Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Review 4: Transformers 3

Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon

I somewhat feel like
I've watched a whole lot of movies before

Maybe after this I should
talk about anime?
We'll see..

The show starts about how in 1961, the Ark,
a Cybertronian spacecraft
carrying an invention capable of ending
the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons,
crash lands on the far side of Earth's Moon.
The crash is detected on Earth by NASA,
and President John F. Kennedy authorizes
a mission to put a man on the Moon
as a cover for investigating the craft.
In 1969, the crew of Apollo 11
lands on the Moon.

In the present,
the Autobots assist the United States military
in preventing conflicts around the globe.
During a mission to Chernobyl,
to investigate suspected alien technology,
Optimus Prime – the valiant leader of the Autobots
– finds a fuel cell from the Ark,
discovering it had survived its journey from Cybertron.
The Autobots are attacked by Shockwave,
who manages to escape.
After learning of the top-secret mission to the Moon,
the Autobots travel there to explore the Ark.
They discover a comatose Sentinel Prime
– Optimus' predecessor as leader of the Autobots
– and the Pillars he created
as a means of establishing a Space Bridge
between two points to teleport matter.
After returning to Earth,
Optimus uses the energy of his
Matrix of Leadership
to revive Sentinel Prime.

Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky is frustrated
that he is unable to work
with the Autobots
and is failing to find a job.
He also becomes envious of the
close relationship between his new girlfriend,
Carly Spencer, and her boss Dylan Gould.
After finding work,
Sam is provided information
by his eccentric co-worker
Jerry Wang about the Ark,
before Jerry is assassinated
by the Decepticon Laserbeak.
Sam contacts the now-independently
wealthy Seymour Simmons,
and together they realize
that the Decepticons and their leader,
Megatron, are murdering people
connected to the American and Russian
space missions to the Ark.
They locate two surviving Russian cosmonauts,
who reveal satellite photos of hundreds
of Pillars being stockpiled on the Moon.
Sam realizes that the Decepticons
raided the Ark long before the Autobots'
mission and intentionally left Sentinel
and five Pillars behind to lure
the Autobots into a trap –
Sentinel being the key to activating the Pillars
and the Decepticons lacking
the means to revive him.
The Autobots rush to return Sentinel
to their base for protection
but Sentinel betrays them
and kills the Autobot Ironhide,
revealing he had made a deal with Megatron
to ensure the survival of the Cybertronian race.

Sentinel uses the Pillars to transport
hundreds of concealed Decepticons
from the Moon to Earth,
and Carly is captured by Gould,
who is revealed to be in the service of the Decepticons.
The Autobots are exiled from Earth
at the demand of the Decepticons to avoid war,
but as their ship leaves Earth it is destroyed
by Megatron's second-in-command,
Starscream, seemingly killing the Autobots.
The Decepticons, led by Megatron and Sentinel,
seize Chicago as their agents place
Pillars around the world.
Gould reveals to Carly that the Decepticons
plan to transport their homeworld
of Cybertron to the Milky Way,
then to enslave Humanity
and use Earth's resources
to rebuild their world.
Sam teams with Robert Epps
to go into Chicago to save Carly,
but they are nearly killed by Decepticon forces
before the Autobots intervene,
having concealed themselves
during the launch of their ship
to convince the Decepticons they were destroyed.

Working together, the Autobots and Human soldiers
manage to rescue Carly
and destroy Soundwave,
Barricade, Starscream, and Shockwave,
with Optimus using Shockwave's arm-cannon
to blast the Control Pillar,
disabling the Space Bridge.
Sam confronts Gould as he reactivates the Control Pillar.
After a brief fistfight,
Sam knocks Gould into the Pillar,
electrocuting him to death.
Bumblebee and Ratchet arrive
and destroy the Control Pillar,
permanently disabling the Bridge
and causing the partially transported
Cybertron to implode.
Optimus and Sentinel fight while Carly
convinces Megatron that he will be replaced
as leader of the Decepticons by Sentinel.
Sentinel severs Optimus' right arm,
and is about to execute him
when Megatron intervenes,
incapacitating Sentinel.
Megatron invokes Optimus for a truce,
having the desire to become
the one-in-charge again.
Optimus attacks Megatron,
knowing Megatron's true intentions,
decapitating and killing him.
Sentinel pleads for his life but Optimus
executes him for betraying his own principles.
With the Decepticons defeated,
Carly and Sam are reunited
and the Autobots accept that
with Cybertron gone,
Earth is now their home.


