Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kuran Yuuki from Vampire Knight


+Kuran Yuuki+

This is my very first attempt
to actually colour a character
that is NOT of my own drawing
The results turn out
surprisingly good
don't you think?

Use this picture however you want
but do not forget who coloured this.

This is the original drawing
that I took from the manga (VK)
I don't really remember exactly which chapter
but if I'm not mistaken
it's the time when Yuuki & Zero kills Rido.
When I saw this part,
I quickly save it into my laptop
and crop it to make it like this.
That was 2-3 days ago.
Then suddenly
I have somewhat a desire to colour it.
I couldn't resist so
I spend about 2-3 hours
to colour the whole thing plus the finishing touch.
I'm sorry if the background isn't nice
it's because I didn't really have any idea
on what to put in the background.
I just tried out random brushes
until it turned out like that (@_@)

I hope you like it!


Kuran Yuuki

In the beginning of the manga
Yuuki's name is actually Cross Yuuki
because she was the adopted child of Cross Kaien.
She's the prefect of Cross Academy
where her duty is to keep watch of
the Day Class students so that they don't get
too close to the Night Class students.
Yuuki's memories were kept hidden
and she could only remember from the day
where Kaname saved her from a Level E vampire.
As the story goes on during her daily routine
she builds up a curiosity regarding her past.
Forcing Kaname to spill the secret out
Yuuki was turned into a vampire by Kaname
and all her past memories came into her.
She was originally a pureblood vampire
whom was transform into a human
by her mother, Kuran Juuri.
Her father, Kuran Haruka,
died to protect her.
Same goes to her brother,
Kuran Kaname,
whom would do anything
to protect his beloved younger sister
from harm & evil.
Therefore, her real name is
Kuran Yuuki.
Yuuki (based on the manga)
means 'a little princess'
because to her family
Yuuki was seen as a little princess.
She's an innocent girl
whom has a large appetite
and also she is very generous.


Her Love Live
She has two person whom she loves.
Kuran Kaname and Kiryu Zero.
At first, you can see that
the person that she love the most
is Kuran Kaname
because he was the one
who saved Yuuki's life
and he was always by her side
to protect her and to accompany her.
He often visits Yuuki's house (Cross Kaien house)
to meet Yuuki (at that time she was still quite young).
Then Kiryu Zero showed up,
and here we can see that
Yuuki is starting to develop feelings for Zero.
As the story goes on
Yuuki's feelings for Zero grows and grows
more than her feelings towards Kaname.
But when her memories came back to her
and she was turned into a vampire,
her feelings for Kaname grows rapidly
but she still has feelings for Zero
because she couldn't forget about Zero
and that he has drank her blood.
However, she has chosen Kaname
over Zero because Kaname
was destined to be Yuuki's husband
(Incest Marriage)
in order to maintain the population
of the purebloods.

The information that has been written
is a 100% from what I personally see & think
and I do not copy it from others

Thank You For Reading!
I Hope You Like The Picture!

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