Thursday, October 14, 2010

How To Make Omurice!

Omelet + Rice = Omurice

So I've been wondering lately
on how people make omurice.
I never tried one before actually
and obviously never made one
hahahahaha XD

I looked through the internet
on how to make omurice
although I've been imagining
the steps for quite sometime now.
But you know,
just to make sure XD

So here's how to make Omurice :D

First of all
You'll have to prepare your fried rice.
It can be any type that you want :D

It can be Kimchi Fried Rice

It can be Chicken Fried Rice

Or it can be Shrimp Fried Rice :D

For the omelet you'll need 2 eggs
Crack the 2 eggs in a bowl

Stir it...

Add dairy cream (optional, I think..)

Add a pinch of salt...

and a little bit of pepper...

then stir it again...

Get a frying pan and add some oil...

spread the oil around..
and heat the pan

when the pan is hot enough
add in the egg...

even it out...

and spread it all around :D

when the omelet is half cooked
or almost cooked
add in your fried rice

fold the omelet...

and wrap the fried rice...

get a plate and flip your omurice..

and it will look something like this :3

add any decorations
and don't forget to add the ketchup on top :D

There you have it!

:Video Link:
How to Make Omurice

I Hope It Helps!
Thank You For The Visit!

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kenlaiya said...

haha nice one! not almost the same as Nasi Goreng Pattaya ka diz? lol... see how cultures assimilate across the world, right up to the culinary wonders... XD!