have negative effect.
Of course I can't deny
coffee is a good because
it contains antioxidant to cleanse the body
and also antidepressant which can bring focus and relaxation.
But be reminded
consuming a lot of coffee isn't healthy
it can cause depression and nervousness.
Now you don't want that when you're attending
an examination right?

Tip 5 : Don't Look At The Clock While Studying
Hide any clocks that you have while you study
and try to continuously study,
then at one point you stop and check how long you've studied.
For example,
try and open your text books
and study 1 whole chapter
without looking at a clock.
Check the time when
you've finish studying the whole chapter,
Believe me, you'd be amazed.
Then continue doing this for 2 chapters
and so on until you think that
you can study for 6-8 hours a day.

Tip 6 : Study & Practice
Studying alone isn't enough
you need to practice by doing
some work exercises from
the exercise books.
This is where you use your hand
as a tool to help you study
because when you write
you tend to automatically
memorize what you're writing.
This makes it easier
when you're facing your examination.
But doing once won't be enough
you'll have to do it lots of times
until it sticks in your head.

Tip 7 : Use The Internet As Your Source Of Information
This is how I study since I was 15 years old
Whenever the information that
they give in text books aren't enough
I'll always search for more information in the internet.
This way you can gain extra knowledge
and rest from staring at the book for too long.
Of course, avoid from going into
facebook, myspace, youtube, friendster,
and other websites that connect you and your friend.


That's it for now :3
If there's some mistakes
I'll surely correct them right away!
I am currently a Level 2
but sometimes I can go down to Level 1
because of other activities
Level 3 is where a person
can study for 12-14 hours straight.
Yes, there are people who can actually study that long.
Such as myself during High School
It is difficult but still possible
to be a level 3
especially when you're a college student
like me :D

Be sure to look out for
'How To Self-Study : Half A Day (Level 3)'

(Sorry but I'd like to study now weeeeee~)

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps You!

How To Self-Study : For 'Beginners' (Level 1)

This tip/section
is specially for those
who laze around too much
and because of that their body isn't used to studying
even if they put effort to it.
Well here are some tips for you :3


Tip 1 : Firstly, Study For 10 Minutes
You need to get your body
familiar with studying.
Not studying for a long time
could be a problem
when you start studying long hours immediately.
So start with 10 minutes at first
day by day
increase your time of studying
like from 10 to 20 minutes
then from 20 minutes to 30 minutes
then from 30 minutes to 1 hour
keep on doing this until you manage to study
for about 1 or 2 hours in a day.

Tip 2 : Be Mentally Prepared
You need to know why you're studying
and what good will it bring in the future.
Ask yourself this and in this way
you can motivate yourself to study.
For example,
my reason to study is to get a 4.0 pointer
so that my loan can be converted into a scholarship.
Well, that's one of my reasons :3
there's more actually

Tip 3 : Never Mention The Word 'Lazy'
This is a really addictive, contagious, & poisonous word
When you use the word to describe your current emotion
it will eventually stick onto you for a period of time
which will make have you that feeling in that period
and that period is usually really really long.
I don't really know how to explain it
but through my experience
this is truly a word that should not be mentioned
especially if you want to score good grades.
So stop using the word towards yourself!

Tip 4 : Slowly Minimize Your Time With Other Things
Of course family matter, eating,
going to the toilet, showering, bathing
brushing your teeth, washing your face,
drinking a glass of water, breathing,
and sleeping are an exception.
Use the same method as the one on Tip 1
but this time minimize the time.
For example
when you begin studying for 10 minutes
you will automatically reduce your time with other things
for 10 minutes.
This will go on and on
until you manage to study for 1 or 2 hours
which also means that you've
reduced your time with other things for 1 or 2 hours.

Tip 5 : Manage Your Time To Study
Different people have different time of studying
some people study right after they wake up
some people study before they go to bed
some people study in the afternoon
some people study at midnight
and more.
For 'Beginners'
it is recommended for you
to study in the morning
because at that moment
your mind is still fresh
and could easily absorb
any information given.
But if it doesn't work,
then find out for yourself
which time of the day suits you
for studying.


If you've mastered all the tips
then you should read
'How To Self-Study : Long Hours (Level 2)'

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! - Another Fan Fiction (Misaki's Death)

I wholly took it from here:
In The Event of Her Death

are given to the disclaimer
which I don't know who exactly.

My Comment:
Two tumbs up!!
although I can see some minor flaws


It was an accident that never should have happened.

It was an event that was entirely preventable had the proper procedures had been taken.

It never should have happened.

Airport - Boarding Gate

'Usui-baka, now will you tell me where we're going?' Misaki glared at the man sitting opposite her in an attempt to force information from him. Her bags littered between them, mingling comfortably with his.

'That wouldn't be a surprise now, would it, Pres?' Usui berated, calling her by his pet-name, grinning suggestively.

Misaki promptly blushed crimson, 'it'd better not be something perverted, you space alien!'

He leant back onto his seat and closed his eyes, still smiling.

Misaki took the moment to appreaciate how he could make a simple flannel shirt so sinfully hot. His tie hung loosely around his neck while his black suit was wrapped around her. She quickly looked away and rummaged into her bag to look for a distraction.

'Were you checking me out, Misa-chan?'

'Of course n-' his face were inches from hers when she turned to defend herself, 'umm...'

He placed his hands on either sides of her, effectively trapping Misaki on the chair.

'Umm... There're people around, baka,' her defense sounds weak even to herself. They were five hours early and the only ones in the waiting room.

Usui grinned and licked his lips, teasing.

Misaki leaned slightly forward, pressing her lips to his for a split second before turning away, 'there. Now go away.'

Now it was Usui's turn to blush. He stumbled none too gracefully back into his seat and chuckled silently to himself. Twelve months together and she still had the upper hand.

