Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24th of January, 2012 - My Opinion of The Future

Today, I was thinking about
'what would the future be like?'
Of course the future will never be known
until we get there...and eventually we will

I've seen a lot of movies about the future
anime and manga also are included.
Stories about how the technology would
reach its limit and how people
use it for the wrong reason.
Stories about an alien invasion
which I don't really think is what
the future will be.
Stories about the Mayan calender.
Stories about androids invading the world.
Stories about how the world will end
and how there will be no future.
So on...and so fort.

People can say anything
about what lies ahead of us.

In my opinion,
one of the many factors that
I think might occur not long
after today (maybe after a few years)
is that everyone will be wearing glasses.
Computers will no longer be in use
because of a newly and famous
created spectacles.
This kind of spectacles could
make any flat surface as your
desktop computer.
A super tiny camera
along with a super tiny
projector will be install
in the spectacles.
Your fingers would be
the what is call the 'mouse'
of the computer.
This would really ease everyone's
work, studies, etc etc

The spectacles has various
function, such as:
1. Computer
2. Music player
(with an earphone plug into your ear)
3. Camera
4. Human health maintenance
(telling you about your health condition)
5. Cellphone
6. Hologram projector
7. Game console
8. A greater memory than 1 terra-byte
9. Scanner
10. Smoke sensor-scanner

Reading this blog post
might make you think
that this is impossible to be done.
Of course it's impossible
for it to be done in today's technology silly XD
This is because we lack of the needed
technology, materials and elements
to create such spectacles.

But who knows?

I haven't read or heard
about this idea before.
It would be awesome if I was
the one who would create such thing XD
but then again it's not really
my specialty or interest.
So I'm just going to leave to
the scientists to figure it out.


That's All Now!
Haha Smiles!

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