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Maid Sama! - What will happened to Usui if Misaki got Murdered?

[Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
[from Forum]

so I created this question
in a forum
and I was surprised
with the number of replies I get.
We also somewhat made a storyline
to see what will happened.

This is what we come up so far


Usui is shocked and shielding Misa at the same time
Cedric is holding a gun pointing right at usui
Misa is paralyzed in pure shock and is on the edge of fainting

Cedric : NOBODY MOVE!! I'm not gonna regret this!!
Usui: ...
Misa: ...
Cedric : Tsk Tsk, *revolving around the frozen couple with the gun still pointed at Usui's head* how naughty of you Takumi, running off into the wild thinking you can just abandon the walkers like that. For this poor slut that lives in a wrecked up house beside a street.
Usui: You bastar-
*Cedric fires a gun shot right beside Usui's head, barely missing his right eye*
Usui: !!!
Misa: *scream*
While Cedric continues to constantly pressure Usui with his foul words, Usui waits for the right moment
Usui: ...
Cedric : Wait, i know what the problem is here. *moves toward Misa* its HER!! *picks up misa by the hair*
Misa: *scream* Let me go you...
Cedric : *points gun right in-front of Misa's face* You better shut up!! (to usui) you see usui? all this can be solved, you just have to stay away from this b*tch and all your problems will be solved. You can return to your normal life and study in Mayabigaoka.
Usui: NEVER!
Cedric : Persistent i see, willing to put your life on the line for this wasteful piece of garbage. You had your chance Takumi, looks like there's only one thing left to do...*turns toward misa with gun*
Usui: *instantly jolts toward Cedric knocking the gun out of his hand and pushing him towards the floor*
Cedric and usui have a fist fight and eventually usui knocks him out
Usui: (all battered and bruised and his arm is bleeding) Are you okay Misa-chan?!
Misa: Im fine...your arm...
Usui: It doesn't matter now, is just glad were safe *hug*
Misa: But how about the rest of your family? They have dozens of agents, they could be sending them here right now.
Usui: *explains some kind of mumbo jumbo that says the walkers wont be bothering him anymore*
Misa: What a relief *sob*
Usui: ? whats wrong?
Misa: *wipes tears* I feel soo happy to be alive i guess...
Usui: *Gets up* Misa-chan...
Misa: *gets up* Usui...
Cedric: *regains consciousness*
Usui: Lets go before he regains consciousness
Misa: Sure
Cedric : (enraged) *instantly grabs gun and points it at Usui*
Misa: *Turns around to check on Cedric and realizes he's about to shoot Misaki* Usui!!
Usui: ?!! *turns around quickly*
*drip, drip*
Cedric : *laughs menacingly then loses consciousness*
Usui: ... *in shock and stoned*
Misa: *falls*
Usui: *catch* misa-chan......misa-chan!!!!
Misa: Usui...
Usui : Its going to be alright, I'm going to call an ambulance. *dials an ambulance*
Usui: *crying* * tries to stop bleeding* they're on their way, its going to be okay misa-chan...
Misa: Usui...*reaches her hand toward usui*
Usui: *gently grabs and put on his chest* Misa-chan, stay with me...
Misa: *smiles* Usui.....I have something to tell you before I go.....I..*coughs blood*
Usui: Dont talk like that! I told you! Your going to be okay...
Misa: (barely heard what he said) Usui...what i was trying to
Usui : *shocked and more tears flow* Mi...Misa-chan...
Misa : *pulls down Usui for a kiss*
both of them kiss
Misa : *smiles while looking at usui* please behave when I'm gone...usui.... *slowly closes eyes*
Usui: Misa-chan..Misa-chan *shakes her*
Her had slowly falls down and dangles above the floor
Usui: Misa-chan!
*door slams open*
Paramedic: We got her as fast as we could! Who is injured?
Other Paramedic: Young man!! Put down the gun!!
Usui: *shocks because he realized what he was doing*
Usui: *looks at misaki again and pulls the trigger*
-BANG! Usui drops on the floor-
-a scream is heard from the background-
Paramedic: Other paramedic, look if the girls alive!
Other paramedic: yes she is!
*take them both with them to the hospital*

-few moments later-

Surgoen: *speaker* could the friends and family of the 2 seika high students Misa and Usui please go to room 211
Everyone:*goes to room 211* so?

