Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1st of May, 2012 - Movies

Yes good morning to this lovely month
which is the month of May
also in the Roman Catholic calender
it is known as the month of Mother Mary
It is Labour day today
so I'm going to take this time to update
my blog for a little while

My finals are coming up soon
and everyone is busy finishing up
what's left of their work
I'm on my 2nd year of college
but I still feel like I haven't learn enough yet

Nevertheless, today I'll just focus on
what I've recently encounter
mhmm mhmm~


First on the list is none other
than the Avengers
A group of superheros trying to save
the world from the hands of the evil ones.

I'd say it's a smart movie
because before they directly make this movie
they split the stories focusing on each one
of the heros but too bad they didn't show
a movie about the Black Widow and Hawkeye
Overall rating for this movie is 97%
which of course it's one of the best movies
of the year and I'm sure everyone is
waiting for the next one.

However I wasn't satisfied with the Hulk
I mean the professor's character.
It's so sad that they had to find
a replacement for the previous actor.

Here's a little something XD

Next on the list is the Cabin in the woods
a horror movie with a twist in it.
I'm not really in fond with horror movies
or blood splattering and ghosts appearing
out of nowhere hunting a person down
and you're sitting there watching them
suffering until they are dead =w=
I was like covering my face the whole time
while watching this movie
but it was for the sake of Thor XD
to bad Chris Hemsworth's character
had to die in the middle of the movie
because of the barrier that he hit
while riding his motorcycle

I like the whole concept of the movie
it has a rating of 93%
Lots of movies tells about what happened
during the end of the world like
the avangers and transformers.
But this movie is something like
the terminator where it tells you
what triggers or what happens
before the battle.

It's just so horrifyingly cool

Move on to the movie Lock Out
a science fiction movie
and it's the same director who made Taken
I really love the movie Taken
but it's sad that Lock Out only has a
34% of overall rating.

Most people complain of how the guy
jumped from MS one,
a prison orbiting in outer space
and landed on Earth without a sweat.
It's not logical they say.

I like the characters but the story,
mmm not so. .

Last it Battleship
A group of new coming actors that
might be replacing Liam Nelson and Van Damme
but will never could I think *laughs*
Tha movie scores a 37% of rating
and yes lots of people complained about this one.

My first opinion. . . really. .
is that Rihanna isn't suitable for
the character that she was given.
A military lady. . okay. .
but in the movie it looked like she
was the only lady in that ship.
A reverse-harem movie?
Aside from that it's just such a pity
for the aliens because the aliens
didn't even try to kill the humans
I mean all they did was crush ships,
bridges, buildings and other
man-made stuff.
Clearly in the movie it shows that
a kid was standing in front of the alien
but the alien didn't kill the kid, instead just
went pass through it.
HOWEVER, the humans go on
and attack and kill all the aliens.
Why? Well maybe that's just the human way
I was like. . . really? Seriously?

The only exciting thing about this movie
is their strategies and the old
steam-powered battleship.
Oh! and also Liam Nelson kyaaa~!


Next will be about cars
Until then~

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