Saturday, August 28, 2010

For Those Taking English Subject

Here's a little bit of tip
for students taking English (Language) subject
You must first know that learning English is really important
as it is the 2nd most common language used around the world.
With English in your hand
you'll have no trouble in communicating
with most people all around the world.

So you're taking English as a subject in school
It's really easy to pass
but difficult to get an A+
and for most Malaysians
(especially in Sabah my home state)
it's sort of not an easy task to get an A+ in English
because the Minister of Education in Malaysia emphasize
more to Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
among the students.

This is according to what I've experienced
and since I've got friends who really needs help
with their English,
So I guess writing this would help them, no?


Tip 1 : You write as how you speak
In most cases,
people write essays as how they normally speak
because when they write an essay
they would speak silently in their mind
on how the output should be.
So in order to improve your writing skills
you must improve the way you talk in English.
As what I did during my high school days
I went to this one website called
It really helps me in improving my English
and the way I speak.
Thus, it improves my writing skills.
The tips that they gave
are really effective
I recommend it to all
especially those who has problems in speaking in English.

Tip 2 : Read Good Books
Statistics shows that
reading Harry Potter novels
can improve ones writing skills.
Also, be reminded
(for Malaysians only)
that the English used in Malaysia
is based from UK and not US.
So read books or articles
that's based on English from UK

Tip 3 : Always Seek Your English Teacher
Whenever you have
problems with your English
you must seek your English Teacher straight away
Surely they'll gladly teach you
and look up to you.
Don't get discourage with the saying
that if you seek help means people will look down you.
that's absolutely not true in a way
So what if they think that way towards you?
You want to improve yourself
and if they make fun of you
let them be
because that just means they
dumber than you.
So be bold
and ask your English teacher!

Tip 4 : Teach Your Friends English
If you think you're good in English
why not share it with your friends?
Teach those who are weaker in English
and this will automatically
improves your understand of English.
Teaching others is somewhat a revising process
You teach what you've learn
and what you teach will become something that's vivid in your head
because in order to teach someone
you must know the inside and out of what you're teaching.

Tip 5 : Always Bring A Dictionary Along
Bring it like it's a bible
always refer to a dictionary when you don't know a word
It's really useful
when you're reading a novel.
I always have a dictionary with me
when I'm reading a novel/book/article.
And don't complain that it's heavy!
No pain no game!


Hey even if I'm an anime lover
my desire to have the perfect grades in school/college
will never fade

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps!

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