Thursday, September 8, 2011

8th of September, 2011

Good day minna-san~
It's Thursday today
and honestly I'm bored
but maybe I should enjoy being bored
before my class starts ne?

Recently I've been watching

Although the cover is somewhat like Bleach
or some cool-looking-samurai story
like Samurai X or Samurai Champloo
or maybe any other samurai story
Even the music video both
beginning and ending is so cool
that anyone can be fooled with it =w=lll

The thing is this anime
is just unbelievably FUNNY!
I just have no other words to describe
this anime because it's stupid and funny
at the same time.

Gintama literally means
Silver Soul which is why
Gintoki, the main character,
has a silver hair in this anime.

The anime always jokes around
if the Gintoki's name were to change into Kintoki
then the title of this anime wouldn't be appropriate
if Gintama (Silver Soul) were to be Kintama (Testicles)
which is really dumb =w=

The first 24 episode of the first season
were fine and interesting although stupid and funny
but when I watch the 25th episode and so on...
I was like "what the hell" all the way
because the story line is just...plain baka!
you'll know it when you watch it

Click Here
To watch one of the video
Oh don't worry
because this anime doesn't really
have a plot or story line anyway =w=

That's All For Now
Thank You For Reading!

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