Monday, June 4, 2012

Thus, June is here~

My semester break is going to end pretty soon
and in just a few more days
I'll be starting my 7th semester
(if I survived the previous one)

The semester break wasn't really long
heck it was about a week
So in that week, I spent my time
on watching anime and trying to finish up
the freaking Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

I've finished The Journey with a bad ending
instead of fighting the Nyx because
I knew I probably wouldn't make it in time
by the end of the semester break since in order
to fight the Nyx, I'd have to be a level 90 or 99.
At that moment I was around level 60
and was finished having fun with Surt.
I wanted Thor really badly but the arcana level
for it haven't reached maximum and
I never really thought I'd have to make it so.

So when Ryoji a.k.a. Pharos came on
New Year's Eve, I just thought
'Bleh. . .I'll fight the Nyx later when I have the time'

It was because I was so curious about The Answer
So I had to search for videos of the ending
making sure I didn't miss out anything
when starting a game in The Answer.
So in the second part, the story revolves
around Aigis and The Abyss of Time.

Minato (main character in the first part)
died to kill Nyx and to save everyone.
Aigis had emotions by that time
and it made her fallen into depression.
Somehow Minato keeps on appearing
as the team goes on fighting shadows
in The Abyss of Time to discover the truth
behind the connection to the place and to the dorm,
also to find out why the day keeps on
repeating itself and why memories
of the past keep on revealing itself.

I reckon I'm still halfway of The Answer
and I really want to finish it up *sighs*


Sometimes I'd get bored from sitting down
the single chair and sticking my eyes
onto the TV monitor screen (surprisingly)
So I'd always counter it by watching Naruto.
I've watched it when it was first released
and when it got popular.

I really love the part when the team first get
to go on a trip outside of Konoha.
They had to fight Zabuza and Haku.
I think that part will be the only
favourite ones in Naruto out of all.

+Haku & Zabuza+

One of my favourite couple
although both of them are guys
but Haku seriously have this feminine side.
Aside from having that soft and angelic look,
he submit himself entirely on Zabuza.
Zabuza, on the other hand, is a powerful guy
whom people call a demon.
Even though Zabuza's heart is cruel
and would do anything to obtain power,
despite his fierce look, he has a soft spot
that is only meant for Haku.

The story between start off with Haku
when he was still a kid, he was by the bridge
during a snowy day and was lonesome.
That was when Zabuza appeared
as he was passing by (probably after killing people)
and saw a child all by itself.
Haku was one of those who possessed
the special Bloodline Limit Ability
(almost similar to Sasuke having a sharingan)
and Zabuza noticed it when he first
see Haku's eyes. It was then
Zabuza deicded to take Haku with him
as a subordinate.
Really touching story and this blog post
would go too long if I were to explain the full story.

Currently my most favourite pairing is
~Kakashi and Sakura~
watching the video really melts my heart

Ever since the episode where Naruto and Sasuke
were fighting on the rooftop of the hospital,
Naruto was using Rasengan and
Sasuka was using Chidori
then when both of them were going
for each other with the intention of killing,
Sakura was there crying and wanted
to stop them by interfering.
However, Kakashi came in light speed
and stopped the boys.
After having a talk with Jiraiya,
Sakura was still crying and Kakashi
went to her and said
"Cheer up, everything is going to be alright"
(when it wasn't)
The moment when Kakashi felt that
sympathy and need to calm Sakura
along with that kind of smile.
Oh you know what I mean!


That's It For Now!

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