She tossed him a bento along with a pair of chopsticks, her face still an unnatural shade of red. 'Lunch,' she muttered.

The boarding room began to fill up as they had lunch, soon forcing them to rearrange their baggages to take up as little space as possible.

'I'm sorry we had to transit here,' Usui said, now sitting next to Misaki. 'It's not a very well known place,' he explained, still not letting her see their flight tickets. It wasn't a very modern airport.

The benches squeaked and tweaked as they made themselves comfortable, 'Baka Usui.'

He grinned as he felt her lean her head against his shoulder. Usui put his arm around her shoulder, leaning his own head on top of hers. 'I want our anniversary to be perfect.'

'Me too,' she admitted a little bashfully, her hands wrapped tightly around his free hand.

A loud bang disturbed their peace. Usui recognized the sound and immediately pulled Misaki onto the floor with him. The people around them did the same, surprise winning over fear and panic that would inevitable arise if there were to be a second shot.

'I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It went off. I didn't-'

'Put the gun down!' Usui shouted from the ground.

The man threw the gun down and kicked it. It slid harmlessly next to Usui.

'Misaki, don't get up, I'll-' he paused, finally noticing that his wife was clutching her stomach, moaning silently.


'I'm fine,' she muttered, 'Go save the world.'

He stood up to face the unarmed man directly in front of them. Surprise wrote on his face when he realized that the shooter was a guard at the airport. People begun to get up. A passenger had his gun locked onto the guard.

'I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-' the panicking man shouted, eyes shifting from Usui to the armed man.

'Hands where I can see them,' the man stated with authority, 'I'm a police,' he explained, brandishing his badge. 'Nobody move.'

'Oh my god! She's bleeding!' someone screamed.

Usui didn't need to look far to find the injured woman.

'No,' he whispered, kneeling down immediately, 'no no no no no no...'

'I'm... fine,' she whispered, her body heaving as she struggled to breath.

Usui made her lie on the ground and applied pressure to the wound on her stomach, 'Someone call an ambulance!' he shouted, angry at the growing blood stain on his jacket. 'Misa-'

Her hand shivered as she raised it and placed it on his cheeks, 'don't cry, baka. I'm fine.'

He forced a smile, 'yes, you're going to be fine.'

'Help's coming, kid. I'll wait outside,' the policeman offered, patting Usui on the shoulders gently before he excused himself with the handcuffed guard. Usui barely registered that he was being spoken to.

Misaki's eyes filled up with tears, 'I can't die,' she said, almost to herself. Tears flowed down the sides of her face.

'You won't,' Usui promised. 'I swear, you're going to be fine,' his hands smeared with her blood.

'You don't get it,' she insisted, sounding at the edge of panic, 'I can't die!'

'Misa, try and relax. Don't-'

'I can't die because I'm pregnant!'

'You're pregnant?' he repeated.

She nodded vehemently and smiled amidst her pain, 'I... I... Two months,' she gasped as if she suddenly realised something, 'what if I-'

He hushed her, 'just stay with me,' he pleaded, 'calm down. We're going to get you fixed up. The doctors are going to come and patch you up, Pres.'

Her panicking hands found his arm, 'the baby... Oh my god. I'm... so sorry. I'm so so... sorry.'

'Misa-chan, don't-'

'I was going to tell you when we get there!' she interrupted, 'you were supposed to be happy. We were supposed to be happy!'

'Misa-chan, I-'

Her eyes were pleading, 'I don't want...' she exhaled, 'to die...'

'You won't,' he promised again, lying through his teeth.

'Who's going to... be able to... handle you?' she grinned playfully, normally beautiful straight white teeth stained with red.

He offered her a grin in return, tears dripping down his cheeks to mingle with the blood on his hands.

'I need you...,' she drew a painful breath, 'to live...,' and exhaled, 'no matter... what happens.'

She knew him all too well. 'Nothing's going to happen,' he insisted.

'I... I...' Misaka exhaled.

And never took the next breath.

'Misa-chan,' he shook her gently. 'Misa-chan, please wake up,' he begged. 'Please...' his body shook as he sobbed.

No one made to move when he picked up the gun that shot dead his wife.

No one made to move when he stared at it contemplatively, turning it around with his hand.

No one moved fast enough when he put it to his forehead.

The second bang left a feeling that was heavier than the first one.

The silence after had an aftertaste that was more bitter.

It was an accident that never should have happened.

It was an event that was entirely preventable had the proper procedures had been taken.

It never should have happened.

But it did.


Thanks For Reading!


For Those Taking English Subject

Here's a little bit of tip
for students taking English (Language) subject
You must first know that learning English is really important
as it is the 2nd most common language used around the world.
With English in your hand
you'll have no trouble in communicating
with most people all around the world.

So you're taking English as a subject in school
It's really easy to pass
but difficult to get an A+
and for most Malaysians
(especially in Sabah my home state)
it's sort of not an easy task to get an A+ in English
because the Minister of Education in Malaysia emphasize
more to Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
among the students.

This is according to what I've experienced
and since I've got friends who really needs help
with their English,
So I guess writing this would help them, no?


Tip 1 : You write as how you speak
In most cases,
people write essays as how they normally speak
because when they write an essay
they would speak silently in their mind
on how the output should be.
So in order to improve your writing skills
you must improve the way you talk in English.
As what I did during my high school days
I went to this one website called
It really helps me in improving my English
and the way I speak.
Thus, it improves my writing skills.
The tips that they gave
are really effective
I recommend it to all
especially those who has problems in speaking in English.

