Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vampire Knight

Story & Art By: Matsuri Hino
Scanlations By: Sagakure
Manga Link: Vampire Knight (Manga)

All Credits Goes To The Author & Scanlator

This anime contains inappropriate features such as violent
and it is only suitable for those above the age of 18.
However, if you are able to withstand the circumstances
then the choice is in your hand.

Kuran Kaname & Cross Yuuki & Kiryu Zero

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Vampire Knight

This anime (or rather manga)
is about a character name Cross Yuuki
who goes to Cross Academy.
She is the prefect of the academy
along with her childhood friend
Kiryu Zero.
She is the adopted child of Cross Kaien
who is the chairman of Cross Academy.
Surprisingly, Zero is also one of Kaien's adopted child.
The school contain of
Night & Day classes
also Moon & Sun dorms.
The Day class is filled with
normal humans
while the Night class is filled
with abnormal humans,
they are also call as vampires.
A beast that take human form
to trick its prey into its trap.
But one is also known as someone
very beautiful, smart, athletic & powerful.
The only flaw in them is the thirst for blood.
Kuran Kaname
who happens to be the dorm leader
of the Moon dorm
and also the leader among all vampires in the school
also throughout the vampire society.
He is known to be
the last of the Kuran (a pure blood) family.
Each of this respective characters background
(Yuuki, Zero & Kaname)
are really interesting
and it will take a whole day
to write about the story.

All I can write about this anime is
Zero has feelings for Yuuki
so does Kaname.
Yuuki is aware of these.
But she chose Kaname over Zero
even though there's still
little bits of chunk that is for Zero.
Why did she chose Kaname?
It was because she realized that
she herself is a pure blood vampire
and that Kaname claims that Yuuki is his wife.
However, Kaname is also her big brother.

It is a really interesting manga
it's been released since 2005
and it's still going on.
I hope you'll like the anime
as much as I do.

Kuran Yuuki & Kuran Kaname

How did it happened?
Well, it started when I was voting
for Usui Takumi through youtube
as The Next Top Most Sexiest Man.
That is when I saw Kiryu Zero on the list.
I voted for him and got curious of what anime is he from.
Then, it stated that he's from Vampire Knight.
From there, I read the manga
and took interest in it.
It took me 2 days (to be exact) to read from chapter 1-64.

How I wish I can buy the whole chapters in books

Hope You Like This Anime!

Kuran Kaname

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