Monday, September 27, 2010

Today's English - Adjectives

So here I am
writing a post about adjectives.
Before I start, I would like to say
thank you for staying loyal with my blog :D
Or is it just me who thinks it that way (x__x)
By viewing the stats I could see
there's about 40-50 viewers everyday
and sometimes it could reach up to
100 viewers a day
At least it better than nothing eh?
Not bad...not bad indeed :3

So we're back to square one!
Or maybe not
Learning about grammar
No matter what
as long as it is an English Class
We will always learn about grammar.

So today I'll discuss about Adjectives
Adjectives is used to modify a noun or a pronoun.

For example: Farah is an intelligent girl.

'Farah' is a noun and 'intelligent' is an adjective
The word 'intelligent' describes Farah's personality.
However, adjective can be
a single word, a phrase, or a clause.
This is very important to remember.
'Farah is an intelligent girl'
is an example of a single word adjective
where 'intelligent' is only a single word.
What about a phrase of adjective?
Always remember that a phrase
is a group of words.
A phrase of adjectives is a group of adjectives.
Simple eh?

For example: Farah is a girl of great intelligence
(I hope I get it right)

When I read it again
it is as if I'm a guy who is in love with Farah (=_=)
Oh's just an example.
So 'Farah' is still a noun and 'of great intelligence' is the adjective
Here, 'of great intelligence' is a phrase of adjectives.
To make it simpler, it is a technique
to make your adjective longer
and to write it in a more....poetic way
I guess :P

So what about a clause of adjective?
A clause of adjective is
Subject + Verb + Adjective

For example: Farah is a girl who is intelligent

'who is intelligent' is a clause of adjective
who = subject
is = verb
intelligent = adjective

Adjectives answer these questions:
What kind?
Which one(s)?
How many (or how much)?

You can see other example here:
A Phrase of Adjective
A Clause of Adjective


My mum was an English tuition teacher once
and I would always attend her class
because she force me to
because she said my English was very poor.
That was like when I was around
8-10 years old?
I remember doing some puzzles
and learning grammar,
tenses, and more.
But at that time
I wasn't really paying attention XD
I score a 'B' for English in UPSR
But then as I got into secondary school
I tried to maintain an 'A' :D Yay!
And somehow I became
the President of the English Club in 2009
and I was active in English activities since
2007 - 2009
wow (O_O)

Enough about me XD
I hope my help with be of use to you
and break a leg to those who's sitting for exams!

Oh! Please do leave a feedback :D

Thank You For Reading!

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