Monday, September 6, 2010

6th of September 2010 - Pesta Belia Keuskupan Ke-11 (PBK-11)

From the LEFT:
Top: Sherilyn, Sarah, Charlene, Emily, Dhanee & Angelica
Bottom: Rebecca, Kimberly, Sharieann, Francess & Debra

Over 800 crowd attend the
Pesta Belia Keuskupan (PBK)
on the 6th of September 2010
and the event was really magnificent
with the singers, actors, and dancers
all cooperating together
to entertain the youth
along with praising and worshiping the Lord.

The Royal Ambassadors Youth (RAY)
dancers for the PBK event ,which was held
at Sacred Heart Cathedral (Kota Kinabalu),
consist of:

Rebecca Joanne Chin

Angelica Subil

Francess Deanna Ramli (Me)

Dhanee Phang

Charlene Liew

Sheriann Jong

Sherilyn Jong

Kimberly Lau

Debra Funk

Sarah Funk

Emily Chung

The theme song for the dance is
Thank You by The Katinas
It's a really nice song
which mostly tells us all (the dancers)
how we tend to forget about God
and all we can do is just by thanking Him
for everything that He has given to us all
...for the sun...
...for the rain...
...for His love...

The Dance (video):
-Coming Soon!-

The Royal Ambassadors Youth Dancers (girls)

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