Monday, September 27, 2010

26th of September 2010

So it was a Sunday
As a typical Roman Catholic follower
My best friends and I meet up at the church compound
and then we proceed with our activity to go to the 'Graffiti'
It the same place where I went before and
I mentioned about it earlier in my blog
'A Place To Express Your Art'
It's the same place where
Kevin and I draw
with just a marker pen

Anyway I took a few shots
and my model for the day was
Angelica Subil :D

Best Photo Of The Day!
Photographed by Me!

This is Me!
Photographed by Angelica :D

After taking some pictures
we went to Suria Sabah to watch
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
The story is about a young proprietary trader
name Jacob Moore
who works for Keller Zabel and
who lost a mentor, Louis.
Behind the tragedy of the suicidal scene
Louis was actually being back stabbed
(something like that)
by Bretton who spread rumors about Louis,
false rumors which in the end
media make it true and 'pop'
the bubble burst.
Jacob here wants to get revenge
for what Bretton has done.
He seeks for Gordon's help
who is also his father-in-law to be
and Winnie's father.
In exchange,
Jacob will help Gekko reconcile with his daughter.
Gordon Gekko is well known to be an infamous fraud
where he managed to trick his clients
for the sake of money.
So Jacob and Gordon work together
without letting Winnie know.
But in the end,
after knowing that Winnie
had money worth of USD1m over,
Gekko takes all the money and ran away
to London to regain his business and fairs.
Winnie broke up with Jacob after Jacob
told her what really happened.
Few months later,
Jacob went to Gekko's office
and wanted to make a last trade.
Jacob wants Gekko to give back
the USD1million to Winnie,
in return Gekko will have a grandchild.
At first Gekko disagrees to make the trade
which makes him a sad man.
But after that,
he met with Jacob and Winnie
in front of Winnie's house
and gave her a cheque
worth of USD1m.
It was a shock but
they were given a second chance.
At the end of the movie,
Jacob and Winnie got married
and they have a baby boy name Louie
(named after his mentor, Louis)
and Gekko who was earlier a criminal
turn to be a good person.
For the sake of the child I guess.
It is a really nice movie :3

After watching the movie,
we went to the arcades
and played The House Of The Dead 4
and Dance Dance Revolution.
I love House of the Dead 4
but I suck at DDR

Thank You For Reading!

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