-few days later-
-during summer holiday-

Misaki: Whe... where am I?
Shintani : Misa-chan!! *with a worried look*
Yukimura : Kaichou!!
Kanou : !!!
Sakura : Misaki!!!!
Shizuko : *shock* Mi.....Misaki....! *stands up*
Misaki's mother: Misaki! your awake!
Misaki: *looks at everyone and couldn't find usui anywhere* u..usui....Usui?! Where's Usui?! *gets up into a sitting position*
everyone: *look at each other and some look away*
Misaki: What happened to Usui!?! Tell me!! What happened to-
Shintani : *hugs Misaki*
Misaki's mother: *cries*
everyone else : *stand up still*
Misaki: ... *shocked* You-kun....
Shintani : *hugs Misaki tighter*
Sakura : Usui...he..*feels like she's going to cry*
Shizuka : *puts her hands on Sakura's shoulder*
Misaki's mother: He suicided because he thougt you were death.....
Miskai: *shocked and suddenly tears begin to flow down* Usui......he what?
Shintani : Misa-chan....
Misaki : *still crying and starts to get mad* baka......baka...BAKA!!! Usui will never die!! This is not true!!! This is-
Shintani : *holds Misaki's shoulder and their talking face to face* Misa-chan!!
Misaki : ..... *tears still flowing*
Shintani : I'm sorry.....*looks away*
Misaki : *grabs Shintani's hand and put it down while looking downwards*
everyone : *quiet*
Misaki : *starts to run to the window and she's about to jump*
Misaki's mother: Misaki....
Misaki :*looks down and assumed that she was on the 8th floor*
Misaki's mother: Misaki! what are you doing! stay in your bed!
Sakura : Misaki!!!!!
Shizuko : Misaki!!
Yukimura : Kaichou!! Someone stop her!!
Shintani : Misa-chan!!! *grabs Misaki and tries to pull her back* STOP THIS!!!!
Misaki : Let me go You-kun!!!! Usui is out there somewhere!!
Shintani : No!! I won't let go of you!!
Yukimura: *idea* Kanou kun!! Put her to sleep!
Misa: *breaks free*
Yukimura: Kanou-kun!!!
Misaki : I said let go of- *turns her back and suddenly sees Kanou*
Kanou : *uses his hypnotizing skills to put Misaki to sleep*
Kanou: !! *clap*
Misaki : *felt asleep and her body was about to fall*
Shintani : *pulls back Misaki and both of them landed on the floor* ...Misa-chan.... *hugs Misaki tightly*
-silence entered the room-

-in a far way hospital Gerard and Cedric (with a broken arm) are walking down a hallway-
Gerard:Looks like we've won cedric...
Cerdric: WON?! *sarcastically* oh yes! I'm sure your father wanted him to commit suicide cuz he HATES to see his children alive
Gerard:Yes, im sure *enters room*
-They enter a medium-sized room with a TV, bathroom and a single bed, the person in the bed is being blocked by a curtain-
Cedric: Wait..this isn't my room!
Gerard: I know..
Cedric: really lets just go to my room, my arm really hurts from that fist-fight
Gerard: Forget about you arm!
Cedric: umm..yes sir...*silently moans about the pain*
Gerard: *opens the curtains*
Cedric: ....?!
Gerard: Rise and shine Takumi...
Usui: *Looks away* what do you want?
Gerard: Hows your stomach Takumi?
Usui: Why would you care?
Gerard: That's right, i don't
Cedric: He's alive?!
Gerard: You're a bit slow for our best agent aren't you?
Cedric: Yes, but would anybody mind telling me why he's still alive?
Gerard: Takumi?
Usui: ...
Gerard: I will tell him *drags him outside*

