Thursday, June 23, 2011

22nd of June, 2011 - Principles of Environmental Science Class

Today's class starts
in the morning at 9am
but the lesson of Chapter 1
starts around 11am lawl

Hence, we learn about
Chapter 1 - Understanding Our Environment

Key Terms
Analytical Thinking
is you Analise and think about a concept
or about anything.

Biocentric Preservation
Biocentric is the belief that all living
organisms have an inalienable right
in life. That each organism should live
and let live, allow the pursuit of
their own interests.

Blind Experiments
Single-blind describes experiments
where information that could
introduce bias or otherwise
skew the result is withheld
from the participants, but
the experimenter will be
in full possession of the facts

Controlled Studies
A randomized controlled trial (RCT)
is a type of scientific experiment
-a form of clinical trial-
most commonly used in testing the safety
(or more specifically, information
about adverse drug reactions and adverse
effects of other treatments)

and efficacy or effectiveness
of healthcare services
(such as medicine or nursing)
or health technologies
(such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices or surgery)

Creative Thinking
is thinking outside the box
or thinking creatively

Critical Thinking
is a way of deciding
if a claim or issue is true or false
through interpretation, analysis,
evaluation, inference,
explanation and self-regulation

Deductive Reasoning
is reasoning which constructs or
evaluates deductive arguments.
Deductive argument is a form
of argument in which one
reasons from premises (data)
that are known or assumed to be true
to a conclusion that follows
logically from these premises (data)

Double-blind Design
Double-blind describes an especially
stringent way of conducting an experiment,
usually on human subjects, in an attempt
to eliminate subjective bias on the part
of both experimental subjects
and the experimenters.
In most cases,
double-blind experiments are
held to achieve a higher standard
of scientific rigor.

is the circumstances and conditions
that surround an organism or
a group of organisms

Environment Science
is the systematic study of our
environment and our place in it

Global Environmentalism
is a concern for, and action to help solve,
global environmental problems.
Global interconnections have expanded
environmentalism so our attention has shifted
from preserving particular landscapes
or preventing pollution of a specific watershed or air-shed
to worrying about the life-support systems
of the whole planet.

is a specific statement of prediction.

Inductive Reasoning
is a kind of reasoning that constructs
or evaluates inductive arguments.
On the other hand, it is (also) reasoning from
a specific case or cases to a general rule.
In other words a contrast of
deductive reasoning.

Logical Thinking
is the process in which
one uses reasoning consistently
to come to a conclusion.
It answers "Can orderly reasoning help?"

Arithmetic Mean
The arithmetic mean of a set of values
is the quantity commonly
called "the" mean or the average.
Given a set of samples , the arithmetic mean is

Modern Environmentalism
is today's environmental issues
(biodiversity, global warming, green politics,
conservation, climate change, etc.)

is the intellectual perception or view,
accepted by an individual or a society
as a clear example, model,
or pattern of how things work in the world.

Unusual or excessive frugality and/or
extreme economy or stinginess.

is a way of expressing knowledge
or belief that an event will occur or has occurred.
The concept has an exact mathematical meaning
in probability theory where it is the branch of mathematics
concerned with analysis of random phenomena

Reflective Thinking
involves personal consideration of one's own learning.
Answers "What does it all mean?"

is the ability of a experiment or study
to be accurately reproduced, or replicated,
by someone else working independently.

is a portion, piece, or segment
that is representative of a whole.

Scientific Theory
comprises a collection of concepts, including abstractions
of observable phenomena expressed as
quantifiable properties, together with rules
(called scientific laws)
that express relationships between
observations of such concepts.
:Other Reference:
:Example (Collision Theory):

Significant Numbers
are those digits that carry meaning
contributing to its precision.

is the study of the collection,
organization, and interpretation of data,
which deals with all aspects of this,
including the planning of data collection
in terms of the design of surveys and experiments

is the capacity to endure.
In ecology,
the word describes how biological systems
remain diverse and productive over time.

Sustainable Development
is a pattern of resource use, that aims
to meet human needs while preserving the environment
so that these needs can be met
not only in the present, but also for generations to come

Utilitarian Conservation
Utilitarian is essentially using
all of the resources we have available
to us right now in a careful manner.


Had to actually read
the whole definition for about 3-4 times
for me to actually understand it fully (=w=)

And so in today's class

We learned about the terms
that we will mostly encounter
when learning the subject.

We learned that environmental issues
interconnects will a whole
lot more issues and vise versa

We learned that this knowledge
has been long considered
since the Classical Period

Then, we learned more terms..lawl

We learned a little bit about the
history of conservation and
which I still can't keep it through my head

We learned about global issues.

We learned about human impact
and human dimension.

