Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maid Sama! - Summer Holidays Day 2

[Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
-Episode 17-

The second day
of the maids of Maid Cafe's
summer trip,
there was a volleyball competition.
Each team consist a pair (1 boy 1 girl)
and whoever wins get to be
the prince and princess of the day,
the princess gets to wear bikini costumes
and take a photo shoot.

When Usui hears that
Misaki is participating,
he tries to stop her from entering
because he couldn't resist
men taking photos of her half naked.
(moe moe moe moe moe)

Misaki insist of joining the competition
for the sake of Aoi.
Misaki over heard Nagisa saying that
if Aoi gets to win the volleyball competition
he could wear girly clothes
and even go home if he wants.
Misaki was determine to help Aoi
since Aoi really wants his freedom
to dress up like a girl.

Aoi and Misaki paired up and entered.
Usui paired up with Erika.
Erika's reason to join is because she thinks
that the competitions looks fun.

During the final round
Usui saved Misaki again
by letting himself get knocked by the steel
at his back.
He got injured but claim that he was alright.
Misaki felt guilty and sorry for him.
She didn't feel good winning
because she made her opponent injured.

During night time,
Misaki went to the shore and apologize to Usui
for what had happened.
Then comes in the moe scene

If you want to know more
watch this anime

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