Monday, December 21, 2009

Itazura Na Kiss

I watched an anime recently
called Itazura Na Kiss.
It's really an amazing anime!
Especially to those who love romance in their anime!
Like ME :3

This anime is about a high school girl (Kotoko)
who had fell in love with the smartest guy in school (Naoki)
who's a cold-hearted guy to everyone.
She got rejected by him
even before he read her love letter.

Suddenly, her house got crushed down
by a level 2 earthquake
and her father and her had an offer to stay at the Irie's house,
which also happened to be Naoki's house!
A lot of things happened after that
and Naoki silently starts to fall in love with Kotoko.
He starts to realize that Kotoko brings joy and excitement
into his life
since his life is all about studying without any goals.

They then got married
and got a job.
The story continues
when Naoki, Kotoko and Kotomi (their daughter)
went to visit Naoki's grandparents.
It's a very good anime recommended to all!

p.s. I finished the anime in one day

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