Sunday, November 28, 2010

28th of November, 2010 - My Laptop Was Saved!!!

So it was a tough week without
my (brother's) most precious laptop
because most of the things that I have
and that I do involves with this laptop.
I'm really glad my brother saved it
with all the data still remaining inside it.
Now I can finally do the usual :D

So yesterday I was supposed
to hand in one particular assignment
which is under History & Theory of Architecture.
The assignment is about to differentiate
between the doric and ionic order.
So this is my work

Doric & Ionic Order Assignment

There are a lot of difference
between those two and maybe
to outsiders, they'll think that
both of them are just the same.
Well to designers, they are not.
So just look it up
to know more about it.

Dengeki Daisy

Last night before finishing
the assignment,
I continued reading
Dengeki Daisy
from chapter 9-15
I was already on chapter 16
when suddenly the internet died.
I just sighed and went to eat dinner
and came back to do the work
and eventually the internet revived

I'm really addicted
to Dengeki Daisy right now
because the story line
and the jokes and the art
are so cool that it makes
me envious every time
I read it.

Earlier this morning
I was distracted with this
one TV show entitle "Material World"
It is about stories of how
famous interior designers do their work
in the real world.
Juts watching made me feel
like they are 100 times more greater
than me (well of course I'm still a beginner)
And how they prepare their model
and how they can draw and paint their
sketches and designs so well
and everything Kyaaa!!!!!

Unfortunately I can't find
any pictures and photos
of the show.
Maybe it's a new show?

That's All For Now!
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

27th of November, 2010 - ???

I have no idea
when was the last time I blogged.
Soo many things had happened
and so many things I want to share
yet so many things I have to do for the future.

Thou who art sighting
shalt not be gay
but thou shalt whilst
in fear of not sighting

So today I had my midterm exams
was supposed to hand in the colour wheel assignment
and was suppose to hand in the model
and was suppose to hand in the report
and was suppose to manage to hand in
all of them.
but I didn't managed to
because of some circumstances
and problems XD hahahaha
Will do it soon
neat and perfert

I have nothing to say
about my midterm exams
because I don't usually talk
about exams when it's already over

My laptop is still not fixed yet
currently I'm borrowing my brother's (mini) laptop
and my usage towards this laptop
is very limited.
I can't really do my work
in comfort with this laptop
because I can't
monopolize it! DX

Gomen ne
I have no latest anime or manga to share
because I myself am currently busy.
Please do e-mail me if you have anything :D

p.s. I'm being random today

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Monday, November 22, 2010

22nd of November, 2010 - A Virus That's An Anti-Virus

It's been 3 days
since I updated my blog
and I planned to update
my blog last night

Just when I was looking for some
suitable photos in google
for my blog and also for assignments
a freaking anti-virus appeared!
I never seen it before
and it kept on bugging me like crazy!
and now the 'anti virus' blocked the
broadband because it says
it has been infected by a trojan
I was like "riiiigggghhhttt"
same goes to the other application
except the documents.

Anti-Virus Name: 1734380
[Title: Security Tool]

According to my brother
he said that that anti virus
is actually a virus
and it's a strong one
If I were to activate the anti virus
into the laptop, he said the virus
will suck in any personal information
that it can get like
your password, login ID,
credit card number, etc
then after that it will just
delete everything in the laptop (@_@)

My brother tried to delete it
but it couldn't be deleted
no matter how many times he tried.
Then he told me the laptop
needs to be formatted
and at the mean while
I can't use the laptop for my work

So at the moment
I won't be able to post much
in my blog until the laptop
is formatted.

If there's anything
please email me
at my yahoo email

Thank You For Reading!

Friday, November 19, 2010

19th of November, 2010 - The Way of (My) Life

Remember my last post about
this assignment?
Guess what :D

My lecturer said that
it was "too perfect"
and there wasn't any
dynamic in it.
Basically he said the
building was very symmetrical
and symmetries are known
to be boring XD
Guess I'll just have to
do it again in order
to get better marks.

I knew the minute I showed
him my artwork
there would be something
he'll say or critic.
I guess that's how life is
for designers XD
Like before this
it is easier for you to please
your teachers with arts and you
would be praised by your
friends and family but
when you get into the real world
it's very hard to please others
especially your client I heard.

Oh well
I reckon everyone has
their own difficulties
in this world.