Tip 2 : Read Good Books
Statistics shows that
reading Harry Potter novels
can improve ones writing skills.
Also, be reminded
(for Malaysians only)
that the English used in Malaysia
is based from UK and not US.
So read books or articles
that's based on English from UK

Tip 3 : Always Seek Your English Teacher
Whenever you have
problems with your English
you must seek your English Teacher straight away
Surely they'll gladly teach you
and look up to you.
Don't get discourage with the saying
that if you seek help means people will look down you.
that's absolutely not true in a way
So what if they think that way towards you?
You want to improve yourself
and if they make fun of you
let them be
because that just means they
dumber than you.
So be bold
and ask your English teacher!

Tip 4 : Teach Your Friends English
If you think you're good in English
why not share it with your friends?
Teach those who are weaker in English
and this will automatically
improves your understand of English.
Teaching others is somewhat a revising process
You teach what you've learn
and what you teach will become something that's vivid in your head
because in order to teach someone
you must know the inside and out of what you're teaching.

Tip 5 : Always Bring A Dictionary Along
Bring it like it's a bible
always refer to a dictionary when you don't know a word
It's really useful
when you're reading a novel.
I always have a dictionary with me
when I'm reading a novel/book/article.
And don't complain that it's heavy!
No pain no game!


Hey even if I'm an anime lover
my desire to have the perfect grades in school/college
will never fade

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps!

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Furansessu's Coloured Drawings!

So this is the first time
I've ever published my coloured drawings
in my blogspot.
I hope you like them!
Give me comments
through the chatbox on the right
Thank you :3


Click to Enlarge!

This is my first ever coloured drawing.
A Cute Little Baby!
Made in 2007

My second coloured drawing.
The Cursed Dark Angel
Made in 2007

My third and also the most impressive coloured drawing yet!
A Sexy Gothic Lolita Girl
This was supposed to be for my
avatar in GaiaOnline
(because my avatar look exactly like this!)
Made in 2008

My fourth coloured drawing
also known as my 2nd most impressive drawing!
The Black & White Hoddy Girl
Made in 2008

My fifth coloured drawing
inspired from a song
I Must Not Chase The Boys by Play
Made in 2008

My sixth coloured drawing
Made on the 31st of July, 2010

This is my seventh coloured drawing
also my latest drawing
Urban Style
Made on the 26th of August, 2010


Of course
I'll continue to colour
the rest of my drawings
when I have the time
and post it up here :3

Thanks For Spending Your Time On My Blog!

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Maid Sama! - What will happened to Usui if Misaki got Murdered? Part 3

The continuation
of Part 2!


-Its april (8 months since Usui went to england)-
-At some british school-
-class just ended-
Girl 1 & 2: *search for Usui and spotted him walking out of is class with his brother*
Girl: ... *blushes to see Usui in a cool way*
Girl2: What you're waiting for? Come on! Go!
Girl: But i'm not...*blushes more*
Girl2: Go!
Girl: okay okay...*goes up to usui*
Usui: *stops* hmm...*looks at the girl*
Girl: umm..actually....I....I've seen you around school lately and....I really like you......please....would you..somehow....go out with m-
Usui: *ignores and starts walking past the girl* not interested....
Girl: *in shock*
Usui: *goes near to the girl's side* all....
Girl: *cries*
Girl2: *went to comfort the friend*
Gerald: Tsk,Tsk, do you plan to make every girl in this school cry?
Usui: ...
Gerald: Still thinking of that slut from Japan i see
Usui: Mind your own business, Walker *gets into car*
Gerard: sheesh, such informal language, can you at least call me brother? *gets into the car*
Usui: Why would i?
Gerard: You seem awfully grumpy on your own birthday Takumi
Usui: ...
Gerard: I see, not talking? Well your just lucky father is busy preparing a party for you party, so why not at least show some appreciation ?
Usui: ... *looks out of the window*
Gerard: Tch *pissed*

-Later at the party-

Usui: *looks at gerald* .....
Gerard: *munch,munch* APPLE!!
Usui: *realizes the apples and starts thinking about the bunny apples that Misaki made* ........ *sad face*
Person: To end this wonderful celebration, why don't we invite Takumi on the stage to give a very special birthday speech!
-everyone applause-
Usui: ...
Gerard: *looks at Usui* what are you waiting for?! Go!
Usui: ...
Gerard: *angry whisper* Listen here you selfish moron! We even BOTHER to throw you a party and you wont even put on a simple speech?!
Usui: no...*still sitting at his place*
Gerard: *VERY angry whisper* Listen HERE! Stop thinking about that low level, trashy,poor and stupid Misa-chan of yours and go up there and-
Usui: *grabs Gerard's shirt and lifts him up with a scary glare* Don't you DARE talk like that about Misa-chan
Everyone: *gasp*
Gerard: *choke* *wheeze*
Person: Takumi! Put your brother down!
Usui: ...
Person: TAKUMI
Usui: *lets go*
Gerard: *falls to the floor* *heavy breathing*
Person: Takumi! Say sorry!
Usui: ...Tch
Gerard: Why you little-*punch*
Usui: *lip bleeding* grr...*punch*
-fist fight-
Everyone: *gathers around*
Person: *separates both of them* STOOOP!!
Gerard: *Nose bleeding and hurt knee*
Usui: *Still just his lip bleeding* ...... *walks away*
Gerard: Get BACK HERE you *tries to stand up* -sharp pain- arghh my knee...
-Usui's room-
Usui: *looking through cellphone* ... *grabs a tissue and puts on wound* stupid jerk.....
*finds picture of Misa (from chapter 41)* Misa-chan...
Father: *bursts through door* Takumi!
Usui: ...... *looks at his father without any emotions*
Father: *slaps cheek* who do you think you are to be having a fist fight?! Plus it's during your own birthday party!! Do you even realized that most of out guest today really have respect for our family?!
Usui: ...
Father: *sees picture on usui's cellphone* I'm make it up to you....why don't I introduce you to this one nice lady and two can do whatever-
Usui: *scary glare* I told you before I'm not interested.....nobody can replace Misaki...
Father: *angry* Tch, there is so help for you is there?! *leaves room*
Usui: ...don't worry all your problems with me are all about to disappear *totally hot grin*