We learned that America
throws away 160 million tons
of garbage every year

and we learned that locals throw
150 tonnes of plastics every day


I guess that's all for today
Until Next Time! :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

21st of June, 2011 - AutoCAD 1 Class

Today we get to learn AutoCAD :D

For those who doesn't know

is an industry leader in
3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)
design, drafting, modeling,
architectural drawing, and
engineering software.

it's a useful tool or software
to make drafting and designing
easier and faster than doing it manually.
In Malaysia,
Architecture firms use this software
as their main tool when
they want to be on the ball.

So we get to install and
play around with AutoCAD :D

At first it was tough
It felt like a newly born baby
who doesn't know anything
and is most of the time blur.
Our beloved Miss Tina
was explaining to us
about it's uses and components.
Of course I didn't really
pay much attention
because no matter what
I still have to
'Do It Myself'
in order to ACTUALLY
understand it.
The term is 'Try & Error' :D

Basically I was struggling,
trying to force myself
to understand this software
was rawr, nyeeh, lawl and such all the way
in order to complete
the assignments that
was given to us.

Then finally I got it :D
This is our first Assignment (or Practice)
that I managed to do and figure out
in an hour or two.
Was filled with happiness of course
when I actually
figured out the basics.
And so after this I would have to do
more basic practices.
I guess it doesn't hurt to try?

That's All For Today!
Until Next Time! :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21th of June, 2011 - Yesterday's English Class

Okay so I didn't get to post
about yesterday's class and revision
on what we've learn
because I just had to hit the hay

Yesterday we learned
about Idioms
Although I've been taught about it
oh so many times but I guess
there's no harm in recalling them back.

are commonly used expression
that has a special meaning.

Earlier on I used the idiom
"Hit the hay"
which of course doesn't really mean
a person is literally hitting the hay.
It means 'going to bed'
or a person is trying to say that
he or she is going to bed.

There are others of course.
I'll just include whatever
I wrote during class
Even though it was unnecessary
for me to do but nyeeh
old habits die hard.

A blessing in disguise
something good that isn't
recognized at first

Please keep me in the loop
to keep me fully informed

On the ball
to do a good job

Off the wall
very different

Wet behind the ears

An arm and a leg
very expensive

Bite your tongue
to avoid talking

Blood is thicker than water
the family bond is always strong

The ball is in your court
It is your decision to make

Till the cows come home
A long time

Use your loaf
Use your head

When pigs fly
Something that will never ever happen

Your guess is as good as mine
I have no idea

A picture paints a thousand words
A picture describes things
much more easily than words do

Caught red-handed
Being caught in the act of
committing something wrong

He got his eyes in the back
of his head
He can sense what's happening
behind and outside of his
field of vision

My lips are sealed
I will not tell this secret
to anyone

She has got a sweet tooth
She has a strong liking
for sweet foods

The long arm of the law
The police

He is a wolf in sheep's clothing
He is a dangerous person
pretending to be harmless

A little bird told me (so)
I am not going to tell you
who gave me the information

He drinks like a fish
He drinks alcohol excessively

She is like a fish in the water
She wants to be just
in the comfort zone.

Like a fish out of water
Appearing to be a completely
out of place or
in a very awkward manner
Other meaning which
can be applied is
'taking a huge risk'


I guess that's it for yesterday's class
Aside from that
we were told to read novels
and make a folio
of 500 words :D
Including it's meaning, synonyms and such.

Until Next Time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

20th of June, 2011 - A Picture Paints A Thousand Words Story

I'll start with the story of
the bicyclist and the photographer
that Miss Freda showed us (video format) today in class.

The story is about a guy name Yoyao Hsueh
who was on the same train with a lady.
She seemed to have an interest in photography
since she was holding a digital camera
when Yoyao was glancing at her.
When she left the train, she left
her digital camera behind.
Yoyao realized it and took it with him.
When he checked the content of
the camera at home.
Some of the pictures applies her name,
which was on a birthday cake
written 'We Will Miss You Nasim' on it.
With the cake was the lady.
When he further check through,
he realized there were photos of him
taken when he wasn't looking.
It caught his attention
and he wanted to return the item back
by following the pictures
that were taken by her.
As he was right in front of her door house,
after matching a picture in the camera
which was taken at her house,
it seems that no one was home.
Besides that the house was empty.
Then he realized
the photo of her with the cake.
After searching through the photos
and finding some information
to at least give the camera back
through a delivery package,
he took a picture of himself
with his contact written
on a cardboard before
sending it to the Post Office.


Right there Miss Freda wants us
to come up with our own conclusion
of the story.
So here's mine...