There's a lot that I'd like to comment
about this movie.
I don't think I'm the only one
who thinks it this way.
From the beginning of the movie
to the very end of it,
none of the things that I see
I could accept and agree.

In Transformers 2
they already portray that
the Decepticons has been on planet Earth
since ancient history.
Now, they are trying to use Apollo 11
to say that The Ark arrived on
the Earth's moon during 1963.
It seems that movies with Apollo 11
or any spaceship from 1960's
is becoming really popular in movies
which is sickening.

Besides that the Matrix
again in Transformers 2
it was shown that the Matrix was
and how the hell can there be
another Matrix safely in
Optimus's chest thingie?
The conversation was too fast
too quick for anyone to understand.
I was finding it hard to understand
the whole thing.

Aside from that,
MEGATRON is being a pussy
in this movie =w=
Megatron...Lord Megatron
we're talking about Megatron here
where he fears no one
where he is known to be
the most powerful Decepticons
in the Universe and not
one bit did he shows any mercy
in other sources like comics and such.
Megatron surprisingly
listens to what a human has to say
about his position and status.
Normally he would sadistically kill
any human in sight.

Oh how I could have forgotten the mother ship!
I bet none of you remembered
didn't you?
because none of the characters
were paying attention
towards the mother ship!
No one even glanced at it!
What did they do?
They just kept on running and running
shot here and shot there.
Then ooh~ Megatron is dead =w=
Human is victorious~ bla bla~
What happened to the mother ship?
Oh the little autobots took care of it
from the inside.

Lots of people suggested that
Transformers 3
should be parted into part 1 and part 2
like Harry Potter.
But no~ we all don't know
what Michael Bay is thinking.
Maybe he's getting bored with the movie?

Transformers 1 was the best
Transformers 2 was 50/50
and a lot of people
are expecting Transformers 3 to rise back
But no~ it just went worse
with Megatron and Sentinel Prime dead
will there be a Transformers 4?

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

Movie Review 3: Ironman


Who doesn't know this genius?
I just watched it recently with company
though I know this movie came out
around 2007 or 2008
which really sucks :/
because back then I didn't really
care much about Marvel Movies.
Well you know what?
Now I do!

The story starts showing how
Tony Stark is the head of Stark Industries,
a major military contracting company
he inherited from his father.
Even though he is an inventive genius and wunderkind,
he is also a playboy.
(which is pretty interesting)
One day, while his father's old partner,
Obadiah Stane,
takes care of day-to-day operations,
Stark flies to war-torn Afghanistan
with his friend and military liaison,
Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes a.k.a. "Rhodey",
for a demonstration of Stark Industries'
new weapon, the "Jericho" missile.
However, Stark is critically wounded
in an assault and finds himself the prisoner
of an Afghan terrorist group
known as the Ten Rings.
Shrapnel in his chest is kept in place
by an electromagnet built by fellow captive Dr. Yinsen,
which will keep it from entering
his heart and killing him.
The Ten Rings leader, Raza, offers Stark his freedom
in exchange for building a Jericho missile
for the group, but Tony and Yinsen
agree he will not keep his word.

During his three months of captivity,
Stark and Yinsen secretly build a powerful
electric generator called an arc reactor,
which will power Stark's electromagnet,
and then begin to build a suit of armor to escape.
The Ten Rings attack the workshop
when they discover what Stark is doing,
and Yinsen fights back to buy Stark time
as the suit powers up.
The armored Stark battles his way out of the caves
and finds the dying Yinsen,
who tells him not to waste his life.
Stark burns the terrorists' munitions
and flies away to crash in the desert,
destroying the suit.
This part was really funny
because Stark was as if
giving hope to the audience that
he could fly back to America,
until when he eventually crash land

