Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20th of March, 2012 - My Next Greatest Addiction

Recently I was being introduced
to an anime entitled
Eyeshield 21
which is an American Football sport anime.

I've heard about it in Kreko before
and in the past I just read pass it
because I never really knew what
was the story all about.
So then when I first watched the anime
I immediately fell in love with it
because of one guy.


Yes~ the most demonic guy
I have ever met in all anime
Except maybe for the guy in Hellsing
and. . . heck. .

There are other guys as well
but that's a secret~


The story starts with a guy name
Kobayakawa Sena

Initially he's a very fragile kid
and always gets bullied at.
He has this amazing 'golden legs'
which could make him run
4.2 seconds in a 40 yards dash.
As he was being chased by the
three Huh-Huh brothers,
he dashed through the crowds
and somehow Hiruma was among
the crowds and saw Sena dashing
in light speed.
After seeing how talented Sena was,
Hiruma decided to drag Sena
into the American Football club
by forcefully making Sena a runner
although at first Sena only wanted
to become the club's secretary.

And the story goes on
for about 300+ chapters.
Never have I felt so alive
watching such anime sport
and at the same time having
those 'Kyaa kyaa' moments.


I fully respect the author to the anime
because to be creating such story line
as well as such drawing style
with multiple of characters, personalities,
and such. . . it takes years and years
of experience to be able to do such thing
although I know that the anime
isn't a 1 person's doing
but still. . . I adore it very much.

That's All For Now!

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