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Maid Sama! - Episode 20 is finally here!

[Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
-Episode 20-

There's no English subtitle yet
for this new episode.
I'll just tell you what they're actually saying

I'm not a translator
because I only know a little bit of
Japanese and hiragana

-I took the dialog from the manga-

Title : The Vice President is a Prince?!?

Name : Yukimura Shouchiro (16)
2nd Year High School Student

Name : Yukimura Ruri (7)
1st Year Primary School Student
The vice president's little sister

..Usui appears..

..Ruri fell in love with Usui by first sight and claims that he is her prince..

Yukimura :
We raised Ruri like a precious butterfly...
like a beautiful flower.
She dreams to become a princess
and we always play the princess game

Usui : I thought you said I was a pervert
-it is obvious that he doesn't want to help-

-Usui prince form-

Misaki : I say...the clothes are quite embarrassing..
I wonder who made it...

Name : Hyoudou Aoi (14)
A Middle High School Student
who likes to dress up like a girl
currently a net idol

Aoi : I made it...

Aoi :
Since i can't help it,
I made the perfect costume for him! Ahh..
I had to give up my holiday just to make it,
what a burden really!

Usui stares at Misaki
(totally ignoring Ruri when they were at a botanic al garden)

Kanou : Flowers that were not originally from the
garden bloomed suddenly..
Yukimura : I saw it, too...
Misaki : ....
Aoi : What is he doing...

Kanou with make up on
and a chocolate cigarette

Kanou who was forced to dress up like a gangster
because change of plans.
The plan was to make Usui look like
a scaredy cat prince and that's where
Yukimura shows up to save his beloved sister.

Kanou : I really can't do it!

But unfortunately,
it was too much for Kanou
(since he's really shy)

The box : Currently regretting it..
-Misaki in a ladylike look-

So they had to change the plan
to make Usui look like an unfaithful
and the worst of all men.

Misaki :
This is too much, Takumi-sama!
While having me as your fiancee
you still go with another woman!

(he is actually shocked at Misaki's appearance)

-Usui went along with the act-

Usui :
I'm sorry, Misaki-hime.
I had no idea that you loved me this much..
Please forgive me as I was only testing your love for me.
It's okay, don't worry.
Princess Misaki is the only girl I love.
(if you notice some part of what Usui is saying is actually true)

This is scene is when Ruri run into the shop
(because she said she was the princess of the day and got mad)
and bump into one of the staff (a lady)
who then bump into the shelf full
of English plates and cups.
The shelf starts to fall
and it was directly falling towards Ruri.
Yukimura quickly went to her and protect her.
But Usui managed to stop the shelf from falling
and Misaki managed to save the plates and cups
that were about to fall and crash.
This scene shows how much
Yukimura care for Ruri
and how much he is willing
to do anything for her.
(he kind of spoiled her)

This is not the end of this episode actually.
There are two stories in this episode.
The other one is
'Aoi and His Happy Friends'
So if you want to know about the other story
do watch the anime!

You can find the manga here :
'The Vice President is a Prince?!?'
'Aoi and Her Happy Friends'

You can find the anime here :

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