Move on to the next topic
Dengeki Daisy

It is the recent manga
that I'm reading
and it is about a girl (Teru)
who just lost her older brother.
However, her older brother
gave her a cellphone that would
direct her to a friend of his, Daisy,
who will protect and comfort her.
Daisy is just a nickname of this
particular "hero" in the manga
and as the story goes on,
Teru accidentally broke
one of the classroom window
by throwing a tennis ball
towards Kiyoshi (a friend of Teru)
which bounced back and crashed
the glass window.

However, the school janitor
happens to be there
and saw what happened.
The school janitor also
appears to be a very frightening
cool-looking guy who always
threats Teru badly by making her
a slave for doing his work to
pay back the broken glass window.
Since Teru is very poor and
she lives alone,
she had no choice but to agree
to become his slave.
So everyday Teru got tortured
like a slave and I love her quote
"Go bald, Kurosaki!" hahahaha
Everyday she would send a
text message to Daisy
about her and also her complains.

But then, whenever
Teru is in trouble and when
she sent a text message to ask
Daisy for help, Kurosaki (the janitor)
would always appear at the right
time and place, could it be
a coincidence?

Surely read the manga
because I myself is
currently reading it
and I only read up until
Chapter 8 - Best Friends
can't wait to read about
Chapter 9! hehehe

But I have to finish my
assignments first


You know,
I just realized that
most of the things that I have
are all in BLACK.

Like my black bag,
black jacket, black bottle,
black boots, black slacks,
black dresses, black cellphone
and also my black A2 file XD

Is this what they call
being so obsessive about something?
I know I'm always complaining
that the weather is freaking hot
but I just love the colour Black & White
because those two colours
will match any other colours
(like blue, pink, green, etc)
so perfectly even
towards themselves.
That is why they are
my favourite colours :D

...Well Then...

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

18th of November, 2010 [Part 2] - Design Communication 1 Assignment

ADA 101
Design Communication 1

So again, I spent 8 hours or more
to do my Design Com assignment.
Which means I just finished
2 assignments in 1 day!

So here's the assignment
We had to draw our college
a.k.a. Cosmopoint I.C.T. Kota Kinabalu

Here's the original picture
and as you can see
it doesn't really match
because frankly I'm not good
in drawing buildings (>w>)
which is really a weakness of mine
but I still try :D and try :D

I did mentioned about the drawing
that was a fail in my previous post
and yeah I was so frustrated
at that moment.
But in the end

So again nothing much
except that I did my assignments
the whole day.
I'll be sure to share
something useful next time XD
Until then

Thank You For The Visit!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18th of November, 2010 - History and Theory of Architecture 1 Chapter 2 Report

Kyaa...I'm so tired...

ADA 123
History and Theory of Architecture 1

After spending my 8 hours or more
on the internet and my brother's laptop
I am finally done with my report!

History and Theory of Architecture 1
Chapter 2 Report

Throughout my time
doing the report.
I was listening to the song
Koi wa Sensou both
Vocaloid and Band version.

Koi wa Sensou - Vocaloid
Koi wa Sensou - Band Edition

I got addicted to the song
after listening it from Charm's blog
until at one point my ears hurt
and I had to lower the volume.

I can share nothing much
since I still have one more (solo) assignment
left to be done which I have to
submit by tomorrow.

Wish me luck :D

Thank You For Reading!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16th of November, 2010 - 1st Semester Results + Colour Theory For Designers

Although today I'm suppose
to be talking about English
but we didn't learn anything
because our lecturer was
telling us about our
final assignment
I just can't wait
to share you all about
the Colour Theory
which I'm suppose to
learn tomorrow
in Visual Com class
Sadly, there's no class
...that's why...

But first of all,
I got a 4.00 pointer
for my GPA grade last semester :D
which was my 1st semester

(Yes I know I've got so many 'love bites')

and so the sharing continues
So this is the colour cycle
where there's the
primary colours
(blue, red, yellow)
then the secondary colours
(purple, orange, green)
and the tertiary colours
(blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange,
red-orange, red-purple, blue purple)

Colours can be categorize as
warm colours, cool colours,
and neutral colours

Warm Colours
are the colors of fire, of fall leaves,
and of sunsets and sunrises,
and are generally energizing,
passionate, and positive.
These colours are used
in designs to reflect passion,
happiness, enthusiasm, and energy.

Red: Passion, Love, Anger
Energy, Happiness, Vitality
Happiness, Hope, Deceit

Cool Colours
are the colors of night,
of water, of nature,
and are usually calming,
relaxing, and somewhat
These colours are used
to give a sense of calm
or professionalism.

