Sunday, January 29, 2012

29th of January, 2012 - Birthday Celebration

We'll be celebrating my mother's birthday
this Tuesday at this restaurant that
my mother wanted to go.
When my sister was informed this
by my mother, she immediately called
my brothers and I to say that
we MUST get her gifts to be
presented on that day.
I guess you could say that my
sister is just being excited about it.

+My sister+

Have a Good Day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

27th of January, 2012 - New Year's Resolution

Yesh yesh I know
I should have blogged about this
before I blog about the
'Happy Chinese New Year' blog post
Yesh~ Another year has pass
and everyone is always looking
forward to each New Year.

On January 2010 & 2011,
I blogged about the same title.
Saying stuff like I want to be stronger
and I want to be productive.
Then it made me thinking
of what will the new resolution
for this year be?
It's 2012 this year and I'm sure everyone's
hoping that they'll survived through the


Guess what? :D
I'm pretty much sure everyone
wants the best for every New Year.
I will expect nothing but the worst!
That's right! :D the opposite of what
everyone wishes for.
The word "WHY" is ringing in
your head, is it not?

Then allow me to explain :3
When a person hopes for the best
of something especially for new years.
Sometimes THAT expectation is too high
for your body and mind to cope
that it slowly eats deep down inside you.
Like how a sponge absorbs liquid,
same goes to how your brain absorbs
that resolution of yours.
However, if things didn't
turn out the way as you expect
it to be EVEN THOUGH you
have planned everything so
'perfectly' in order to reach your 'resolution',
then you will be depress,
you'll be so sad and grumpy
and start to say mean things
to everyone and do mean things
And you're only excuse is
"it's my period" <---for girls though


If you turn your resolution around
and wish for the worst also
to expect only the worst of the worst.
Then, I'm sure you'll be able to
calm that brain of yours for once.

Allow me to give an example:

The scenario will be a girl who
will be transferring to a new school
starting January. So she applies
the new year resolution as being
Let's say that this girl is going to
face the most important exam
of her whole life,
the girl will be imagining stuff like
she's definitely going to fail
although she studies.
But she has a dream...
a dream of becoming a doctor.
So if she's going to expect the worst
for the year, it's common sense
that the brain will tell you to be
prepared to face anything for the year!
And to be prepared for the worst of the worst
Then if you're brain has
develop well after having some serious thoughts,
you'll go to a stage where you'll be thinking
of what will you be doing
if the worst of the worst turns out to be true.
To be precise,
short-term future planning.

Imagine that this year
you definitely will be rape by some
stupid rapist in town.

you'll be panic and afraid.

you'll take precaution actions.

you'll need to be mentally
and physically prepared.

you'll be expecting the rapist
anytime, any day, anywhere.

depends on how you take things seriously,
you'll be able to overcome and prevent
the event from occurring.

you'll unconsciously feel proud.

Same applies if you're
afraid of death

But I must say this,
the results may not be the same
for everyone because
everyone is different and
everyone has a different life path
like how everyone has
a different thumb print.

If you decided to follow
such resolution,

It's your choice (」°□°)」

That's All For Now!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

26th of January, 2012 - What's New Around Here

I've added a new picture just below the
large main picture which says
"Send me a question and I'll blog about it!"

This early of the year,
I thought that 'Hey! Why not ask the readers
what they would like me to blog about?'

The numbers of those who are so very kind
to take their time wasting it into reading
my blog posts have been increasing
...pretty much...
Of course, if I don't want this blog
to be, one day, dead because of
the supreme lackadaisical
that might be upon me one fine day
bring me to a fatal end of my
internet blogging days,
then it is needed for me to take
some actions to prevent the
..I sound so odd somehow..