Few days after the package had reached Nasim,
she was excited when she got the her camera back
and also when she saw the photo of Yoyao,
but at the same time she was in doubt
whether to contact Yoyao or not.
Finally, she decided to give him a call.
Thanking him for being honest
and after that they just chatted
throughout the day.
They began to start of as friends of course,
then it grew to be good friends.
Sooner or later their relationship grew
to be really close friends.
They would send each other text messages
or call once in a while.
Chat through the internet
and would sometimes share pictures online.
It's been 6 months now since they've known each other.
As the time pass Yoyao's feelings for Nasim
grew and grew each day.
However, of course, they do chat
about love stories but most of the time
Nasim would try to avoid talking about it.
Yoyao, on the other hand, just went with the flow
and didn't want to hurt Nasim's feelings.
One day, Yoyao decides to confess his feelings
towards Nasim. It's the feeling where
you just have to let it out
from your chest.
So that night he called her
like any other nights,
she picked up the phone
and slowly he brought up the topic.
"Nasim...I have something to tell you" said Yoyao
while having butterflies in his stomach.
Then Nasim said "I have something to say as well"
before Yoyao could say anything, Nasim says
"You go first"
Yoyao says "Okay" and takes in a deep breathe.
"I've been wanting to say this since the day
I found out that camera of yours" said Yoyao
with a jittery voice. Nasim was like a stone,
saying nothing while waiting what he has to say.
"I....I love you Nasim!" said Yoyao.
No respond at the other end of his.
After 10 seconds, Nasim says
"I know...I know Yoyao"
and as she continues
"I love you too...a lot...
it's like what they say love at first sight"
"So would you be my girlfriend?" said Yoyao
while interrupting Nasim.
"Yoyao..." said Nasim to get his attention.
Yoyao silent and Nasim continues to say
"I'm gay"

No voice could be heard from Yoyao
nor from Nasim after that.
It was a total awkward silence.
For 5 minutes,
every memory of Nasim in Yoyao
just flashed towards him.
Then he broke the silence
"But your bust!?"
"Plastic surgery" said Nasim
"your voice!?" said Yoyao,
"Female hormones" said Nasim,
"Isn't your name an Iranian girl's name??"
"It's a Persian boy's name"
Just then Yoyao was speechless.


mwahahahahahaha 8D
I know right?
that's I'm just being me
tee-hee :P

Until Next Time!

20th of June, 2011 - English Class [Drama & Roleplay]

I just can feel the tension rushing up
through my blood and spine

As I mentioned on my previous entry
I said I just didn't have the mood to post.
Maybe because I don't have any good reason
to go along with it.
So today,
during English class,
which is in the morning,
on a Monday,
and also the 3rd week of the month,
my beloved English lecturer
Miss Freda Jane :D
whom I get to meet again
for such a long time,
told the class and I
we had to do..
15 blog entries yay! :D
as you can see it's not a sarcasm
to those who think it was (=w=)

Of course it's regarding the English class
Thus, I finally have a reason
to actually make my blog active again


Since my blog layout
is all so new and blue-ish and black-ish
it's kinda hard for me to get use to it
I guess it's because I've gotten used
to the colour pink which was
my previous blog layout

Until Next Time!
I need to sort my things out first
L.A.W.L. =Laughing A Whole Lots

Friday, June 17, 2011

17th June, 2011 - The Month of June

I think it's been a month minus 11 days
since I last post anything 8D

Well if you guys have been wondering
why I'm not active in posting anymore.
Literally, it's because I just
don't feel like blogging anymore.
Surprise much? Guess not...?

As you can see it's already June
The Lunar eclipse happened yesterday
on the 16th of June, 2011 at 4.14am
Of course I was up
I didn't know about the eclipse at first
Heck...not many people knew about it actually
My colleague Nicole told me about it
since she was also awake at that moment
(As well as Phyllis who is another colleague of mine)
She told me about 2 hours before
the eclipse and yes I was excited
but then it so happened to be
that I wasn't fated to see it that night

Have I've seen one before? Yes.
It was around this time and month
of last year.
I was in my room (previous house)
Studying for my 1st semester of college
going through an all night studying time.
There I turn to gaze outside the window
and thus accidentally and unconsciously
saw the eclipse.
What's on my mind on that time?
'The moon is different tonight,
somewhat red-orange in colour
but closer to red
like the ones in the movies with vampires'
I seriously didn't realize it was an eclipse
when I go and check out the pictures
of yesterday's early morning eclipse
it looked almost the same :O
I was like "woooaahh"
and then I was like
"At least I've witnessed one of
Mother Nature's beauty"

Before knowing it was an eclipse
I was just thinking that
the air might be badly polluted
and thus makes the moon colour change.
At that time it also reminds me
of some biblical phrase
from the book of revelation.

Okay so...
enough with the Eclipse
although it's pretty much very interesting.

I don't know what else to post
but I'll just make a full stop here.

Current favourite song:
Kerli - Walking on Air
The music video really reminds me
during high school
around 14 to 15 years old.
However, the song is merely
somewhat something that I could sing :D
Love it :3 mhmm

Meet you again Next Time!
Thank you :D