Green: New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature
Blue: Calm, Responsible, Sadness
Creativity, Royalty, Wealth

Neutral Colours
often serve as the backdrop in design.
They’re commonly combined
with brighter accent colors.
But they can also be used
on their own in designs,
and can create very sophisticated layouts.
The meanings and impressions of
neutral colors are much more affected
by the colors that surround
them than are warm and cool colors.

Mystery, Elegance, Evil
Moody, Conservative, Formality
Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue
Nature, Wholesomeness, Dependability
Tan or Beige:
Conservative, Piety, Dull
Cream or Ivory:
Calm, Elegant, Purity

For More Information
click on the links below:
The Psychology of Colour
Colour Theory for Designers
Colour Wheel Pro

Thank You For Reading!

Monday, November 15, 2010

15th of November, 2010 - Midterm Exams + Deadpoet

+Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper+

So today was my midterm exams
and heck I only had 1 paper for this midterm.
(I think I've mentioned this before)
It was English level 2 today
and I don't really want to talk about it
because I've forgotten about the moment
harharhar XD

Other than that
I would like to share about
Deadpoet Photography

This post contains ecchi photos
Suitable for age 18 and above

Here are some of my favourite
photos by them

I love how they make
it look so dangerous yet sexy

Just practically love
the clothing XD
I think it's hot

This is what they call
a dynamic photo :D love it

Here I love the shadow effect
and also the lighting

I love how they positioned her in
this pose while she
holds the camera up.


I guess that's what they call
"Admiring true beauty"

That's All For Today!
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14th of November, 2010 [Video Blog]

+The crazy side of me+
This picture was not edited
I was not in the mood to edit

and was like "what the heck..."

So today I was too lazy to write
and instead I made a video :D
I uploaded it in Youtube
and I know I'm still new to this
because for this blog
I'm suppose to be talking about
something else.
Anyhow, I hope you like it XD

Maybe I should start blogging every month
or ever week ne?


Hilary Duff - I am
MOCCA - Secret Admire

Saturday, November 13, 2010

12th of November, 2010 - 我玩过的MMORPG游戏 [MMORPG Games I've Played]

+My Cabal Character [Reiraberry]+

I know I should be
sharing about my works
regarding previous posts.
Somehow the work was a FAIL
So I don't really want to talk about it
because I've spent a lot of time doing it
and knowing that it is a fail after doing
so much just breaks my heart

So if you haven't know
I've played quite a few
MMORPG games since
I was 14 years old.
Sadly I only have my Cabal Online
character picture with me
because the rest of the pictures
were destroyed by the previous viruses

This is the list of games I've played:
:Ran Online:
This is the old version
which I played around end of 2005
to end of 2006.
(yeah I had no life back then)

This is the new version of Ran Online
I did try it out and heck
it was just the same as the old one.
That was around end of 2006.

:Super Dance Online:
I played this around 2009
I first tried it out in my
best friend's house (Angelica)
and she got me influence XD
I only love the songs
and had no other intentions

:Fiesta Online:
This is just some random game
that I found in the internet.
I tried it early this year (2010)
and it was kinda boring although
I was starting to make a lot
of new friends already.

:Cabal Online:
This is the latest game I've played
which was in the middle of this year (2010)
My sweetheart got me influence in
playing this game.
Heck yeah I played it XD
But I quit during my final exams
last September.


I remember there was more
but I just can't remember the names!!
Oh well XD hahahahaha

Now don't get me start sharing about
what PS1 & PS2 games I've played
also Nintendo DS and PC games
because I've played A LOT OF GAMES
I reckon you can call me
a gamer as well ne? hahahaha
I guess that's why my sweetheart
loves me very much.

Thank You For Reading!
Please Come Again!

Friday, November 12, 2010

11th of November, 2010 - New Head Picture + Bayonetta

So first of all
I think you have already noticed
the new humongous picture above
and also the change of songs
The picture was made when
I was playing around with my makeup
and at that moment
I feel like taking a lot of picture
of myself XD hahahahaha
But I didn't realize that
it suites to be the new 'big' picture

and about the new songs
well, it's just because I'm
falling in love with Bayonetta X3

Bayonetta is an XBox and PS3
game application
It's a really cool game
what attracts me the most
is the song! XD hahaha
which is on my song playlist
it's call 'Fly To The Moon'
if I'm not mistaken

and I have to say
the main character is hot!
Like seriously hot! I love her!
(my definition of hot is different for your information)
Read more about her story
by clicking HERE

Nothing much today
It's sort of my relaxing day
because the next day
I want to do my
Design Communication

That's All For Now!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ATTENTION: Midterm English Exams (Lv 2) + Design Com Class

:Midterm English Level 2:
Reading comprehension
(part of speech, tenses, adjectives, comprehensive, superlative)
Essay (150-200 words)
(general topic/general knowledge)

NO Design Communication 1
class for this week
(12th of November, 2010)
because of the
midterm exams.