-On a typical school day-

Teacher:*on the phone* Gerald?
Gerard: (knee still injured) Yes teacher?
Teacher: Is your brother Takumi sick?
Gerard: No? Why do you ask?
Teacher: Well he didn't show up the entire morning
Gerard: But i saw him leave this morn- *shock*
Teacher: Yes? Hello? Hel-
Gerard: *hangs up* oh no... *limps to Usui's room*

-a few moments later-

Gerard: *opens Usui's cabinet to find half his clothes,his wallet and his cellphone are missing* shit!

-In a taxi-
Driver: We will arrive in about 10 minutes Mr.Janai
Usui: *in brown hat,shades and mouth cover* ah yes yes (in french accent)

-Back at the Walker's house-
Father: *sips coffee* ahh..what a peaceful afternoon...
Gerard: *bursts in* FATHER!
Father: *spits out coffee* WHAT?!
Gerard: Takumi ran away!
Father: EHH?!?!?!

-At the Airport-
Girl: Your flight to Japan leaves in 1 hour
Usui: (still in disguise and in french accent) hoho, thank you! *walks toward gate*
Girl: *thought* what a weird person*
-After an hour later-
Cedric: search the entire building!
Other guards: Yes, Sir!
Usui: *already in the plane* *looks out of the window of the airplane*

-meanwhile at Seika High School-
-At the student council room-
Misaki: *thought* it was Usui's birthday the other day......*leans head on the desk* realizing that, I didn't give anything to him on his last birthday either...
everyone else: *busy* *noise noise*
Misaki: *thought* Usui.....
Yukimura: urm....kaichou....
Misaki: *sits up straight* Yes Yukimura? sorry....
Yukimura: here's the papers that you want *hands in the papers*
Misaki: *receives the papers* thank you *looks and study the papers*

-Midnight at Ayuzawa's territory-
Misaki: *studying as usual until late at night*
Misaki: *pauses for a moment* *suddenly remembers the time when Kanou hypnotized her and Usui was waiting outside the whole night* ....... *went to check outside the window* *sees nothing and closes the curtains* *blushes* what am I doing......*sighs*...I better go to bed...
Misaki: *goes to bed and sleep*

-The next morning-
Misaki: *opens her eyes slowly* !!!!! *shock to see Usui sleeping next to her* (Usui's head is right in front of Misaki's head and Usui's hand was wrapped around Misaki)
Misaki: *thought* u...usui..?? *blushes* *gets closer to Usui and hugs him tighter*
Usui: *chuckles* Good morning, Misa-chan.....
Misaki: !!!! *blushes more* u...usui....
Usui: as promised......*goes on top of Misaki and kisses her*
Misaki: *tears start to flow unconsciously*
Usui: *wipes Misaki's tears and smiles* I really miss Misa-chan...*kisses Misaki's forehead*
Misaki: *gets up* what took you so long, idiot Usui! *hugs Usui*
Usui: I'm sorry......*hugs Misaki and hugs her tighter*
Suzuna: Onee-chan.....I've prepared breakfast on th- *sees Usui*
Misaki: !!!!!! *shock to see Suzuna coming in*'s not like what you think....we...we...
Usui: ....... *chuckles*
Suzuna: Ooohh.....Usui is here....I'll prepare something for you too then....
Usui: sorry for the trouble...
Suzuna: *closes door*
Misaki: *looks at Usui, then she looks at the time and it was already late* !!!!! I'm late !!!!!! *rushes to the bathroom*
Usui: but isn't it the weekends?
Misaki: *realized that it's the weekends* oh're right....*blushes* anyway! go and change your clothes! take a shower at least!
Usui: yes my lady *smirks while taking off his shirt*
Misaki: *slams the door while blushing* *goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth*
Usui: *thought* nobody can replace misaki....*grin*


This is all for now since we
don't have enough information about the Walkers
because the series of KWMS isn't complete yet.

Special thanks to BlazingJewel
who has been coming up
most of the storyline
(and I would add a little bit)
and I would edit it to make it perfect!
Results are shown here
in my blog

BlazingJewel: I do the awesome storyline and she makes the perfect script~~

-Thanks For Reading!-

BlazingJewel (Director)
Furansessu (Editor)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Maid Sama! - What will happened to Usui if Misaki got Murdered? Part 2

This is
the continuation
of part 1 (before this)


-atleast 15 meters from Misa's house-
Gerard: this is where that slut lives...*looks at house while chuckling*
Driver: Your flight is in 3 hours sir, will this be done soon?
Gerard: Yes,Yes...I will make it quick
Driver: Shall i wait here?
Gerard: No, drive over to *points at the 8th house to the left* that house and turn off your lights
Driver: Understood *drives*
Gerard: *looks up into Misa's room while smirking* Wrong move takumi....wrong move

