Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Francess + Angelica = Frangelica

Frangelica: The Black & White Girls

If you google Frangelica
you will find that
Frangelica is a brand of noisette,
or hazelnut
herb-flavored liqueur
(coloured with caramel coloring)
which is produced in Canale, Italy
Also the alcohol level of this beverage is 24%
It should be 23% D:
because Angel and I are born on the same day
but different month
Her birthday is on the 23rd of September
mine is on the 23rd of November

Besides that
if you google Frangelica
you can find that Frangelica is actually a music band
or was it a musician that my friend Kenneth Lai mentioned
because he was the one who calls us Frangelica
every time he sees Angel and I together.

But here
Frangelica means
Francess & Angelica
Oh yeah~

I've known her since we were 12 years old
then we suddenly became close
by the age of 15
and gotten closer from then on XD haha

We share a lot in common
For example
we both really love to take random pictures
when we're bored,
we both love to draw anime,
we both love anime,
we both can drive a car XD

Although we live far a part from one another
we still will meet every Sunday (if we can)
at Sacred Heart Cathedral
or our family gang will held an outing
for the whole day so then we can spend time with each other.

It's true that we live far apart XD
it's like from the end of the world to the other end of the world.
The distance between our house is about
24km and above
so it's more like
I'll have to drive for 1 hour
in order to get to her house from my house

I feel like a ballerina in this photo


This was when we were younger XD
which was when we were 15 years old
..Oh my..
we look really really kiddy XD

I used to hate to wear my spectacles
because it's annoying
but now I'm starting to wear it
because if I don't my eye degree will increase..


Thank You For Reading!
Now You Know The Frangelica Girls :D

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kenlaiya said...

haha Frangelica is a musical piece by a guitarist, Steve Vai... XD! hehehe...