Thank You For Reading!

10th of November, 2010 - History Report + Wednesday Class

:Today's Class:
ADD 105
Visual Communication in Design

Nothing much on today's class.
The lecturer only showed pictures
to refresh out memory
on Gestalt Theory.
You can read about
Gestalt Theory in my blog
by following the link

25th of October, 2010
Gestalt Theory

Today is the deadline
for my History & Theory
of Architecture report
which is on Chapter 1
Ancient Mesopotamia.
I was requested to do about the
Sumerians & Akkadians
Yesh I did post something
about this Chapter
and I think I did some
mistakes (OwO)
Oh well XD hahahahha

So you can see
my work here

Sumerians & Akkadians Report
Sumerians & Akkadians [Power Point]

Pleease spare my life
if there's any mistakes (@_@)
and I can't say that my work
is a 100% true
So please..

Thank You For The Visit!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9th of November, 2010 - English Class

UFS 111
Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar 2

If anyone of you who wants me to
photostat the English level 2 textbook (RM6.50)
and the notes on for today's class (RM3.50)
please do send me a message via facebook
or you can just send me an email.

So today, I woke up around 00:00am
to do my report on ancient mesopotamia.
Then I had English class at 2pm-4pm
Frankly, I wasn't really satisfied
with the lesson because it's really little
and the class is FREAKING NOISY
which really annoyed me
but since I didn't get enough sleep
I didn't want to waste my time
getting so annoyed at something
so ridiculous because I wanted
to pay full attention in class.

So today we learned about
the present tense,
which I can say nothing much
because I've already discuss
about this before.

Today's English
Part of Speech & English Tenses

Nothing much besides that
because I'm still doing my
unfinished assignments
so I'm kinda catching up
deadlines again
this week.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

Monday, November 8, 2010

8th of November, 2010 - The Housemaid [Movie]

Suitable for age 18 and above

About The Housemaid

Nichole Alden - Baby Now

First of all,
I would like to wish
Happy Birthday to
Francis Stephen Klassen :D
Yay! Happy 18th Birthday!
You're legal now XD

After reading the plot of this
movie from wikipedia,
I think it's a very interesting
movie to watch although
there is no such movie
in Malaysia.
(I think I'll just download it)

It's about a housemaid
who fell in love with the
house owner. Unfortunately,
the house owner is expecting
a twin from his pregnant wife.
Living in a luxurious life,
the house owner tried
to seduce the housemaid
with his piano skills
and glasses of wine.
Eventually, the housemaid
went into the trap and both
of them had a sexual
relationship secretly.
The story goes on with some
dramas and issues.
And the scariest scene
is at the end of the movie
which I really wanna watch!

It's really predictable
but what caught my interest
is the interior design basically
typically me

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

7th of November, 2010 - Business Card Assignment

This assignment is under
Visual Communication in Design
(ADD 105)
and it is based on chapter 4
which is Typography & Layout

:You can find this chapter in my blog:
3rd of November, 2010
Typography & Layout [Chapter 4]

So for this chapter,
we had to do a business card.
The lecturer told us to
name our own company
and to do anything with it XD
I was like "yay!"

I finish up the assignment
few minutes ago
and it took me about
4-5 hours to do it,
plus going to the toilet
and drinking water and
washing the dishes XD

This is the result:



That's All For Now!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

6th of November, 2010 - Saturday Classes + Notes

ADA 123
History & Theory of Architecture 1

:Note Links:
Chapter 1 (download only)
Chapter 2 (download only)

Report (Microsoft Word)
10-20 pages including pictures and others
About Chapter 2 - Ancient Egypt
(about the Egyptian ARCHITECTURE era)
+ recommendation a.k.a. conclusion
(your opinion basically)
submit during the next class
(which I don't know when)

ADA 103
Principles of Architecture & Design

:Note Links:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 [Part 1]
Chapter 2 [Part 2]

This assignment is going to be done
during the next class
(again I don't know when)
where Mr Raed will be
teaching us how to build
our own model (building)
Bring materials such as
cutter, cardboard, glue, etc
anything that you can think of
to make the model.
Be prepared!