After being rescued by Rhodes,
Stark returns home and announces
that his company will no longer manufacture weapons.
Stane advises Stark that this may ruin
Stark Industries and his father's legacy.
In his home workshop,
Stark builds an improved version
of his suit as well as a more powerful
arc reactor for his chest.
When Stark makes his first public appearance
after his return, reporter Christine Everhart informs him
that Stark Industries' weapons,
including the Jericho, were recently delivered to the Ten Rings
and are being used to attack Yinsen's home village.
He also learns that Stane is trying to succeed him
as head of the company.
Enraged, Stark dons his new armor
and flies to Afghanistan
where he saves Yinsen's village
and turns Raza over to the villagers.
While flying home,
Stark is shot at by two F-22 Raptor fighter jets.
He calls Rhodes on his cell phone
and reveals his secret identity
in an attempt to get the attack called off.
the Ten Rings find the pieces
of Stark's prototype suit and meet with Obadiah,
who has the group eliminated
and has the company's engineers reverse engineer
a new suit from the wreck.
Seeking to find any other weapons
delivered to the Ten Rings,
Stark sends his assistant Virginia "Pepper" Potts
to hack into the company computer system
from Obadiah's office.
She discovers Obadiah has been supplying terrorists
with Stark weaponry and hired
the Ten Rings to kill Stark,
but the group reneged on the deal upon
discovering who the target was.
Pepper, soon after, meets with agent Phil Coulson
of the "Strategic Homeland Intervention,
Enforcement and Logistics Division",
a counter-terrorism agency,
to inform him of Obadiah's activities.

Stane's scientists cannot duplicate Stark's arc reactor,
so Stane ambushes Stark in his home,
using a sonic device to paralyze him
and take his arc reactor.
Left to die, Stark crawls to his lab
and retrieves his original reactor.
Potts and several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents
attempt to arrest Stane, but are attacked
by him in his now functional suit.
Stark races to the rescue and fights Stane,
but is quickly overpowered
without his new reactor to run his suit
at full capacity.
Stark lures him atop the Stark Industries building
and instructs Potts to overload
the large arc reactor in the building.
This unleashes a massive electrical surge
that knocks Stane unconscious,
causing him and his armor to fall into the exploding reactor.
The next day, the press has dubbed
Stark in his armor as "Iron Man".
Agent Coulson gives him a cover story
to explain the events of
the night and Stane's death.
At a press conference,
Stark starts to tell the cover story
given to him by S.H.I.E.L.D.,
but then announces that he is Iron Man.

In a post-credits scene,
S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury visits Stark at home,
and, noting that Iron Man is not
"the only superhero in the world",
says he wants to discuss the "Avenger Initiative".

"The truth is....I am Ironman"
said Tony Stark

Compliments to the director
and to the author of Ironman.
It looked really awesome
Only one thing,
which is when Stane's suit appeared,
it looked totally COMPUTERIZED!
I don't really know
if the director or multimedia team
are too lazy to focus on the villian
but it's just...computerized.
Unlike Ironman's suite
which looked really realistic
with all the high tech knowledge
which shows that Stark
is 10 times a genius
than his father Howard Stark,
who is known to be the most
intelligent person in weaponry.

That's All For Now!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Movie Review 2: Blitz

Click Here For Movie Trailer

This is just one of my favourite movie
because it has one of my favourite actor in it!
Jason Statham (as Tom Brant)
I just love his sadistic look.

Aside from Transporter the movie
now he's acting as the main character
in Blitz [2011]


The movie begins with Detective Sergeant (DS)
Tom Brant,
a hot headed police officer from
a turbulent South East London police station,
beating up three youngsters,
who are trying to steal a car, with a hurley.
Brant is approached by PC Elizabeth Falls
asking to help her in passing her Sergeant's exam.
Brant advises her to give it some time
as she has come out of rehab recently.
Falls had previously worked undercover
for the drugs squad and became addicted.
Brant is also warned by his superior
to control his actions.
It transpires during a session between
Brant and a police psychologist
who mentions incidents involving
bugging the Superintendent's office,
beating a person unconscious in a billiards hall
and the earlier assault on the three youths.