-minutes later-

Gerard: *silently sneaked into house* (ps.everyone is asleep) *thought* what kind of house is this?
Gerard: *right infront of Misa's door* *reaches for door knob*
Gerard: !!! *gets celphone and answers call*
Cedric: Sir, Takumi is...
Gerard: *angry whisper* You're DEAD Cedric you hear me? DEAD
Cerdric: S-Sir?
Gerard:*hangs up* *puts ear to door* ....*thought* whew...they're not awake
Shintani: *from downtstairs* I think it came from Misa-chan's room *talking to Misaki's mother*
Gerard: !!! *bursts into the room*
Misaki : *hears a noise* mmm....*slowly opening her eyes*
Gerald : *quickly hide in the wardrobe*
-when Misaki opens her eyes, Usui was already wide awake-
Misaki : ..U..Usui?
Usui: *hugs misaki tighter while whisper in her eyes* shh...someone is here...
Gerard : *keeps quiet in the wardrobe with a gap open to see outside*
Gerard : *pulls out a gun in ready mode*
Usui : *whisper*
Misaki : *whisper* to where you idiot??!
Gerard : *puts the gun directly on Usui's head*
Usui and Misaki : !!!! *shock*
Usui : *turns his head a bit backwards* you...
Gerard : you should never underestimate your brother Takumi *smirks*
Misa : *shock and stoned.....she couldn't think properly because she doesn't want to lose Usui again*
Gerard: So....Misaki, it's your choice.....Takumi....or.....your precious family and friends *chuckles* *phone ringing* *picks up the phone*
voice from the phone (in loudspeaker) : everyone is in position, Sir. whenever you're ready
Gerard : *chuckles* good work...
bacground in the phone (Shintani) : who are you people!! what's going on?!
Misa: !!! *thought* Shintani!! *looks at Usui* Usui......
Usui : *looks away* ......
Misa : HOW DARE YOU!!!! *quickly kicks the gun that Gerald was holding and the gun flew out of the window* HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!
-just went Misaki was about to punch him in the face-
Gerard : *avoid Misaki's attack and pin her hands to the ground with one hand* *the other hand he takes out another gun and points it on Misaki's forehead*
Gerard : *evil laugh* wrong move Misaki......wrong're strong but you're careless....
Misaki : *eyes wide open and it seems to be that she's really scared*
Gerald : since I didn't get to kill you the last time *about to pull the trigger* why not I just do it now...
Gerard : so you're surrendering yourself eh?
Usui : yes.....*looks down*
Gerard : *chuckles* good boy...*let's go off Misaki*
-Gerard goes out of the door and Usui is following from behind-
Misa : u...sui.....Usui!!!
Usui : *smiles at Misaki forcefully* Misa-chan.....
Misa: ...*tears start to flow unconsciously* *starts to crawl to Usui*
Usui: I'll be back Misa-chan *hugs Misaki and kisses her* it's a promise..
Misa : *hugs Usui tighter*
Usui: *slightly push back Misaki and kisses her forehead* goodbye for now, my lovely maid *smirk*
Misa: *speechless while looking away and blushing*
Gerard: Takumi *in a bad mood look*
Usui: *slowly moves back* ...
Gerard: .....
Usui: *smiles at Misaki but frown when he looks away*
Misa: *realizes the change of expression* Usui....
Usui: *leaves house*
Misa: *head down* Usui...
-car starts to leave-
Misa: USUI!! *runs toward door*
Shintani : !!! *shock after seeing Gerald with Usui* Usui?? *looks at Misaki* Misa-chan?!?
Misa: *trips and falls 2 feet from the door* *with face on floor* usui...usui......
Misaki's mother : Misaki! *worries* are you alright???!
Suzuna : One-chan!
Shintani : Misa-chan.....
Misa: Usui...*tears start to flow* *thought* it's a promise then...
Shintani : *grab Misaki's arm and brings her inside the house*
Misaki's mother and Suzuna : *helps Shintani*

-in car-
Gerard: *on phone cursing at Cedric*
Usui: *while looking outside the window* Misa-chan....


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BlazingJewel (Director)
Furansessu (Editor)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

For All Student :) 11 Free Tips Improve Studying Results

Since I've been posting a lot
about Kaichou wa Maid Sama! (KWMS)
it's time to talk about something else.

Since I reckon
that everyone is busy studying
for their final exam
I guess this tips
about studying will help
my final exam is also coming up in about 1 week
and surely I can't be spending my time
on KWMS only or even animes or mangas.

For those who has their final exam coming up


For my final exam


1 Study in Short, Frequent Sessions.

It has been proven that short bursts of concentration repeated frequently are much more effective than one long session. So, even if you only have 10 minutes, DO IT. Take a break. Then study another 10 minutes. This “distributed learning” approach is highly efficient because it honors the way the brain likes to work. The brain needs recovery and recharging time for “protein synthesis.” The rest periods are when your brain assimilates your effort. They are a powerful tool which many teachers do not acknowledge. To sit and study for hours and hours is not only boring, it creates fatigue, stress, and distraction. You cannot learn if you are fatigued, stressed, and distracted!

2 Take Guilt-Free Days of Rest.

This follows the same principle as above, but on a longer, daily time cycle. The reason for resting is to refresh oneself. However, if you feel guilty (“I really should be studying”) then your precious rest period has been used to create more stress. The brain will not absorb new data if it is stressed. On days off from studying, really enjoy yourself and do not feel bad about not studying.

3 Honor Your Emotional State.

Do not study if you are tired, angry, distracted, or in a hurry. When the brain is relaxed, it is like a sponge and it naturally absorbs data without effort. If you are emotionally stressed, your brain literally repels data. Forcing yourself to sit and study when your mind is on other things is a complete waste of time!

4 Review the Same Day.

When you learn something new, try to go over the points the same day. If you wait a few days and then make efforts to review the material, it will seem much less familiar. However, a quick review later in the day will tend to cement the information into your brain so that the next “official” study session, you will recognize it and it will seem easy.

5 Observe the Natural Learning Sequence.

Think of the activities you did when you were in nursery school. Using your whole arm, you probably performed the song that goes: “Put your right hand in, Put your right hand out.” Then, in kindergarten, using your hand, you might have been asked to draw lines or circles with crayons. Later, in first grade, now holding the pencil with your fingers, you drew smaller lines and circles to create letters. Believe it or not, this natural learning sequence, moving from large to small, coarse to fine, still remains effective even though we are now older. When you study, if you try first to grasp the big picture and then fill in the details, you often have a more likely chance of success.

