Friday, September 24, 2010

24th of September, 2010 - English + Drawing ???

First subject was
Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar 2
In short, English level 2.
It was Miss Freda's class
and when she came into the class
and starts speaking
I was like "Oh Thank You God"
because finally there's a qualified
English teacher to teach English in the college.
I'm not saying that other English teachers aren't qualified
I'm just saying that it's a relief to
actually hear a proper English lecture
rather than a Manglish lecture (Malay + English)

So we were told
to do some research about
part of speech
simple past tense
simple present tense
future tense
and make our own blog
but since I already have my own blog
so I don't need to worry! Hurray!
I know making a blog will be useful somehow!
but then now it means that
I'll have to blog everyday
(@_@) Oh my...I hope I'll be able to..
My college friends came to me
and said "Can you teach us how to make a blog?"
I was like "....huh?"
the earliest person to ask me was
Max Bewsher
an Architect student
We knew each other since primary school XD
At first I was wondering why he wanted me to help
After attending Miss Freda's class, only when I know why
Maybe I should make a blog tutorial eh?
hahaha we'll see

Next was Sir Kennedy's class
Design Communication 1
To put it in a simpler way,
Drawing/Sketching level 1.
He talked most of the time
and his stories were surprisingly interesting
I guess it's because it comes from his experience.
We were briefly told about the subject
and what we will be doing in the future.
So....he told us to get ready a set of pencils,
butter paper & drawing board.

+Butter Paper/Tracing Paper+

So I guess that's what a butter paper looks like
It looks more like a toilet paper when you
look at my point of view hahahaha
I guess Chefs normally use this
for baking and stuff

When I came back home
I was like really exhausted
and I haven't take any rest until now
since I was busy washing the clothes
(because my dad went to China but he's coming back today)
doing some research for my assignments
and also updating my blog (@_@)
and and and discussing with my best friends
on this coming Sunday event
Yeap....Sunday....oh yeah..

I need to finish up my assignments
and the preparation for Sir Kennedy's class
fast or I'll be doomed

Thank You For The Visit! :D

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