Brant goes to the funeral of the
Chief Inspector Roberts's wife.
The same night PC Sandra Bates
is shot dead by an unknown assailant.
Sgt Porter Nash
is transferred from West London Branch
as Acting Inspector,
in place of Roberts who is on extended leave.
A boy approaches PC Falls in her home
and asks for help as he thinks he killed someone
during a gang attack.
Falls asks Brant for a favour
and he gives her the name of
Detective Inspector (DI) Craig Stokes.
The Shooter, Barry Weiss,
calls reporter Harold Dunlop and tells him
that he is the killer.
He asks Dunlop to pick between seven and eight
and when Dunlop picks eight,
Weiss tells him that's the number of cops he will kill.
Weiss walks down the street
and shoots PC Theo Nelson, who is sitting in his car.

The South East London station
is thrown into chaos due to the shootings.
Brant meets with an informant Radnor
who points him in the direction of Weiss,
telling him that Weiss had previously boasted
about setting a police dog on fire "for practice".
Brant meets Nash and tells him
about his personal problem of recurring blackouts.
Nash tells him that Brant might be experiencing burn out
based on his personal experience,
as well as confiding that he once attacked
a paedophile in his house as there was not
sufficient evidence to convict him.
Brant tells him about the lead
and they both decide to visit Weiss.
Meanwhile Chief Inspector Roberts
rejoins his duty.
At Weiss's apartment Brant recognises
him as the guy whom he beat in the billiards hall.

Weiss panics after the visit and flees his apartment.
Unknown to both parties Radnor is spying
on Weiss and, on seeing Weiss leave,
Radnor sifts through his rubbish
and finds a parking receipt.
Weiss follows Roberts to his apartment
and after a struggle,
he kills him by pulverising his head with a hammer.
Realising his trail of forensic evidence
he steals a police uniform and Roberts's badge
and burns the flat.
He then calls Dunlop and tells him
about the murder and that he is now
calling himself Blitz.
Nash informs Brant about the incident.

Radnor goes to the parking garage
and finds Weiss's car.
He opens it and finds trophies of his kills.
He calls Dunlop and asks for £50,000
in exchange for revealing the killer's identity.
Falls goes to meet DI Stokes and asks him
to bury the name of the boy
and in return Stokes asks her out for a drink.
Dunlop meets Radnor and they go the parking garage
where Radnor shows him the car
and the evidence in it.
However Weiss sees this and quickly
removes the evidence from the car.
He follows them to a bar and kills Radnor
in the men's toilet before Radnor
can reveal his identity to Dunlop.

Dunlop tells Brant and Nash
about his meeting with Radnor
and the location of the parked car.
When they arrive, however,
the car is empty and the building's CCTV is faulty,
giving them no evidence on Weiss.
Falls and Stokes meet for a drink,
as Weiss watches them from across the street.
In the station Brant finds out
the connection between
the dead police officers and Weiss.
Weiss is attacking all the cops
who arrested him and Falls is next in line.
Stokes drops Falls at her home
and says he will call her tomorrow,
which Falls interprets
as rejection and angrily leaves the car.

Weiss attacks Falls but the boy who Falls
was trying to protect interrupts
and is killed instead.
Brant and Nash visit Weiss's apartment and,
on finding it abandoned,
decide to release his photo to the media.
A taxi driver identifies him
and leads the police to his location.
He briefly escapes but is pursued by Brant
and caught in a train yard
near Paddington.
Falls, traumatised by the attack,
has a relapse and steals drugs from a dealer.

At the station Brant, Nash and the Chief Inspector
discuss that Weiss may walk
due to the lack of evidence.
Later Brant talks to Nash about the paedophile
incident but Nash declines to talk any further.
Brant taunts Weiss about his name 'Blitz'
and tells him he is nothing,
but is unable to provoke him
into admitting to the killings.
Meanwhile Stokes finds out from his informant
that Falls is stealing drugs
from dealers and contacts Brant.
They reach her house and find her intoxicated,
then throw away the drugs
and help her regain her senses.