6 Use Exaggeration.

Why does a baseball batter warm up by swinging two or three bats? Why do runners sometimes strap lead weights to their legs? In both cases, exaggeration during practice makes the final result seem easy. This concept can be applied to studying anything. For example, if you are studying spelling, exaggerate the sound of the letters to help to remember them. So for studying purposes, “naive” would be pronounced “NAY-IVY.” By getting used to this exaggerated pronunciation, the correct spelling seems obvious.

7 Prepare Your Study Environment.

If you require certain elements in your environment to help you study, try to always make these a priority. For example, do you need special lighting, silence, music, privacy, available snacks, etc.? Pay attention to what works for you and repeat it each time you study for best success.

8 Respect “Brain Fade.”

It is normal for the brain to have an attrition rate and to forget things. This does not mean that you are stupid! Instead of getting mad about this fact, you should expect it and deal with it accordingly. See your brain as depositing layers of knowledge. As you place more information on top, the lower levels become older and less available to your immediate recall. The trick here is simply to review. Since we can anticipate the eventual fading of our memory, creating a review aspect to our study session will solve the problem. Once every two or three study sessions, simply review older material that you will be still needing to remember. Often, a quick overview is sufficient. Sometimes, a complete detailed study session of the older material is required. “Brain fade” is completely normal. (Unless you are gifted with a photographic memory, which is extremely rare.)

9 Create a Study Routine.

Generally, if you schedule certain times of the day to study, you will get into a routine and accomplish more. If you just “fit it in” during your day, chances are that there will never be any time. An effective way to do this is to literally mark it down in your datebook calendar as if you have an appointment, like going to the doctor. For example: “Tuesday 3-4:30 P.M. — Study.”

10 Set Reasonable Goals.

One of the main reasons people do not reach their goals is because they set them too high. If you set goals that are manageable, even if they seem too simple, you get in the habit of accomplishing them and gradually you can set higher goals. Also, recognize the difference between long-term and short-term goals. Set your vision on the long-term dream, but your day-to-day activity should be focused exclusively on the short-term, enabling steps.

11 Avoid the Frustration Enemy.

Ironically, the quicker the person’s nervous system, the faster they learn. Yet, this fast nervous system also works overtime in being self-critical. So they are the ones who always think they aren’t going fast enough! In contrast, the “Type B,” less intense person who learns slower yet is more self-accepting, ends up ultimately learning the material in a shorter period of time. This is because he/she doesn’t waste energy blocking, getting upset, and thinking that they’re not good enough — they simply keep moving forward at a slower (but un-blocked) pace.


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Maid Sama! - What will happened to Usui if Misaki got Murdered?

[Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
[from Forum]

so I created this question
in a forum
and I was surprised
with the number of replies I get.
We also somewhat made a storyline
to see what will happened.

This is what we come up so far


Usui is shocked and shielding Misa at the same time
Cedric is holding a gun pointing right at usui
Misa is paralyzed in pure shock and is on the edge of fainting

Cedric : NOBODY MOVE!! I'm not gonna regret this!!
Usui: ...
Misa: ...
Cedric : Tsk Tsk, *revolving around the frozen couple with the gun still pointed at Usui's head* how naughty of you Takumi, running off into the wild thinking you can just abandon the walkers like that. For this poor slut that lives in a wrecked up house beside a street.
Usui: You bastar-
*Cedric fires a gun shot right beside Usui's head, barely missing his right eye*
Usui: !!!
Misa: *scream*
While Cedric continues to constantly pressure Usui with his foul words, Usui waits for the right moment
Usui: ...
Cedric : Wait, i know what the problem is here. *moves toward Misa* its HER!! *picks up misa by the hair*
Misa: *scream* Let me go you...
Cedric : *points gun right in-front of Misa's face* You better shut up!! (to usui) you see usui? all this can be solved, you just have to stay away from this b*tch and all your problems will be solved. You can return to your normal life and study in Mayabigaoka.
Usui: NEVER!
Cedric : Persistent i see, willing to put your life on the line for this wasteful piece of garbage. You had your chance Takumi, looks like there's only one thing left to do...*turns toward misa with gun*
Usui: *instantly jolts toward Cedric knocking the gun out of his hand and pushing him towards the floor*
Cedric and usui have a fist fight and eventually usui knocks him out
Usui: (all battered and bruised and his arm is bleeding) Are you okay Misa-chan?!
Misa: Im fine...your arm...
Usui: It doesn't matter now, is just glad were safe *hug*
Misa: But how about the rest of your family? They have dozens of agents, they could be sending them here right now.
Usui: *explains some kind of mumbo jumbo that says the walkers wont be bothering him anymore*
Misa: What a relief *sob*
Usui: ? whats wrong?
Misa: *wipes tears* I feel soo happy to be alive i guess...
Usui: *Gets up* Misa-chan...
Misa: *gets up* Usui...
Cedric: *regains consciousness*
Usui: Lets go before he regains consciousness
Misa: Sure
Cedric : (enraged) *instantly grabs gun and points it at Usui*
Misa: *Turns around to check on Cedric and realizes he's about to shoot Misaki* Usui!!
Usui: ?!! *turns around quickly*
*drip, drip*
Cedric : *laughs menacingly then loses consciousness*
Usui: ... *in shock and stoned*
Misa: *falls*
Usui: *catch* misa-chan......misa-chan!!!!
Misa: Usui...
Usui : Its going to be alright, I'm going to call an ambulance. *dials an ambulance*
Usui: *crying* * tries to stop bleeding* they're on their way, its going to be okay misa-chan...
Misa: Usui...*reaches her hand toward usui*
Usui: *gently grabs and put on his chest* Misa-chan, stay with me...
Misa: *smiles* Usui.....I have something to tell you before I go.....I..*coughs blood*
Usui: Dont talk like that! I told you! Your going to be okay...
Misa: (barely heard what he said) Usui...what i was trying to
Usui : *shocked and more tears flow* Mi...Misa-chan...
Misa : *pulls down Usui for a kiss*
both of them kiss
Misa : *smiles while looking at usui* please behave when I'm gone...usui.... *slowly closes eyes*
Usui: Misa-chan..Misa-chan *shakes her*
Her had slowly falls down and dangles above the floor
Usui: Misa-chan!
*door slams open*
Paramedic: We got her as fast as we could! Who is injured?
Other Paramedic: Young man!! Put down the gun!!
Usui: *shocks because he realized what he was doing*
Usui: *looks at misaki again and pulls the trigger*
-BANG! Usui drops on the floor-
-a scream is heard from the background-
Paramedic: Other paramedic, look if the girls alive!
Other paramedic: yes she is!
*take them both with them to the hospital*

