Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How To Self-Study ; Half A Day (Level 3)

This is a method
on how you can study 12-14 hours a day.
When combining everything together

(from level 1 - level 2)
you'll have a full set of tips on how to self-study.
But by level 2,
your body will be tired and exhausted
and can't interpret the knowledge received
to be stored into the brain.
But this does not mean
that you can't receive information.
This is where you'll need help from others.


Tip 1 : Attend Extra Classes/Tuition Classes
No matter how boring you think the class will be
You should always attend extra classes
or go to tuition classes.
This helps the information in your head
to be vivid.
Besides, you get to see your friends
and study together.
By studying together,
you'll help each other out
when facing a problem.
When both of you don't know the answer,
that is where the teacher is in use.
Tuition/Extra classes will normally last
for 2-3 hours.
Use this opportunity to gain more information
from your teachers and friends.

Tip 2 : After The Class, Revise Everything Again
This will normally be done before going to bed
Take another 1-2 hours or revising
everything that you've learn from the class.
Do some exercises from the exercise books.
When it's your bedtime,
straight away close the book and go to sleep.


Yes I was a Level 3
and I was doing all of this
during High School for
6 months before my examination
or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
My results?
Not that bad actually,
I got 3 As out of 10 subjects.
Yes I was in the pure science stream class~
(not an easy stream)
Was really frustrated with my results
because there's few subjects where I got a B+
But oh well

To be a straight A student
You should be doing all of this (until Level 3)
for 2 years at least.
Of course,
this is the healthy way.
There's also the unhealthy way
but really affective.
If you ask me
without any doubts I'll definitely pick
the healthy way :3

If this doesn't work on you
then I guess you'll have to find a different method?
I'm just sharing my experience to everyone~

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope This Helps You!

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