Weiss is released but placed under surveillance.
He returns to his flat
and changes into the police uniform
stolen from Roberts's flat,
then dodges the surveillance
and drives to Roberts's funeral.
There, he finds Brant and at that time
Brant receives a text message and leaves.
Weiss follows him to the parking garage
he had previously left his evidence in.

After following him up a flight of stairs,
Weiss aims his pistol at Brant
and tells him to face him.
But when he turns around,
it is Nash and Brant attacks Weiss
from behind with a crowbar.
Nash picks up the pistol Weiss dropped,
the same gun used in the previous killings,
and hands it to Brant.
Weiss quickly realizes Brant's intentions
and warns him how his death
would be treated by the media.
Brant informs him that there was no evidence,
that Weiss was cleared
and is no longer under police investigation,
that the real 'Blitz' was partial
to people in uniform and shooting them
with the same pistol he is holding.
Brant then shoots him in the head.
Brant and Nash leave the rooftop
with Brant joking that the case might remain unsolved.
The movie ends with Brant
releasing two dogs on Harold Dunlop.


My comment towards this movie is
Weiss looks so gay.
I mean literally!
If you've watched the movie
he's part will always be shown
when he's half naked.
Somewhat like a rapist or something,
which is really scary.

Aside from that I love the British accent.
However, the ending towards it
is quite hard to understand
when Brant is saying something about
who is Blitz
and then the scene
is just like how a murderer would attempt.
Police being a murderer?
The good guys are actually the bad ones? confusing
But I love the movie anyways :3

That's All For Now!
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Movie Review 1: Hanna

This was a movie which I watched
a few months back.
It's a really interesting story
although the actors and actresses
as well as the director
are all unknown to me.

It's a European-English movie.

The story begins when
Hanna Heller, a 16-year-old girl,
was hunting a reindeer
and was attacked by someone.
Later then it was known that
the person was her father
who was training her.
She lives with her father, Erik Heller
in the wilderness of Finland.
Ever since she was two years old,
Hanna has been trained by Erik
to become a multilingual assassin.
She has never been
exposed to technology
and she learns everything
from a dictionary and other books
which her father sometimes
read to her.
Not knowing about school,
she has mastered multiple language
like french, germany, latin, etc.

One night, Hanna tells Erik that she is "ready",
and he gives her a box containing an old transmitter
that will alert the outside world to their presence.
After analyzing the situation,
Hanna flips the switch,
sending a signal of her location
to Marissa Wiegler, a CIA officer.
Marissa sends a team to Erik's cabin, where Hanna,
who had been waiting for them,
is captured and taken to a CIA safe house in Morocco.
Erik left before the CIA team
came to their cabin.

There, Hanna discovers that Erik is a former
CIA agent who betrayed the agency
and knows a secret that cannot become public.
Marissa has been assigned to kill him,
but Erik has trained Hanna to kill Marissa.
Knowing that Hanna was captured too easily,
Wiegler sends a body double to speak with Hanna.
Hanna kills the double, breaks free and escapes the compound.

While on the run through the desert,
Hanna meets Sebastian and Rachel,
and befriends their teenage daughter Sophie.
They decide to help her go to Berlin,
after she tells them her fake back story.
Meanwhile, Wiegler hires a night club owner called Isaacs
to capture Hanna while she goes after Erik,
who is in Germany.

Along the run, Hanna's relationship
with Sophie became more than best friends.
Later, Isaacs and his men corner Hanna and the family,
but she manages to escape after killing one of Isaacs' men.
The son of the captured family,
who had feelings towards Hanna,
is tricked into telling Wiegler
that Hanna is heading for Berlin.
The fate of the family is not revealed.

In Berlin, Hanna meets with one of her father's associates,
a clown who lives in an abandoned amusement park
in order to rendezvous with her father.
However, Wiegler and Isaacs locate them
and kill Erik's associate with arrows,
but Hanna escapes.

She eventually meets with her father
at her grandmother's apartment,
where she discovers that Wiegler has murdered her grandmother.
Hanna learns that Erik is not her father,
and it is revealed that Erik was once
a recruiter for a program in which pregnant women
were recruited from abortion clinics
so that the CIA could alter their children's DNA,
enhancing their strength, stamina,
and reflexes while suppressing emotions
like fear and empathy in order to create
a batch of super-soldiers.
The project was deemed a failure
and all the women and their genetically-modified children
were eliminated.
Erik tried to escape with Hanna
and her mother Johanna Zadek,
but Wiegler murdered Johanna
before Erik could escape with her
and Hanna to their cabin.