Surgeon: *speaker* will the family and friends of the 2 seika high students Usui and Misa please go to room 211
Gerard: *goes into room*
Doctor: I'm happy to say both of them are...
Gerard: *punch*
Doctor: *K'od*
Gerard: *drags doctor to corner in the room and covers him with laundry*
Surgeon:* tries to call security*
Gerard: * grabs Surgeons shirt* listen here buddy, when the next set of people come through the door tell them the girl made it and the boy didn't. Got it?
Surgeon: *choke* it
Gerard: *lets go* Make one wrong move and *pulls out gun* its over
Surgeon: *gulp* g-got it
Gerard: *goes to corner*
-Misa's family and friends come in- (lets call them 'them')
Them: So?
Surgeon: ...
Them: ...
Surgeon: The girl is okay..
Them: *sigh of relief*
Yukimura: How about usui?
Surgeon: *looks at Gerald*
Gerard: *intimidating stare*
Surgeon: *gulp* He's dead...
-flashback over-

Gerard: After that i forced the surgeon and the doctor to quit their jobs and offered them new ones as our private doctors
Cedric: *thinks about everything* what an evil plan sir
Gerard: You know whats best?
Cedric: What?
Gerard: He's thinks that slut is still dead!
Cedric: *shock* amazing sir...
Gerard: Listen, our flight leaves on August 25 (3 months from now) at 11pm, you have to make sure Takumi doesn't step a foot out of this room or you wont be hearing the end of it from me.
Cedric: Yes sir
Gerard: Good, meet you on that day at 8:30 pm
-Aug 25 at 6 pm-
Cedric: ughh....pain....*goes to bathroom*
Usui: ZzZzZzZ....
TV: *loud music*
Usui: *wakes up*
TV: and now back to Japan News 24/7
Usui: *Reaches for remote*
TV: Top story tonight 'Seika high survivor leaves hospital'
Usui: * Looks for off button*
Reporter: We go her in ***** hospital where the 1 survivor of this tragedy is just getting out of the hospital
Usui: ...*shock and puts down remote*
Sakura: waah! too many reporters!
Misa's mom: oh my, hurry up you two!
Shintani : yes ma'am!
Misa: *in wheelchair being pushed by Shintani*
Usui : !!

-in the hospital-

Usui: Ayuzawa?! She's alive! *mad*
Cedric: *painful moans*
Usui: *gets on crotches and starts walking away*
-when usui gets downstairs-
Usui: *goes into taxi* goto [Misa's address]
-20 mins later-

Cedric: *gets out of bathroom* Takumi? *looks around* Oh no...
Gerard: (in car on the way to the hospital) well, today i will finally get out of this billboard-filled wasteland *takes sip of drink*
-stops at red light-
-Usui's taxi passes by on the other side of the road-
Gerard: *spits out drink* t-Takumi??!!
Usui: !! I think he saw me
Gerard: Driver! After that cab!
Usui : damn it! *takes over the driver's seat and drives in full speed to the hospital*
-racing scene-

...few moments later....
-at the Ayuzawa territory-

-Outside of Misaki's room-
Shintani : how is she?
Misaki's mother : she's still the same since in the hospital...she won't eat...or drink...or even talk to me..
Shintani : Misa-chan....

-in Misaki's room-
Misaki : Usui.....*while thinking the memories she spent with Usui* idiot Usui *starts crying*
Usui : *from the window* Misaki.......*shock to see Misaki crying*
Misaki : *eyes wide open* U.....Usui...*gets up in a sitting position*
Usui : *goes to Misaki and hugs her tightly*
Misaki : *speechless and tears begin to flow more*
Shintani : *opens the door while still talking to Misaki's mother* Have a save journey ma'am, I'll be taking care of Misa-chan from he-*turn to look at Misaki and sees them hugging* ....*speechless*
Misaki's mother : Usui???!!
Shintani : *looks away*
Misaki's mother : *holds Shintani's shoulder* it's best to leave them two alone *smiles*
Shintani : *nods and leaves the room with the door closed*
Usui : *falls down to the side of the bed along with Misaki while hugging*
Usui : Misaki *kisses her forehead* Let's go to sleep together....
Misaki : *falls asleep while crying*


Since lots of people disagree with the question
and hates it if both of them die
So we come up with a story line
that's both tragic and epic

Be sure to stay with me for further Update!
Please do comment!
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-Thanks for reading!-

BlazingJewel (Director)
Furansessu (Editor)

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Anonymous said...

i cant believe u wrote this!!!
ur sooo good nd u should keep going on with this type of stuff
it almost made me cry

Anonymous said...

amazing. very well writen, u should make more and im pretty sure thats coming from everyone here. u shld srsly think about making mangas :P