However, I do have questions that
I would NOT answer


Please, I'd like this blog to be 'clean'
and interesting for everyone :)

That's All For Now!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25th of January, 2012 - Current Favourite Games

Currently I'm playing
Persona 3: FES - The Journey
I just started recently
and I never knew it was a galge game.
Furthermore, there's a female version to it
which makes it an otome game too.
We've had the game for a long time now
and I never bothered to play it
or even briefly know what it is.
(because at that time,
everyone was talking about it)

It's a cool game about
Tartarus, the Dark Hour and Persona(s)
What I love about the game
is its main concept.
It's very admirable and it's no doubt
that most gamers enjoy it.
The characters are well made
as well as the story.
Not forgetting THE MUSIC!
Oh goodness, anyone could
fall in love with the music background XD


Did I mentioned that I'm also
into playing Gundam recently?
Gundam games such as
Gundam vs Gundam NEXT
But I heard there's a new
Gundam game which has
just recently been released
on the 1st of December, 2011
It's call Extreme vs Gundam
and I heard it's much challenging
than the previous games.
However, it's only available for PS3 console.
The good thing about it is
you get to play online
teaming up with other players worldwide.
They also set rankings
and I heard that the highest ranking
is a FEMALE!
Her username is kami0114
and she beats the history worldwide ranking!


Aside from that,
there's this free otome game
which I found online while I was browsing.
It's RE: Alistair+++
However, it's a very basic one.
and it didn't really take me long
to get to the ending.
I heard it was created by
a member from DeviantArt.
If it's created by an amateur
then the person is very creative XD
I can't really tell much about the game
because since it's free,
I'd want you to try it out for yourself.


Besides everything that I've mentioned.
My current favourite song is
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON
(Click the link)
Trust me, it's annoyingly very addictive.
And the video is just UNIQUE.
I love the dance to it :3
and the singer is also cute!


That's All For Now!
Thank You For Staying!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24th of January, 2012 - My Opinion of The Future

Today, I was thinking about
'what would the future be like?'
Of course the future will never be known
until we get there...and eventually we will

I've seen a lot of movies about the future
anime and manga also are included.
Stories about how the technology would
reach its limit and how people
use it for the wrong reason.
Stories about an alien invasion
which I don't really think is what
the future will be.
Stories about the Mayan calender.
Stories about androids invading the world.
Stories about how the world will end
and how there will be no future.
So on...and so fort.

People can say anything
about what lies ahead of us.

In my opinion,
one of the many factors that
I think might occur not long
after today (maybe after a few years)
is that everyone will be wearing glasses.
Computers will no longer be in use
because of a newly and famous
created spectacles.
This kind of spectacles could
make any flat surface as your
desktop computer.
A super tiny camera
along with a super tiny
projector will be install
in the spectacles.
Your fingers would be
the what is call the 'mouse'
of the computer.
This would really ease everyone's
work, studies, etc etc

The spectacles has various
function, such as:
1. Computer
2. Music player
(with an earphone plug into your ear)
3. Camera
4. Human health maintenance
(telling you about your health condition)
5. Cellphone
6. Hologram projector
7. Game console
8. A greater memory than 1 terra-byte
9. Scanner
10. Smoke sensor-scanner

Reading this blog post
might make you think
that this is impossible to be done.
Of course it's impossible
for it to be done in today's technology silly XD
This is because we lack of the needed
technology, materials and elements
to create such spectacles.

But who knows?

I haven't read or heard
about this idea before.
It would be awesome if I was
the one who would create such thing XD
but then again it's not really
my specialty or interest.
So I'm just going to leave to
the scientists to figure it out.


That's All Now!
Haha Smiles!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

23rd of January, 2012

Firecrackers are burning everywhere
around my neighbourhood.
Especially during midnight
because Chinese around the globe
are celebrating Chinese New Year today.
An old saying is said that firecrackers
are burn during the Chinese New Year
to scare away evil spirits which
comes to the villages.

This year is the year of the Dragon.
It is known that Dragon are the most
powerful creature among the other
Chinese zodiac animals.
This saying is shown
in yesterday's newspaper
but I didn't really pay attention about
the details.

It's my semester break right now.
Of course, it's because of
Chinese New Year.
So I would like to take this
opportunity to wish every
Chinese in the globe
and also everyone a
Happy Chinese New Year!
May the year be prosperous
to everyone :)

That's All For Now!