Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How To Self-Study : Long Hours (Level 2)

Indeed studying 1 or 2 hours
is actually enough for the day.
But is it really enough for you??
If you ask me,
I would say "It's really not enough for me"
So this tip/section
is for those who thinks that
studying for 1 or 2 hours isn't enough
and wants to extend their studying time to
6-8 hours in a day


Tip 1 : Sleep Right
Your sleep is really important in other to study
because your brain needs to fully regain it's strength
in order for it to do multiple tasks for you
including studying.
It is recommended for an average student
to sleep 6-8 hours a day.
Surely sleeping 2-5 hours a day isn't enough.
It will bring danger to your brain
if you lack of sleep
because it can bring to short-term memory lost
and making the brain to not think properly.
So no matter what the case is,
you must get enough rest,

Tip 2 : Eat Right!
Stay away from junk foods
because they can decrease your brain efficiency.
When this happens,
it will be harder for you to
absorb the information while you're studying.
Avoid fatty foods and also heavy foods.
These could also reduce the brain's efficiency.
Consume more healthy food
such as oatmeal and fruits.

Tip 3 : Take Supplementary Pills (Optional)
This is only for those who are used to
taking supplementary pills
such as (this is what I daily take)
AO Pro (Vitamin A)
Chelated Mineral
and Proflavanol (Vitamin C).
I used to take
Fish Oil supplementary pills
when I was in High School
because my mum said
it's good for the brain.
(but since it's expensive so she stop buying it)
But for those
who don't take supplementary pills
don't take when your exams are near
because taking supplementary pills for the first time
can cause drowsiness, slight fever, & headache
for 1 week.
This just means that your body is getting used to
the supplementary pills.
Yes, I do recommend it to everyone but
No, don't take it when you're exams are around the corner.

Tip 4 : If You Love Coffee, Drink It Moderately
If you can, don't drink it at all
because coffee is really addictive
and consuming a lot of it could make
your body tolerant towards the drink
and in most cases have negative effect.
Of course I can't deny
coffee is a good because
it contains antioxidant to cleanse the body
and also antidepressant which can bring focus and relaxation.
But be reminded
consuming a lot of coffee isn't healthy
it can cause depression and nervousness.
Now you don't want that when you're attending
an examination right?

Tip 5 : Don't Look At The Clock While Studying
Hide any clocks that you have while you study
and try to continuously study,
then at one point you stop and check how long you've studied.
For example,
try and open your text books
and study 1 whole chapter
without looking at a clock.
Check the time when
you've finish studying the whole chapter,
Believe me, you'd be amazed.
Then continue doing this for 2 chapters
and so on until you think that
you can study for 6-8 hours a day.

Tip 6 : Study & Practice
Studying alone isn't enough
you need to practice by doing
some work exercises from
the exercise books.
This is where you use your hand
as a tool to help you study
because when you write
you tend to automatically
memorize what you're writing.
This makes it easier
when you're facing your examination.
But doing once won't be enough
you'll have to do it lots of times
until it sticks in your head.

Tip 7 : Use The Internet As Your Source Of Information
This is how I study since I was 15 years old
Whenever the information that
they give in text books aren't enough
I'll always search for more information in the internet.
This way you can gain extra knowledge
and rest from staring at the book for too long.
Of course, avoid from going into
facebook, myspace, youtube, friendster,
and other websites that connect you and your friend.


That's it for now :3
If there's some mistakes
I'll surely correct them right away!
I am currently a Level 2
but sometimes I can go down to Level 1
because of other activities
Level 3 is where a person
can study for 12-14 hours straight.
Yes, there are people who can actually study that long.
Such as myself during High School
It is difficult but still possible
to be a level 3
especially when you're a college student
like me :D

Be sure to look out for
'How To Self-Study : Half A Day (Level 3)'

(Sorry but I'd like to study now weeeeee~)

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps You!

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