Today I had two classes
which is what have been stated above.
(It's pretty long to mention the full subject name)

So those of you who missed class,
please get your respective notes
and also assignment(s).

Nothing much today
except for the classes.

For those who are here on my blog
for a visit, you can read the notes
if you want to to gain some
knowledge of what we learn
in college.

Thank You Very Much!

Friday, November 5, 2010

5th of November, 2010 [Part 3] - Akuma No Eros (Manga)

Suitable for people
above 18 only!
If you're underage
don't blame me
if you have nightmares

Akuma No Eros

Drama, Fantasy, Romance,
Shoujo, Smut

In Japanese
Akuma means Satan
and in greek mythology
Eros is the God of Love.
So in other words,
Akuma no Eros means
Satan the God of Love
(I reckon)

This manga is about Satan,
the fallen angel, falling in love
with a human girl, Sakurai Miu,
who summoned him accidentally.
She unconsciously made a contract
with Satan to make her crush,
Amamiya Shion, love her
and in return, Miu has
to give up her virginity
to Satan.

The author of this Manga,
Shinjo Mayu, shows the battle
between Satan and St. Michael
where both of them love
Sakurai Miu with all their heart.

At first, Satan's plan
was to take away Miu's soul
to hell after the contract.
But as time pass,
his views changed.

Yes Akuma managed
to make Amamiya fall deeply
in love with Miu
but Akuma didn't plan to give
her heart to Amamiya.

It's a really nice manga
and it makes me think
where the author get the
story from because
it's almost like
it's the same story
from the greek mythology
....I forgot his name...
But I know he's Zeus
brother whom was
to rule the underworld.

I hope you guys will enjoy
reading this manga :3

I wish there is an anime for this

Thank You For Reading!

5th of November, 2010 [Part 2] - Vampire Knight Chapter 66

Vampire Knight Chapter 66

Why is everything coming
in a rush!
First about yesterday,
second about the new release
of kaichou wa maid-sama
and now this?!

Here's a glimpse
of what happened in
Chapter 66
(which is also my favourite part!)

seems that Kaname
is keeping more secrets from Yuuki.
But I guess it's only natural
for him to do such thing
since he really loves Yuuki
and didn't want her
to get involve in 'the game'

Read it! Read it!

Thank You For The Visit!

5th of November, 2010 - Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chapter 55

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chapter 55

First of all I would like
to wish Happy Deepavali!
and Happy Birthday to my
good friend Matthew Chan :D

Chapter 55 is finally here!!!
When I read it
I was like 'doki doki'
all the way XD
because in this chapter
the author reveals that
Aoi-chan actually is in love
with Ayuzawa Misaki!!
Another love rival for Usui-kun

So go ahead and read it :D

Thank You For The Visit!

4th of November, 2010 - HAPCHO Gathering + Birthday Celebration

+Best Photo Of The Day+
I didn't really know
what I was cosplaying as
but I just went with gothic XD

A lot of things happened on this day
and I mean A LOT

In the afternoon,
I was late to the HAPCHO gathering
(it's a cosplay group in my town)
because the petrol was dying
and I had to go to the petrol station
to fill in some.
I locked my car
I was like "OH MA GAWD!!!"
and I tried calming down
and tried to figure out a way
to solve the problem.
Later then a guy went up to me
and said "Lock ka?"
and I nodded my head
and he tried unlocking my car
with this ruler-kind-of-thing
and tadaa! it was unlocked :D
I filled in the petrol
and said my thanks to the guy
and drove in high speed
to the gathering.
At that time I was already
1 hour late with the traffic jam
going on.

However, I still made it
to the gathering safe :D
So here are some few shots
that I took during the gathering.

Christine :D my chinese translator XD

It was my first time going to
the gathering actually XD
and it was my first time
wearing A LOT of makeup.
It was fun going :D

After the gathering,
I had to rush home
to go to my sweetheart's younger brother
and my sweetheart's dad's
birthday celebration
at their house.

I really enjoyed my time
during the celebration
because I get to meet with everyone
after a long time not meeting them
(my sweetheart's family and my best friends)

Here are some photos :D
The food :3
I helped prepare some of 'em

drinking the wine
that was given to us


+The expensive wine+

This was when Xavier, Jared, Angel and I
were in Jared's car and he was
sending me home first.

The fun is over
so it's back to work!
weeeeeeeeeeeee (@_@)

Thank You For Your Support!