Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life After School

...another month...
...another blog...
Why am I updating my blog every month
instead of every week or everyday?
it's because I don't really know
what to write on this blog.
So every time I think of what to write,
I'll always get distracted by something.

Few weeks ago I resigned from my job.
I decided to rest at home from all the pressure and stress
that I get from work.
Who says that it was an easy job anyway?
But hey...
I'm looking forward to work again,
maybe a different type of work
just so that I could gain some experience of work.

Ever since school ended,
everything changed.
I guess this is what you call 'moving on with life'.
In the beginning it does sucks,
but who knows this world is such a small place?
I still remember when I was still schooling,
my older friends used to say
"Life after school is hard"
Until it was my turn to experience it.

lot's of things have been happening after school ended.
Well, it's different for each person.
Some people get a part-time job...
Some people go to clubs every night...
Some people travel overseas...
Some people got into a car accident...
Some people go to town just to walk around...
Some people even just stay at home and do nothing....

It's pretty interesting how we get involve
in almost everything.
Because when we were still in school,
we normally hear those stories from people that we don't know.
They are always the ones who get in trouble
and get the folks to talk about them.
Now it's our turn to be in the role.
Only if you realized it.

Dramas and stories.
It makes life so interesting.
It's as if we're living in a movie or something.
Don't you think?