Friday, March 11, 2011

11th of March, 2011 - Struggles

It's a Friday today
and yeah I have no class
which is why I am blogging at this moment XD

I've been struggling lately
with college and assignments
There are a lot of things that I would like
to share but I don't think I can
fit in everything for today
since I still have loads of
assignments due next week.


Lately I was informed
that my former school (SMK Likas)
had produced the school magazine of 2009
and also I was informed to
get my SPM certificate
and ko-kurikulum certificate
from the school office.

Honestly at first
I didn't really care about it
But when one of my former classmate
told me in facebook that there were
a lot of things mentioned about me
it powered up my curiosity and made
me went to my former school.

I saw one of my exam's essay
in the school magazine of 2009 XD

A Nightmare That Had Ever Happened
(Click to Enlarge)

hahahahahaha XD
Well at least I contributed something, ne?

Last night after class,
I watched UNKNOWN
(Only suitable for 18 years and above)

It is a really great and exciting movie
The movie is about a man
who got into an accident
and eventually lost his memory
He claimed that he is Dr Martin Harris
and was married.
When he found his wife
from remembering his schedule
throughout the week,
the wife denied that he was her husband.
He felt betrayed and went back to
the hospital when he could
sense that someone was
following him from behind.
However, someone wanted him dead.
After struggling to live
and not being killed
he went to meet with a professional spy
in order to help with his memory lost.
What the spy found wasn't really pleasing,
and when Dr Martin Harris discovered it
it shocked everyone.

Watch the movie if you
want to know the rest :)

the movie really inspired me
from the way they plotted the movie
to the way they make the movie

That's All For Now!
Thank You For The Visit!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

5th of March, 2011 - Nasty Aunt Flow

...Ohaiyo gozaimasu...
I am currently having aunt flow
(also known as period)
I have no idea why my PMS
would be really nasty.
This month's PMS
made me really really sick.
I had fever, flu, fatigue,
I'm still having cough
and also asthma.

I had to go to the nearest clinic
to get a nebulizer to ease my asthma,
which was around 10.30pm
The doctor said my throat
was swelling and then I was
told to take a few medicines.
I hate taking pills (=w=)


I haven't even started
doing my assignment
due to my current condition

Might as well share something
about Asthma today.



is a common chronic inflammatory disease
of the airways characterized by
variable and recurring symptoms,
reversible airflow obstruction,
and bronchospasm.
Symptoms include wheezing,
coughing, chest tightness,
and shortness of breath.

Symptoms occur or
worsen in the presence of:
  • Exercise
  • Viral infection
  • Animals with fur or hair
  • House-dust mites (in mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture, carpets)
  • Mold
  • Smoke (tobacco, wood)
  • Pollen
  • Changes in weather
  • Strong emotional expression (laughing or crying hard)
  • Airborne chemicals or dusts
  • Menstrual cycles

Usually asthma comes down
from the parents or
from the parent's family.
But surprisingly,
none of my parents have asthma
and none of the family has it.
Except one of my niece.
I don't really care though
maybe it's because of something else

p.s. I'm born with asthma

Anyways, hopefully I'll get better
so I could start doing my
assignments soon
and also my studies.

Thank You For The Visit!