Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is Like a Cup of Coffee: My Opinion

21st of September, 2011

Today's class speaks about how
life is viewed like a cup of coffee
I wasn't really surprise to see about it
because life has been phrased in
many different ways,
For Example, life can be viewed like
a person climbing up a tree
or climbing up a high mountain
or even a road.
There are so many ways
to describe life.

So today it was presented that
Life is Like a Cup of Coffee
It was a story of how
graduated students were visiting
their professor.
They had a talk, and it grew to complains
then it grew to a fight.
Then the professor asked the students
"Would you all like a cup of coffee?"
Everyone agrees
and the professor went to the kitchen
to get the coffee ready.
However, instead of getting
cups with the coffee ready in it,
he brought a tray with few expensive cups
and few with cheap ones
as well as a jug of coffee.
He told to the students "help yourself"
Everyone was glaring at the cups
and everyone was trying to see
who's cup was better.
When everyone had they cup of coffee
then professor told them
of how everyone wanted
the expensive cups
and how everyone was comparing
one another.
"But all you wanted was the coffee"
said the professor.

Here in the story,
our careers, studies, events are the cups
and our life is the coffee.
Cups are just tools to serve the coffee.
What most people forget is to enjoy the coffee.
It doesn't matter what cup a person uses
because the coffee will remain the same.
It's the quality of the coffee that
everyone should appreciate.

So we were all asked
"Do you want the cup or the coffee?"
Of course everyone answered 'the coffee'
However, I don't really want to
admit that I want the coffee nor the cup.
Heck, I don't even care what cups I am being offered
because I would be just labelled as a hypocrite.

Surely everyone wants to enjoy the coffee
everyone wants to enjoy life to the fullest.
How? It literally depends on an individual.
A person could travel to enjoy life.
But to travel one must have money.
But to have money one must work.
But to work one must study first.
But to study one must have determination.
How many people will be willing to do it?
Solemnly only a few.

A person could gain skills
by playing musical instruments or such.
But still it goes down to determination.
How determine people are to enjoy life?
It literally depends on an individual.

If everyone has the same
high determination then the world
would be a boring place I'd say.
Why? Because then everyone
would achieve their dreams
in a matter of time.
Everyone would have enough
money for everything.
Everyone would not be sick.
Everything we need will be at our hands.
We would experience everything
in life in a matter of time.
Without a single problem.
And when everything is done.
There's always a question
"What else is there to life?"

So literally the problems
are what spice up our life.
It is what we should really enjoy the most.
It's like going to an adventure
where we face many problems
along the way.
Yes, that's just how life is.
Let's say the coffee is our life
and our problems is the milk
which sweetens the coffee :3

That concludes my opinion on
Life is Like a Cup of Coffee :)

Thank You For The Visit!

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