-few moments later-

Surgoen: *speaker* could the friends and family of the 2 seika high students Misa and Usui please go to room 211
Everyone:*goes to room 211* so?

-few days later-
-during summer holiday-

Misaki: Whe... where am I?
Shintani : Misa-chan!! *with a worried look*
Yukimura : Kaichou!!
Kanou : !!!
Sakura : Misaki!!!!
Shizuko : *shock* Mi.....Misaki....! *stands up*
Misaki's mother: Misaki! your awake!
Misaki: *looks at everyone and couldn't find usui anywhere* u..usui....Usui?! Where's Usui?! *gets up into a sitting position*
everyone: *look at each other and some look away*
Misaki: What happened to Usui!?! Tell me!! What happened to-
Shintani : *hugs Misaki*
Misaki's mother: *cries*
everyone else : *stand up still*
Misaki: ... *shocked* You-kun....
Shintani : *hugs Misaki tighter*
Sakura : Usui...he..*feels like she's going to cry*
Shizuka : *puts her hands on Sakura's shoulder*
Misaki's mother: He suicided because he thougt you were death.....
Miskai: *shocked and suddenly tears begin to flow down* Usui......he what?
Shintani : Misa-chan....
Misaki : *still crying and starts to get mad* baka......baka...BAKA!!! Usui will never die!! This is not true!!! This is-
Shintani : *holds Misaki's shoulder and their talking face to face* Misa-chan!!
Misaki : ..... *tears still flowing*
Shintani : I'm sorry.....*looks away*
Misaki : *grabs Shintani's hand and put it down while looking downwards*
everyone : *quiet*
Misaki : *starts to run to the window and she's about to jump*
Misaki's mother: Misaki....
Misaki :*looks down and assumed that she was on the 8th floor*
Misaki's mother: Misaki! what are you doing! stay in your bed!
Sakura : Misaki!!!!!
Shizuko : Misaki!!
Yukimura : Kaichou!! Someone stop her!!
Shintani : Misa-chan!!! *grabs Misaki and tries to pull her back* STOP THIS!!!!
Misaki : Let me go You-kun!!!! Usui is out there somewhere!!
Shintani : No!! I won't let go of you!!
Yukimura: *idea* Kanou kun!! Put her to sleep!
Misa: *breaks free*
Yukimura: Kanou-kun!!!
Misaki : I said let go of- *turns her back and suddenly sees Kanou*
Kanou : *uses his hypnotizing skills to put Misaki to sleep*
Kanou: !! *clap*
Misaki : *felt asleep and her body was about to fall*
Shintani : *pulls back Misaki and both of them landed on the floor* ...Misa-chan.... *hugs Misaki tightly*
-silence entered the room-

-in a far way hospital Gerard and Cedric (with a broken arm) are walking down a hallway-
Gerard:Looks like we've won cedric...
Cerdric: WON?! *sarcastically* oh yes! I'm sure your father wanted him to commit suicide cuz he HATES to see his children alive
Gerard:Yes, im sure *enters room*
-They enter a medium-sized room with a TV, bathroom and a single bed, the person in the bed is being blocked by a curtain-
Cedric: Wait..this isn't my room!
Gerard: I know..
Cedric: really lets just go to my room, my arm really hurts from that fist-fight
Gerard: Forget about you arm!
Cedric: umm..yes sir...*silently moans about the pain*
Gerard: *opens the curtains*
Cedric: ....?!
Gerard: Rise and shine Takumi...
Usui: *Looks away* what do you want?
Gerard: Hows your stomach Takumi?
Usui: Why would you care?
Gerard: That's right, i don't
Cedric: He's alive?!
Gerard: You're a bit slow for our best agent aren't you?
Cedric: Yes, but would anybody mind telling me why he's still alive?
Gerard: Takumi?
Usui: ...
Gerard: I will tell him *drags him outside*

Surgeon: *speaker* will the family and friends of the 2 seika high students Usui and Misa please go to room 211
Gerard: *goes into room*
Doctor: I'm happy to say both of them are...
Gerard: *punch*
Doctor: *K'od*
Gerard: *drags doctor to corner in the room and covers him with laundry*
Surgeon:* tries to call security*
Gerard: * grabs Surgeons shirt* listen here buddy, when the next set of people come through the door tell them the girl made it and the boy didn't. Got it?
Surgeon: *choke* it
Gerard: *lets go* Make one wrong move and *pulls out gun* its over
Surgeon: *gulp* g-got it
Gerard: *goes to corner*
-Misa's family and friends come in- (lets call them 'them')
Them: So?
Surgeon: ...
Them: ...
Surgeon: The girl is okay..
Them: *sigh of relief*
Yukimura: How about usui?
Surgeon: *looks at Gerald*
Gerard: *intimidating stare*
Surgeon: *gulp* He's dead...
-flashback over-