As Erik finishes explaining the truth
to a bewildered Hanna,
Wiegler and Isaacs arrive,
intent on killing them;
Erik acts as a distraction to allow Hanna to escape.
Erik kills Isaacs and his cohort,
but is shot and killed by Wiegler,
who then chases Hanna back
to the abandoned amusement park.
Hanna pleads for an end to the killing,
but Wiegler shoots Hanna,
who in turn wounds Wiegler
with an improvised bow-and-arrow.
As Wiegler attempts to flee,
Hanna hunts her to the top of a tall slide;
a disoriented Wiegler falls down the slide,
dropping her gun.
Hanna picks up the gun,
commenting how she missed Wiegler's heart,
and shoots her dead,
mirroring an earlier event with Hanna
hunting and killing a reindeer.

"I just missed your heart"
said Hanna

The movie was great
with all the action going
and how Hanna's ability is way
more advance than Marissa's people.
However, there's only one
thing which is quite disturbing.

There was one part where
she was staying at a person's place
in Egypt and she didn't know
how to control the TV, fan, and the lights.
She doesn't know any
of the technology.
Then out of the blue,
when she was trying to find some information
about Erik and Marissa as well
as the secret project,
she knew how to use the computer
at a cyber cafe!
In the movie, no one taught her.
She learn about it in a matter of time.
Although her DNA is unusual,
but logically it's just not right.

I guess I'll give it an 8 out of 10?

That's All For Now!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is Like a Cup of Coffee: My Opinion

21st of September, 2011

Today's class speaks about how
life is viewed like a cup of coffee
I wasn't really surprise to see about it
because life has been phrased in
many different ways,
For Example, life can be viewed like
a person climbing up a tree
or climbing up a high mountain
or even a road.
There are so many ways
to describe life.

So today it was presented that
Life is Like a Cup of Coffee
It was a story of how
graduated students were visiting
their professor.
They had a talk, and it grew to complains
then it grew to a fight.
Then the professor asked the students
"Would you all like a cup of coffee?"
Everyone agrees
and the professor went to the kitchen
to get the coffee ready.
However, instead of getting
cups with the coffee ready in it,
he brought a tray with few expensive cups
and few with cheap ones
as well as a jug of coffee.
He told to the students "help yourself"
Everyone was glaring at the cups
and everyone was trying to see
who's cup was better.
When everyone had they cup of coffee
then professor told them
of how everyone wanted
the expensive cups
and how everyone was comparing
one another.
"But all you wanted was the coffee"
said the professor.

Here in the story,
our careers, studies, events are the cups
and our life is the coffee.
Cups are just tools to serve the coffee.
What most people forget is to enjoy the coffee.
It doesn't matter what cup a person uses
because the coffee will remain the same.
It's the quality of the coffee that
everyone should appreciate.

So we were all asked
"Do you want the cup or the coffee?"
Of course everyone answered 'the coffee'
However, I don't really want to
admit that I want the coffee nor the cup.
Heck, I don't even care what cups I am being offered
because I would be just labelled as a hypocrite.

Surely everyone wants to enjoy the coffee
everyone wants to enjoy life to the fullest.
How? It literally depends on an individual.
A person could travel to enjoy life.
But to travel one must have money.
But to have money one must work.
But to work one must study first.
But to study one must have determination.
How many people will be willing to do it?
Solemnly only a few.

A person could gain skills
by playing musical instruments or such.
But still it goes down to determination.
How determine people are to enjoy life?
It literally depends on an individual.

If everyone has the same
high determination then the world
would be a boring place I'd say.
Why? Because then everyone
would achieve their dreams
in a matter of time.
Everyone would have enough
money for everything.
Everyone would not be sick.
Everything we need will be at our hands.
We would experience everything
in life in a matter of time.
Without a single problem.
And when everything is done.
There's always a question
"What else is there to life?"

