Sunday, September 12, 2010

9th of September 2010 - A Way To Express Arts


First Wall:
The guy was done by Kevin
The girl was done by me (Francess)

Second Wall:
The heart was done by me
The snake looking thing was done by Jared
The monster was done by Kevin

Third Wall:
The tail was the continuation of Jared's drawing
The cat was done by me
Mr. Hermit was done by Kevin

The dialogs were done by Kevin

The person who took these pictures was Aaron Matanjun

(a.k.a. camera man)


There's a little bit of history
of that site.
read about the history here!

The Old Welfare Building in KK city: Its Past, Present...and Future?

As what the blogger mentioned
In 2007,
the site was promised once again
to the Sabah Art Gallery
as the location for the gallery's long-awaited premise.
But local artist would come to this site
to express their creativity
by doing graffiti, painting the walls
and do all sort of stuff.

But then,
Kevin was the one who had this idea
of drawing at the site.
So we bought a marker pen
at Tong Hing
and started drawing.
It took us 1 hour to just draw
Someday we'll come back
and paint it to
make it look better XD
oh yeah~

but then it was supposed
to be a black & white arts
so I guess it's 50% complete?

Thank You For Visiting & Reading!

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