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Maid Sama! - What will happened to Usui if Misaki got Murdered? Part 2

This is
the continuation
of part 1 (before this)


-atleast 15 meters from Misa's house-
Gerard: this is where that slut lives...*looks at house while chuckling*
Driver: Your flight is in 3 hours sir, will this be done soon?
Gerard: Yes,Yes...I will make it quick
Driver: Shall i wait here?
Gerard: No, drive over to *points at the 8th house to the left* that house and turn off your lights
Driver: Understood *drives*
Gerard: *looks up into Misa's room while smirking* Wrong move takumi....wrong move

-minutes later-

Gerard: *silently sneaked into house* (ps.everyone is asleep) *thought* what kind of house is this?
Gerard: *right infront of Misa's door* *reaches for door knob*
Gerard: !!! *gets celphone and answers call*
Cedric: Sir, Takumi is...
Gerard: *angry whisper* You're DEAD Cedric you hear me? DEAD
Cerdric: S-Sir?
Gerard:*hangs up* *puts ear to door* ....*thought* whew...they're not awake
Shintani: *from downtstairs* I think it came from Misa-chan's room *talking to Misaki's mother*
Gerard: !!! *bursts into the room*
Misaki : *hears a noise* mmm....*slowly opening her eyes*
Gerald : *quickly hide in the wardrobe*
-when Misaki opens her eyes, Usui was already wide awake-
Misaki : ..U..Usui?
Usui: *hugs misaki tighter while whisper in her eyes* shh...someone is here...
Gerard : *keeps quiet in the wardrobe with a gap open to see outside*
Gerard : *pulls out a gun in ready mode*
Usui : *whisper*
Misaki : *whisper* to where you idiot??!
Gerard : *puts the gun directly on Usui's head*
Usui and Misaki : !!!! *shock*
Usui : *turns his head a bit backwards* you...
Gerard : you should never underestimate your brother Takumi *smirks*
Misa : *shock and stoned.....she couldn't think properly because she doesn't want to lose Usui again*
Gerard: So....Misaki, it's your choice.....Takumi....or.....your precious family and friends *chuckles* *phone ringing* *picks up the phone*
voice from the phone (in loudspeaker) : everyone is in position, Sir. whenever you're ready
Gerard : *chuckles* good work...
bacground in the phone (Shintani) : who are you people!! what's going on?!
Misa: !!! *thought* Shintani!! *looks at Usui* Usui......
Usui : *looks away* ......
Misa : HOW DARE YOU!!!! *quickly kicks the gun that Gerald was holding and the gun flew out of the window* HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!
-just went Misaki was about to punch him in the face-
Gerard : *avoid Misaki's attack and pin her hands to the ground with one hand* *the other hand he takes out another gun and points it on Misaki's forehead*
Gerard : *evil laugh* wrong move Misaki......wrong're strong but you're careless....
Misaki : *eyes wide open and it seems to be that she's really scared*
Gerald : since I didn't get to kill you the last time *about to pull the trigger* why not I just do it now...
Gerard : so you're surrendering yourself eh?
Usui : yes.....*looks down*
Gerard : *chuckles* good boy...*let's go off Misaki*
-Gerard goes out of the door and Usui is following from behind-
Misa : u...sui.....Usui!!!
Usui : *smiles at Misaki forcefully* Misa-chan.....
Misa: ...*tears start to flow unconsciously* *starts to crawl to Usui*
Usui: I'll be back Misa-chan *hugs Misaki and kisses her* it's a promise..
Misa : *hugs Usui tighter*
Usui: *slightly push back Misaki and kisses her forehead* goodbye for now, my lovely maid *smirk*
Misa: *speechless while looking away and blushing*
Gerard: Takumi *in a bad mood look*
Usui: *slowly moves back* ...
Gerard: .....
Usui: *smiles at Misaki but frown when he looks away*
Misa: *realizes the change of expression* Usui....
Usui: *leaves house*
Misa: *head down* Usui...
-car starts to leave-
Misa: USUI!! *runs toward door*
Shintani : !!! *shock after seeing Gerald with Usui* Usui?? *looks at Misaki* Misa-chan?!?
Misa: *trips and falls 2 feet from the door* *with face on floor* usui...usui......
Misaki's mother : Misaki! *worries* are you alright???!
Suzuna : One-chan!
Shintani : Misa-chan.....
Misa: Usui...*tears start to flow* *thought* it's a promise then...
Shintani : *grab Misaki's arm and brings her inside the house*
Misaki's mother and Suzuna : *helps Shintani*

-in car-
Gerard: *on phone cursing at Cedric*
Usui: *while looking outside the window* Misa-chan....


-Thanks For Reading!-

BlazingJewel (Director)
Furansessu (Editor)

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