So literally the problems
are what spice up our life.
It is what we should really enjoy the most.
It's like going to an adventure
where we face many problems
along the way.
Yes, that's just how life is.
Let's say the coffee is our life
and our problems is the milk
which sweetens the coffee :3

That concludes my opinion on
Life is Like a Cup of Coffee :)

Thank You For The Visit!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

17th of September, 2011

It's a Saturday today
Kyaa~ How I wish the year would
just pass by quickly and silently


I'm currently watching the 3rd Season
of this anime and I'm pretty addicted to it
mainly because THERE'S A BUNCH

Such as the main character
Sakata Gintoki who loves sweet,
Hijikata Toushirou who loves mayonnaise,
Okita Sougo who is a real sadist,
and Katsura Kotaro pretty~
and all of them is an idiot

The females are cool too
but I didn't really pay much attention
whenever my favourite male character appears

There are many characters that I love
in this anime but I can't really
remember all their names

Of course I really love the story
I mean the REAL story to it
with fights and tears and flashbacks
and usually when everything is over
it would be comedy mode ON

Some of the comedy are related to
some anime because it is meant to be a parody
Like Dragon Ball Z, Jojo Bizarre,
Pretty Cure, Hunter x Hunter,
Romeo and Juliet, etc.

The person who would enjoy
this anime the most is the person
who has watch almost ALL
the anime since 1987
or even before.

So of course, watching just
K-On and other moe moe anime
(which some I really despise)
isn't gonna make you laugh
when watching this anime.

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Sayonara Minna-san~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

8th of September, 2011

Good day minna-san~
It's Thursday today
and honestly I'm bored
but maybe I should enjoy being bored
before my class starts ne?

Recently I've been watching

Although the cover is somewhat like Bleach
or some cool-looking-samurai story
like Samurai X or Samurai Champloo
or maybe any other samurai story
Even the music video both
beginning and ending is so cool
that anyone can be fooled with it =w=lll

The thing is this anime
is just unbelievably FUNNY!
I just have no other words to describe
this anime because it's stupid and funny
at the same time.

Gintama literally means
Silver Soul which is why
Gintoki, the main character,
has a silver hair in this anime.

The anime always jokes around
if the Gintoki's name were to change into Kintoki
then the title of this anime wouldn't be appropriate
if Gintama (Silver Soul) were to be Kintama (Testicles)
which is really dumb =w=

The first 24 episode of the first season
were fine and interesting although stupid and funny
but when I watch the 25th episode and so on...
I was like "what the hell" all the way
because the story line is just...plain baka!
you'll know it when you watch it

Click Here
To watch one of the video
Oh don't worry
because this anime doesn't really
have a plot or story line anyway =w=

That's All For Now
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Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd September, 2011 - SeeU

Sorry but this post
won't be having any picture uploads
because of my internet's outstanding bill!
8D bwahahahhaa~

It's my holidays
but I only have 2 weeks off
which means I'll be back to school
on the 12th of September to get my timetable
There's been a lot
of things happening within school
but I'll just ignore it
I'm not the judge *stares away*

So! It's still Hari Raya here
in my country
and I wish all the Muslims
a Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
(Although I know I'm a bit late)

And Hari Merdeka had just passed x:
but I heard it was quiet
Oh well...Happy Independence Day anyways! XD

So I heard here around Kota Kinabalu
there will be an anime event
which is call

It's going to be at Star City Atrium
and all anime fans are invited!


Aside from the upcoming event
I've just recently found out
that there's a Vocaloid 3
which is based on Korean voice!
which means Vocaloid 3 is going
to be a Korean Vocaloid!

Here's the demo Song I=Fantasy
by the first Vocaloid3 singer

Korean Vocaloid 3 Demo Song
Here name is SeeU
Here's a Male version but not official!
Yes it's a leak
Vocaloid 3 | I=fantasy (male pitch shift)
Here's the link to the information
of Vocaloid 3 and SeeU
Korean Vocaloid “SeeU” – Design Revealed

I guess even after
all the school and stuff
I still admire anime XD hahahaha~
Well that's all I could share for now

Thank You For Visiting!