Gerard: After that i forced the surgeon and the doctor to quit their jobs and offered them new ones as our private doctors
Cedric: *thinks about everything* what an evil plan sir
Gerard: You know whats best?
Cedric: What?
Gerard: He's thinks that slut is still dead!
Cedric: *shock* amazing sir...
Gerard: Listen, our flight leaves on August 25 (3 months from now) at 11pm, you have to make sure Takumi doesn't step a foot out of this room or you wont be hearing the end of it from me.
Cedric: Yes sir
Gerard: Good, meet you on that day at 8:30 pm
-Aug 25 at 6 pm-
Cedric: ughh....pain....*goes to bathroom*
Usui: ZzZzZzZ....
TV: *loud music*
Usui: *wakes up*
TV: and now back to Japan News 24/7
Usui: *Reaches for remote*
TV: Top story tonight 'Seika high survivor leaves hospital'
Usui: * Looks for off button*
Reporter: We go her in ***** hospital where the 1 survivor of this tragedy is just getting out of the hospital
Usui: ...*shock and puts down remote*
Sakura: waah! too many reporters!
Misa's mom: oh my, hurry up you two!
Shintani : yes ma'am!
Misa: *in wheelchair being pushed by Shintani*
Usui : !!

-in the hospital-

Usui: Ayuzawa?! She's alive! *mad*
Cedric: *painful moans*
Usui: *gets on crotches and starts walking away*
-when usui gets downstairs-
Usui: *goes into taxi* goto [Misa's address]
-20 mins later-

Cedric: *gets out of bathroom* Takumi? *looks around* Oh no...
Gerard: (in car on the way to the hospital) well, today i will finally get out of this billboard-filled wasteland *takes sip of drink*
-stops at red light-
-Usui's taxi passes by on the other side of the road-
Gerard: *spits out drink* t-Takumi??!!
Usui: !! I think he saw me
Gerard: Driver! After that cab!
Usui : damn it! *takes over the driver's seat and drives in full speed to the hospital*
-racing scene-

...few moments later....
-at the Ayuzawa territory-

-Outside of Misaki's room-
Shintani : how is she?
Misaki's mother : she's still the same since in the hospital...she won't eat...or drink...or even talk to me..
Shintani : Misa-chan....

-in Misaki's room-
Misaki : Usui.....*while thinking the memories she spent with Usui* idiot Usui *starts crying*
Usui : *from the window* Misaki.......*shock to see Misaki crying*
Misaki : *eyes wide open* U.....Usui...*gets up in a sitting position*
Usui : *goes to Misaki and hugs her tightly*
Misaki : *speechless and tears begin to flow more*
Shintani : *opens the door while still talking to Misaki's mother* Have a save journey ma'am, I'll be taking care of Misa-chan from he-*turn to look at Misaki and sees them hugging* ....*speechless*
Misaki's mother : Usui???!!
Shintani : *looks away*
Misaki's mother : *holds Shintani's shoulder* it's best to leave them two alone *smiles*
Shintani : *nods and leaves the room with the door closed*
Usui : *falls down to the side of the bed along with Misaki while hugging*
Usui : Misaki *kisses her forehead* Let's go to sleep together....
Misaki : *falls asleep while crying*


Since lots of people disagree with the question
and hates it if both of them die
So we come up with a story line
that's both tragic and epic

Be sure to stay with me for further Update!
Please do comment!
If you can't comment
Then write something on the chatbox
on the right

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BlazingJewel (Director)
Furansessu (Editor)

Maid Sama! - [Episode 21] part 2 Usui's love rival?!

[Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
-Episode 21 part 2-

In part 2
a new character appeared
and it looks like this character
is Usui's love rival!

Shintani Hinata
a person who used to be fat
when he was small
and is also known as a glutton.
Misaki is his first love
since in elementary school
because Misaki is always caring for him
at that time.

At first,
Misaki couldn't recognize Shintani
same goes to Shintani
because both of them changed so much
that it's hard to identify.
In the end,
Misaki realized who he was
and told him
that her name.
Shintani jump in joy and hugs Misaki
with everyone looking.
Usui Takumi

This isn't the full story of it by the way
some of the scene in this episode are being cut

You can see the anime here:
Maid Sama! - Episode 21

You can read the manga of this part here:
Kaichou wa Maid Sama! - Chapter 26

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maid Sama! - [Episode 21] part 1

[Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
-Episode 21 part 1-

In this episode
we can see that Usui has recover
and now he's back in school.
Kanou suspect them to be dating
but he was surprised that
both of them are denying the fact
even though it was obvious that
both of them like each other.
this episode (part 1)
is about the boxing club
cleaning up their training place
since Misaki said
it's really filthy and you can see
some sort of aura form the place.
the boxing club deny.

Yukimura step in
and said
"We'll prepare Onigiri if you guys clean up"
From there
the student council
had to prepare lots of Onigiri
for the boxing club.
But as we all know,
Misaki has a really bad cooking skills.
In the end her Onigiri
is in a ball-like-shape
and it's really hard.
No one ate her Onigiri
so at first she wanted to finish it alone.
But she got tired
and slept for awhile.

Usui came into the room
and sneakily ate the Onigiri that Misaki made.
Since Usui would eat anything that Misaki make
he finished all the Onigiri
while letting Misaki sleep on his shoulder.

That's it for part 1
Next will be part 2!

You can watch the anime here:
Maid Sama! -Episode 21

You can read the manga of this part here:
Kaichou wa Maid Sama! - Chapter 25

-Thanks for reading!-